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Health Benefits Of Yoga : The Healthier Way Of Living!

Updated on August 16, 2015

We live once and it is this once that we must make the most of ! It is indeed true that all good things come with an expiry date. Similarly, life also shares the same misfortune, however if a few healthier practices are adopted life would seem like a merry-go-round till the end.

Health is Wealth; Life’s Biggest Lesson!

Our busy lives have kept us running to and fro in pursuit of churning the most of it. We have forgotten necessities and have started walking blindfolded in order to get rich. As a result, our habits start becoming unhealthy and all of this starts taking a big toll on our health.

ill effects of Stress
ill effects of Stress | Source

Health once lost cannot be regained unlike money and property. There are several ways we can tune up our health and keep the body fit. All this might seem like rocket science but in reality it is very simple. Eating simple hygienic food and practicing good exercise techniques can solve major health issues in a very less frame of time.

The Science Behind Yoga; A Health Secret Open For all!

The moment somebody mentions yoga, the first thing that would come to the mind of any individual is complex exercises and hard rigorous physical training routine. This misconception needs to be cleared in order to appreciate yoga. We human beings are accustomed to looking for divinity and supreme powers somewhere outside without realizing nature’s most important unspoken truth which reveals the secret of energy being all around us. Yes indeed this whole universe is an unlimited storehouse of energy.

Yoga physiology Seven Chakras of Yoga, By Siddhasana [CC BY-SA 2.5 (htts://] via Wikimedia Commons
Yoga physiology Seven Chakras of Yoga, By Siddhasana [CC BY-SA 2.5 (htts://] via Wikimedia Commons

By means of yoga and meditation we look to absorb all the positive energy from the universe and keep our body fit. Yoga has various classifications depending on the levels at which is practiced and perfection. The various forms of yoga are

  • Hatha Yoga: Practiced in the form of asana (physical gestures)
  • Karma Yoga: Ultimate selfless service to others(supreme divinity)
  • Mantra Yoga: The balanced state of mind attained by constant verse recitation
  • Bhakti Yoga: Complete surrender to the supremacy
  • Gyana Yoga: Adopting Discriminative Intelligence as a pathway.
  • Raja Yoga: Taking the essence of all other paths effectively.

Yoga Creates No Divide; It’s Out There In The open For All!

The necessity to stay fit has created the need for various viable methods to stay fit. Activities like tennis, aerobics and soccer no doubt involve a lot of physical effort, but not everybody can draw maximum positives out of it. On the contrary, yoga is designed in a way every individual can extract benefits from it. The whole objective of yoga revolves around the fact of making people healthy and fit. Hence, if an individual is not flexible or not physically fit this serves to be a perfect option.

Unlike the last decade, where the concept of yoga seemed less known and confusing, the present day society has accepted and embraced the beauty of it. Any individual who practices yoga reaps its sweet fruits. This ancient fitness regime is being practiced from time immemorial by the earliest of the civilizations. What makes this so unique is the fact that it at times takes a head-start ahead of medical sciences curing serious disorders. Nowadays finding a right class to learn and practice yoga is quite easy. Lot of institutes offer various flexible timings which enables the working class people to fit this into their busy schedule appropriately.

Two Main Tricks Of The Trade: “Ethics & Belief”!

A very famous and ancient Chinese saying quotes that “A sound mind rest in a healthy body”. Yes! absolutely it means that physical fitness is important but what it actually refers to is the importance of a state of peace of mind within. Hence the ultimate focus of yoga is to enable everybody take a deep look inside their soul. This statement doesn’t mean attaining the stature of a sage; it means the importance of clarity in thought.

By practicing yoga it is scientifically proven in many cases the advent of a positive approach in humans. It instils confidence and purity making it even more essential to be practiced. What accounts for the biggest difference between composed individuals and tensed ones? It is the lack of awareness and constant edging towards fear. Yoga inculcates supreme awareness making it a complete routine for all age groups.

Understanding the deep meanings of yoga does complete transformation into the lives of people. This is definitely as difficult as it sounds. People often mistake yoga to be just complex physical exercises and hours of long meditation. It is the most simple and effective set of exercises suited for anybody who wishes to learn.

Ever Wished To Change Your Life? It’s Quite Possible!

A journey through deep meditation touring across spirituality combined with exercises designed to stay fit; this can probably be the most basic of definitions one can give about the effects of yoga.

Meditation is the soul's perspective glass - Owen Feltham
Meditation is the soul's perspective glass - Owen Feltham | Source

Many people face depression and constant negative vibration around their living zone nowadays. This factor is quite hazardous because of its after effects on people. Just like how we nail our phone to power surge desperately after the end of a day we can practice yoga and completely replenish, refresh and rejuvenate our mind, body and soul.

One more major concern people face is to get rid of excess weight. Needless to worry yoga solves this worry too. Proven results can be seen from any regular yoga practicing individual. By attending classes and meeting like-minded people a lot of socializing can occur, one can make new friends and yoga would seem fun. Certified instructors are even available these days to train individually. One can fix an appointment or schedule depending on convenience at home. With endless benefits this magical exercise offers unlimited reasons to stay healthy.

Every Invested Minute Yields Phenomenal Results!

  • The results can be seen in a short time after practice and also can be felt on the long run. In short is serves the need to be fit till we practice it.
  • It’s unbiased and does not impose any constraints on people who are interested. Weight, height chronic disorders etc. nothing comes into picture.
  • Several ballet dancers across Europe have steadily obtained superior flexibility just by practicing yoga. Unbelievable as it sounds the results which they observed prove yoga to be the best exercise.
  • Power yoga is an advanced form of practice involving greater amount of concentration and exercises. This can be learnt once there is sufficient familiarity with initial routines.
  • This form of yoga can be practiced by athletes who require stronger shoulders and arms. Mounting upon arms and focussing mind to attain peace is one such exercise in this genre.

The month of June witnesses International Yoga day on the 21st June 2015. As remarkable as this sounds, there will be enthusiasts from every nook and corner spreading this joy of life. If this is your first attempt then there can be no platform bigger!


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