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Health Benefits Of Scotch Bonnet Pepper

Updated on October 11, 2015

I have been hearing and seeing many individuals and organizations promoting the benefits of cayenne pepper. I have never seen the real ones but the ones I come across are always in the powdered form called Chili pepper or I have come across pictures of the real vegetable/fruit.

In addition to their high capsaicin content, cayenne peppers are also excellent sources of vitamin A, through its concentration of pro-vitamin A carotenoid including beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is not only a potent antioxidant in its own right, but can be converted in the body to vitamin A, a nutrient essential for the health of all epithelial tissues (the tissues that line all body cavities including the respiratory, gastrointestinal and reproductive tracts.

. I always wonder why is it that the other types of peppers are not highlighted such as the Scotch bonnet Pepper which are found abundantly in the island of Jamaica and give such a pungent spicy flavor to foods such as Escoveitch fish (fried and dressed with vinegar, hot pepper and onions).

I would imagine that because of its flavor individual may be led to believe that is would be harmful to the stomach However this is not so.

I have found it to have a lot of health benefits for aliment that bothers the stomach. It is an excellent medicine for upset stomach and stomach ulcers, working faster than cayenne pepper in my opinion.

If I have a heart burn I just get a scotch bonnet pepper and may steep it in hot water put a teaspoon of sugar and drink it as a tea and within minutes the stomach burn disappears. The nice thing about this is the flavor, it is wonderful. Though a very hot pepper the sugar reduces the sting that is normally associated with it.

My daughter-in -law when she came into my family she was suffering from stomach ulcers of which doctors were not seeming to have any good results. I introduced her to scotch bonnet pepper and with 3 months of eating it with her meals daily and using it as a tea she was cured of the problem.

It is very useful in cold weather to help warm the blood and promotes good circulation.
I have seen where chili powder are said to be linked to Stomach cancers and acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. I am almost certain that this may results from over consumption of the powder which have numerous additives such as colour or it was combined with acidic food such as vinegar or lime juice. Fresh Scotch Bonnet peppers if used in moderation will not produce stomach cancer it actually helps to heal them.

Like in many other drug some individuals may get side effects but most times it is burning or some say swelling of lips, but to my knowledge these may be extreme cases and also over indulgence. The fastest relief for such is to bathe the area or drink in some sugar syrup.

What it really it does is it brings the blood quickly to an affected area which in turn brings self healing without the use of medication and with little or no side effect. Most regular medical practitioner will discourage you from using hot peppers, which wouldn’t if it reduces the visit to my office and so cut into my ability of making a living

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    • profile image

      Barrington Burrell 2 years ago

      For many years I kept my distance from peppers, but now scotch bonnet peppers form an integral part of my daily meals, and I love them.

    • profile image

      Tassel Daley 7 years ago

      I left Jamaica over 20 years ago. Just reading everything on this page makes me want to visit home. Wow!!!!!!!!!!

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Bravo for this hub and the scotch bonnet pepper! Fortunately, I live in NYC where I can find it. Few Americans can take a real pepper but if can be boiled as you suggest - and used for its many benefits.

      When I lived in S. Korea, the foods included some very hot peppers and for all the healthy benefits you recommended.

      Thanks so much for the information and the useful tip!