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Health Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea And Greens

Updated on June 29, 2013

As the spring season approach most of you may have seen a puffball like flower which have lots of white heads on it which detach and disperse when wind blows,This is dandelion flower on maturation. these flowers are yellow in color when they are not matured.

Before you jump directly to health benefits of dandelion root tea, I'll tell you some amazing facts about it.

Dandelion is commonly known as puff ball, swine snout, and many other local names but its botanical name is taraxacum officnale,It is commonly seen as weed in many countries.

Dandelion has a very rich history- It was used by Greeks in the food because of its action of improving digestion and hence its leaves where used to complement many food in the Greek period,

In Chinese medicine Dandelion is used as important component in many preparations,

Dandelion flower
Dandelion flower | Source
Dandelion greens
Dandelion greens | Source

Dandelion leaves or greens

Dandelion leaves or greens are used in salad or it can be stir fried and used with many food items, It's greens are very nutritious, They contain more carotein then carrot and also contain vitamins and minerals, You can grow dandelions in your kitchen garden or you can buy it from your local market or supermarket.

Few very good resources for dandelion greens recipes

Wilted Dandelion Greens with Toasted Mustard Seed

Dandelion greens, blackberries, green beans and toasted almonds with a blackberry vinaigrette

10 Ways to Use Dandelion Greens

Dandelion salad
Dandelion salad | Source

Dandelion roots

Dandelion roots- They are used as a Dandelion root tea /coffee, It have long pale taproots, On maturation they are uprooted and dried after drying they are roasted and grounded. these rousted and grounded root is boiled with water for 5 to 8 minutes to prepare a tea which tastes bitter, rusty, earthy and nutty in taste some find this tea interesting in taste. You can add honey and milk to make it more tasteful,

Dandelion Roots
Dandelion Roots | Source

Health benefits of dandelion root tea

  • Good for liver- Improve bile production.
  • Good for digestion- for same reason.
  • Improves appetite- same reason.
  • Good for skin- It have anti oxidant properties.
  • Mild laxative- Keep the bowel moment proper.
  • Mild diuretic- Keep the toxin out of body and helps in water retention problems,
  • Mild anti inflammatory - Helps in arthritis.
  • Substitute of coffee- Tastes like coffee but have health benefits, one of the best substitute of coffee.
  • Greens are good in taste and easy to get and prepare.


Those who are using diuretic drugs should not drink dandelion root tea

Those who are taking blood thinning drugs should avoid dandelion

Allergic people should not handle dandelion

Dandelion tea is contraindicated in case of bile duct obstruction of any disease of gallbladder

Bonus Reading-

Bad breath is a permanent problem for those who are interested in tea or coffee, I have written about scientific and professional treatment part of bad breath at how to get rid of halitosis give it a reading.


Take it as information purpose only and consult your physician before starting with the dandelion tea.Thanks


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    • profile image

      CAB 3 years ago

      I don't mind information presented in less than perfect English. I figure people from other countries who are smart enough to even communicate in English will have things to share that English speakers don't know, and if they are willing to tell us, I'm glad to listen.

    • profile image 3 years ago

      Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

    • healthmunsta profile image

      healthmunsta 4 years ago

      I love throwing in a few dandelion leaves to my green salad, or even fruit salad! They are very healthy, and their subtle herbal aroma is delightful!

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      Hire a new editor. This piece was so poorly written that I couldn't even make it until the end.