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Health Benefits of Apples: Strengthen Bones, Reduce Asthma Attacks and Prevent Cancer

Updated on September 25, 2011


Health Benefits of Apples

Do we all know the health benefits of apples? I don’t think we do even though apples are one of the most popular fruits in the western world. This article contains a few health benefits of apples as well as two videos. One video explains about apples health benefits and the other video mentions about what kind of apples taste the best. Enjoy!

Health Benefits of Apples: Strengthen Bones

Did you know that one of the health benefits of apples is that it can help protect and strengthen bones? French researchers have also discovered that a flavanoid that can only be found in apples known as phloridzin can help improve bone density and prevent bone loss after menopause. Apples also contain boron which can strengthen bones, prevent and treat arthritis as well. Research has been done since the 1960s and it was discovered that boron supplementation was able to treat some forms of arthritis.

Health Benefits of Apples: Reduce Asthma Attacks

One of other health benefits of apples includes the ability to help reduce asthma attacks. This health benefit also includes pregnant women who can eat apples and help reduce the chances of their children from getting asthma by the age of five. It doesn’t mean that children and adults alike should not eat apples in their lifetime. Researchers have also discovered that eating apples can significantly reduce asthma attacks than those who don’t consume as much apples. It is important that you feed your child the right food to help them grow in their childhood as the number of children and adults together are eating less fruits than a few decades ago.

Are Apples Good for You: Health Benefits of Apples


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