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Health, Medicinal, And Herbal Tea Remedies

Updated on June 13, 2016

Ground Nutmeg

Natural Healthcare

The natural herb nutmeg grows out in the wilderness on the evergreen tree. It's very beneficial to a persons health and overall well being. The spice nutmeg Is absolutely stocked full of essential vitamins used to kill off many various symptoms. A few of the most prominate vital vitamins will include dietary fiber, maganese, thiam, and great abundances of vitamin B-six. The spice nutmeg is also widely known to be a natural pain reliever, it's highly effective in detoxifing the human body, helps with insomnia on a large scale, promotes better oral health, and greatly improves a bodies blood circulation. One single tablespoon of simply ground nutmeg steeped with hot boiling water in a cup for approximately ten brief minutes could possibly work wonders for a persons health. This might just be the extra essential vitamin intake a person needs to implement into there daily diets to help significantly boost up there bodies overall health.

Ground Tumeric

Alternative Medicine

Due to the prescription drug abuse currently running rampant in the United States today. Some people are opting out for alternatives to naturally cure there symptoms or simply for the many health benefits. One natural method commonly used for helping with depression is the Tumeric root. The turmeric root is also widely known to have many other benefits for a persons health. A few health benefits of the root include anti-inflammatory properties, antiseptic qualities, kills fungus, destroys lung cancer cells, lowers blood glucose levels for diabetics, helps with joint pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, increases the brains cognitive functions, and is also shown to greatly increase lifespans in several studies conducted overseas. One single tablespoon of dried tumeric steeped for ten to fifteen minutes in a glass of hot boiling water. It couldn't possibly ever harm an individual, but again only take the recommend dose. One must not ever attempt to triple or even quadruple up on there medications. The Tumeric root is highly potent and has strong healing qualities in small portion sizes.

Grinded And Dried Sweet Basil

Powerful Basil

Commonly the sweet basil spice can be used to help ease stubborn headaches, melts away high levels of anxiety, greatly improves mental fatigue, and significantly boost the human bodies immune system. The natural herb of basil is an excellent source of the important vitamin C and is stocked full of several different antioxidants. It makes for a very healthy and even a caffeine free hot beverage. One single tablespoon of fresh basil steeped in a eight ounce cup of hot boiling water for approxiamently twelve to sixteen minutes can feel very soothing while going down a severely sore throat. Typically drinking basil tea after meals is always more effective and the health benefits will break down into your system much more effeciently.

Tea Time

Which medicinal herbal tea works best for you?

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Pine Needles

Natural Vitamin C Booster

The majority of people never imagined that the enormous pine tree out in the front yard would ever amount to much or even be worth anything for themselves. One eight ounce cup of pine needle tea contains five times more vitamin C than a single glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice. The small younger and light green pine needles always work the best for tea brewing purposes. Pine needle tea is also loaded with high levels of vitamin A and is also widely known as a natural decongestant. It always works great wonders for the symptoms of the common cold and even the common flu virus. Carefully chop up the small green pine needles very finely and then simply add to an eight ounce cup along with hot boiling water. Cover the cup up and allow to steep for approxiamently five to ten minutes. A person could add a few drips of raw honey for extra flavor if desired and enjoy the many health effects of your hot vitamin C booster beverage.


The Minty Rosemary Herb

The herb of rosemary will naturally contain large levels of Carnosic acid. Carnosic acid works excellent with the fighting off of pesky free radicals that are widely known to greatly damage the human brain. This in return will greatly help to significantly improve the memory department located inside of the human brain. Rosemary is also known to be highly rich in a few other very essential and beneficial vitamins that a human body needs for basic health. These will typically include Vitamin B-six, iron, and even calcium. It has been proven in several university studies conducted to help ease muscle pains, muscle spasms, supports circulatory, helps with balancing of the nervous system, boost the bodies immune systems, and even naturally stimulates hair growth. The rosemary herb is classified in the mint family and originates from the evergreen tree. A rounded one simple tablespoon of rosemary herb steeped in hot boiling water for approxiamently ten to fifteen minutes can work by leaps and bounds for an individuals overall health.


Natures Natural Cough Medicine

The fresh thyme herb naturally contains very large amounts of potent antioxidants that are essential for health to the human body. It also is loaded with several flavonoids, apigenin, maringenin, luteolin, and even thymoin. All flavonoids are very important and beneficial for proper overall health of the human body. The fresh thyme herb commonly aids with alleviating a bad cough, typically cures bronchitis, soothes severe sore throats, naturally increases omega-three fatty acids to the body, and often helps to heal many different fungal infections. Some of the major vitamins that fresh thyme offers a body will include Iron, vitamin K, and even calcium. Only one simple tablespoon of dried tyme steeped in hot boiling water for twelve minutes can work excellent for curing a persons stubborn cough.

A Home Remedy Using Fresh Ginger

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    • profile image

      BoatyMcBoatface 2 years ago

      Very informative and cool Hub, thanks for sharing it!

      I'm really into tea since a few years, just for relaxation at the beginning, but now it's because of health, too. Sometimes I just drink some tea for relaxation and listen to music like this:

      Sounds a little bit strange, but it helps me to calm down after work^^

      Thanks for your Hub again, I really enjoyed reading it!