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Echinacea Herbs Shrink Fibroids - Stop Uterine Pain Symptoms with Red Root Tea Treatment

Updated on October 28, 2016

Echinacea- Can Echinacea Cure Fibroids?


Can Echinacea Cure Fibroids?

The health benefits of echinacea tea have lead to it being used to help treat conditions such as fibroids in women.

Fibroids are tumors which are located on or inside the uterus. While they sometimes grow without causing any symptoms, in several cases they can change the shape of a woman's body and cause symptoms such as pain. For this reason, many women who are affected aim to get rid of them.

Can Echinacea Cure Fibroids? What Are Fibroid Tumors?

Can Echinacea Cure Fibroids?

Usually, surgery is one of the recommended options for dealing with fibroids, which can cause heat fluctuations. More alternatives are available when the fibroids are smaller. Herbal remedies for treating this condition, such as echinacea, can sometimes help to shrink fibroids to a level where doctors can safely remove them with less risk of complications. In some cases, herbal remedies like echinacea for fibroids can cause the fibroids to shrink completely.

Myomectomy Removing Single Large Fibroid

Echinacea Goldenseal Benefits for Fibroids

Echinacea and goldenseal are often taken together to help with increasing immunity. For example, people who are in an area where other people are catching the cold or flu can take this combination of herbs in order to reduce their risk of getting sick from the flu virus. However, women who want to use echinacea for fibroids do not have to combine it with goldenseal. They can use echinacea by itself.

How White Blood Cells Work

Nature's Bounty Natural Whole Herb Echinacea 400mg, 100 Capsules- Get it Now on Amazon

Nature's Bounty Natural Whole Herb Echinacea 400mg, 100 Capsules- Customer Reviews

"I have been taking Echinacea now for 16 years. I started when my late husband became ill and was told this would help keep colds away from me. And it has. I have a weak immune system and this seems to give it a boost. I have not had a bad cold since I started taking it."

Echinacea Dosage- How Does Echinacea Help to Control Fibroid Growth?

Echinacea is a rich source of phytosterols. These help to boost the immune system. It also has polysaccharides which cause an increase in production of white blood cells. Polysaccharides also help to prevent cell walls form breaking down, so that disease causing pathogens cannot easily enter the cells.

Echinacean is one of the chemical compounds found in echinacea. Echinacean helps to control some of the inflammation that women experience when they have fibroids. Do not take more than 8,000 milligrams of echinacea daily. In most cases, the recommended dosage of echinacea for each manufacturer will be available on the bottle for the herbal supplement that you take.

Uterine Fibroid, What Symptoms Did You Experience?

Echinacea Health Benefits and Side Effects

Echinacea is generally safe. Even when taken in high doses no serious adverse side effects have been reported. However, most naturopaths recommend that you do not take echinacea for more than thirty days straight.

Give your body a break after thirty days if you have been taking it daily. Echinacea by itself cannot cure fibroids but it can help to reduce some of the symptoms that are experienced by women who are affected by this terrible condition.

The Fibroids Fighter: Dr. Sebi's Uterine Fibroids Treatment Days 22-30

Balanceuticals Ovary & Uterus Clean, 500 mg Dietary Supplement Capsules, 60-Count Bottle- Get it Now on Amazon

Balanceuticals Ovary & Uterus Clean, 500 mg Dietary Supplement Capsules, 60-Count Bottle- Customer Reviews

"I started this on my own and a couple of weeks later I had my follow-up ultra sound (only one month after finding the cyst and fibroids, a couple of weeks on this supplement). The cyst shrank to 1 cm and it is almost clear (no blood) and I have only one fibroid now."


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