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Health Benefits of Lactic Acid Bacteria

Updated on March 11, 2013

Eating bacteria doesn’t sound like something that would make you healthier. If something it might sound like something that is going to make you feel sick. But even if you don’t like to hear it, eating certain kind of bacteria can make you healthier. These are called probiotics and the one of the most common type of bacteria you can eat is called lactaid acid bacteria. These are not the only bacteria that are probiotic but there are also other living micro organisms that fell into a probiotic group. These are all natural part of human intestine system and they help to keep humans healthy. When you increase the number of probiotics in your intestine system, you can improve your health.

There are several kind of bacteria in your intestine system. Some are completely harmless, some can cause disease and some are beneficial for your health. It is the balance of these strands of bacteria that is significant to your health. For example, one of the most common issues caused by disturbed bacteria balance is diarrhea.

Even though it is common to put all different strands of bacteria under a one common term (for example, probiotics), it isn’t so simple. Different strands of bacteria can have a different kind of influence on your body. But if you buy your bacteria from a health store, you shouldn’t worry too much about the different strands. They only sell one or two different strands of bacteria in stores and no matter what strand that is, you are probably going to get some health benefits from it.

Health Benefits of Lactaid Acid Bacteria

Eating lactid acid bacteria can strengthen your immune system. The roots of effective immune system are in your gut and eating lactid acid bacteria will help to keep your gut healthy. With a strong immune system you may be able to resist a common flu and virus infections that are rampant during the winter.

If you are eating antibiotics, you should eat lactaid acid bacteria. Eating antibiotics can destroy most of your intestine bacteria and eating just a one course of antibiotics can have a yearlong effect on your internal flora. Of course, you shouldn’t avoid antibiotics completely if you are ill but it’s also not wise to eat them like candies. If you eat lactaid acid bacteria with your antibiotics, you are supporting and strengthening your internal flora and the antibiotic might destructive to it. It is also common to have diarrhea while eating antibiotics and eating lactaid acid bacteria, can help you to avoid diarrhea.

There is also some evidence that eating lactaid acid bacteria can help digestive health and it can help you to achieve regular bowel movements.

If you suffer from irritated bowel syndrome, you may want to try lactaid acid bacteria. Even though there isn’t enough scientific proof to say that these bacteria will definitely help patients with irritated bowel syndrome eating food with these bacteria can make some difference. Some patients with constipation-predominant IBS say that after eating lactaid acid bacteria they felt less discomfort and bloating.

Where to Get Lactaid Acid Bacteria

Lactaid acid bacteria have been used in food preservation for thousands of years. For example, they have been used to make yogurt, buttermilk and sauerkraut. If you are not sure that you are getting them enough; if you don’t like such food; or if you just want to consume them in an easier form, you can also buy lactaid acid bacteria products from health stores. They are sold in many different forms: pills, liquids or specialized yogurt.

Taking lactaid acid bacteria in pill form is good option for you if you don’t like the sour taste that often accompanies the liquid version. Pills are also easy to take with you if you are travelling and you don’t need to worry about spilling the liquid all over your clothes or that your yogurt is going to go rancid in your luggage.

I actually prefer the liquid version. I just add one tablespoon of lactaid acid bacteria liquid to a big glass of water and drink it right after I get up. At the beginning the taste was horrible but after a while I got so used to drinking it that now I cannot imagine starting my day without it.

You can also find specialized yogurt with added lactaid acid bacteria. It tastes just like normal yogurt but as an added bonus the box tells you how many billion healthy bacteria you are eating with your morning yogurt.

So while initially it might sound disgusting and unhealthy to eat any kind of bacteria, there are some good reasons to eat lactaid acid bacteria. This is especially true if you have regular problems with your stomach and bowel. Before I started to drink lactaid acid bacteria in the morning, I used to have a slow bowel but at least for me these bacteria have made a real difference. The same thing happened when I had to eat a round of antibiotics. When I eat antibiotics I get horrible stomach problems but with lactaid acid bacteria the problems disappeared or were seriously decreased.


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