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Health Benefits Of Fluoride

Updated on December 10, 2012

Fluoride For Your Teeth Health

dental fluoride
dental fluoride

Healthy Teeth And Bones

Fluoride a substance which is found within the earth along with other mineral is naturally found in sea water. Fluoride is also found in the body approximately 2- 3 grams of fluoride are in the body. Our bones and teeth contain fluoride. Healthy bones and teeth need calcium and fluoride to maintain a healthy state. Fluoride is needed in the bones and teeth due to fluoride is a mineral which stimulate how bones are formed and helps to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride also has been proven to strength the teeth. The absorption of fluoride surprise is absorbed in the intestines.  Fluoride is also contained throughout the bloodstream. 


Water Filter Fluoride Systems

water filters fluoride
water filters fluoride

Fluoride Absorption?

Important Note: Aluminum salts can block the absorption of fluoride.

To remain to have healthy bones and teeth the daily dosage of fluoride intake according to the Food and Nutrition Board men should intake 4 milligrams a day, while women daily intake is 3 milligrams.

Another important to take into account while a daily dosage is recommended individuals can have negative effects due to high levels of fluoride due to toxicity. Taking in large amounts of fluoride can lead to:

Harmful Effects

Destroy enzymes needed to

Metabolism vitamins. Can

Be destructive to the brain

By acting as an antagonistic on

The brain tissue.

Calcification of ligaments

And tendons. The kidney,

Liver, heart, central nervous

System can suffer with

Degenerative changes.

Toothpaste And Fluoride

fluoride toothpaste
fluoride toothpaste

Health Deficiencies of Fluoride


Some researchers have reported that Down Syndrome could be caused by an over consumption of fluoride.


What are fluoride deficiency symptoms?


The major symptom of fluoride deficiency is poor tooth development in children, and teeth decay in adults. 


A few of the benefits of fluoride other than for healthy teeth, researchers have discovered it’s use in improving hearing in the elderly, and preventing Osteoporosis

Removing Fluoride

water filters that remove fluoride
water filters that remove fluoride

Removing Fluoride

Believe it or not there is actually a machine which can remove fluoride from water. Side effects of intaking to much fluoride is having brown spots on your teeth. There is also a term "mottled" mouth which is not a good thing. It is the breaking down of the tooth enamel.

fluoride drinking water
fluoride drinking water


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  • adrienne2 profile imageAUTHOR

    Adrienne F Manson 

    8 years ago from Atlanta

    Hi Jim, No I would not advise anyone to swallow their toothpaste. The flouride in toothpase is for brushing your teeth no for swallowing. To much fluoride is toxic, I am not suggesting anyone mound up on fluoride. I am only stating it does has A benefit.

  • jim10 profile image


    8 years ago from ma

    I actually do my best to avoid Fluoride and my dentists have always said I have perfect teeth. But, to each his own I guess. The natural occurring fluoride probably has some benefit. But, all I find on the internet are studies saying that the fluoride in our drinking water and tooth paste is a a toxic waste manufacturers need to dispose of. So they use us a filter. Maybe some day we will all know the truth. But, until then I would rather be safe than sorry. I base my thoughts of not using it by the fact all fluoride tooth pastes say harmful if swallowed. No matter what if it is in my mouth I will be getting some of it. So I stay away.


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