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Health Benefits of Flaxseeds; The Nutritional Gem!

Updated on December 20, 2014

In Europe thousands of years ago Flax seeds are used to feed animals. After a few years flax seed has been used in Asia, Africa United states and also in Canada. This flax seed oils as been used by many countries. Flax plants, stem is used for making tablecloths, bible paper napkins and many other products which we are using in our daily life. Flax seed comes in many forms capsules, powder, oil and seeds, flax plants also used for making man made things.

Flax seed oil is used for cooking food, preparing for salads. Flax seeds also used for stir-frying. Flax seeds oil is used to stored in bottles for 3 to five months and also stored in refrigerators.

One of the most powerful plant foods with simply amazing health benefits; flax seeds, linseeds (or alsi in Hindi) have around for centuries. This nutritional gem processes unique health promoting properties studies associate its consumption with a lowered risk of heart diseases, diabetes, lung disorders and cancer. Flax seed helps in improving of lung function.

The three main compounds that are responsible for flaxseeds strong diseases preventions records are the ‘good fats’ Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidant lignans and the rich fibre content.

Diabetes Care

Flaxseeds belongs to the unique category of foods that are low in glycemic index, loaded with fiber, protein and healthy fast and also the health supporting lignans, B vitamins and magnesium.

Evidences indicates that intake of two to three tablespoons of flaxseeds daily may help to stabilize blood sugar levels, lower insulin resistance and prevent the onset of diabetes related complications

Heart Diseases

The heart healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, such as ALA or alpha linolenic acids, aid heart health by protecting the blood vessels against oxidative stress (or free radical damage) and excessive inflammation. Protection to arteries and veins is also provided by the other Omega 3 fatty acids, known as EPAs and DHAS.

The lignans work closely with minerals such as Manganese in flaxseeds to lower the C reactive protein levels (the inflammatory marker for the cardiovascular system) and improve the LDL+HDL ratio. The ALA in flaxseeds lowers the risk to high blood pressure, clogged arteries, hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol levels) and heart attack.

Cancer Ribbon
Cancer Ribbon

Cancer Prevention

When it comes to antioxidant content of commonly eaten foods, flaxseeds rank much higher than berries and olives. Studies link the presence of polyphenols in flaxseeds with cancer prevention.

The high lignan content in flaxseeds directly influences the body’s hormonal balance and release of detoxifying enzymes. This combined benefit of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties makes flaxseeds valuable for prevention of Breast Prostate and Colon cancer.

Better Digestion

The abundance of fibre, especially the mucilaginous fibre in flaxseeds helps in slowing down the digestive process, thus improving nutrients absorption. Its inflammation fighting attributes are linked to reduced risk of irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis and ulcerative colitis. Ground flaxseeds are typically preferred over whole seeds in a diet to relive constipation and improve digestive health.

Menopausal Problems

There is a growing interest in effects of polyphenols in flaxseeds on post and pre-menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats and also during hormone replacements therapy.

Strong Immunity

This little powerhouses of nutrients contains Folic acid, Calcium, Phosphorus, Copper and Vitamin E, which work together to strengthen the immune system.


Flax seed helps diabetes people to control of weight. Flax seeds also help to decreased glucose and insulin levels and improved insulin.


Flaxseed Flavors

Grinding flaxseeds improves its digestibility and also the nutritional value. However, ground seeds are much more perishable than the whole seeds, so they must be refrigerated and used within a few weeks.

You can enjoy the mild nutty flavor of flaxseeds by sprinkling them on cereals, salads soups and cooked vegetables.

Grind together lightly roasted flaxseeds with garlic, black salt and green chillies, to prepare a tasty chutney or add a teaspoon of flaxseeds oil in smoothies and milk shakes.


Like any high fiber food, flax seed may upset your digestion if you add too much,, healthy people use flax seed oil up to 10g to maintained their balanced diet. Flax seeds oil is composed of vegetable plant oil. Flax seed helps in digestions of foods. Flax seeds are good sources of energy.


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