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Health Benefits of Pawpaw

Updated on March 10, 2013


Pawpaw fruit is gotten from pawpaw tree ( Carica Papaya ). This tree is widely cultivated in the tropical region of the world. Many health benefits have been associated with the consumption of pawpaw. Some of those reported health benefits are discussed below.

1. Pawpaw has good antioxidant effect.

Pawpaw fruit contains substances like vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene. These compounds are powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants help scavenge the free radicals that play an important role in the development of cancer, heart disease and some other life threatening diseases.

2. Pawpaw consumption aids digestion.

Pawpaw contains many constituents that aid digestion. A good example of those constituents is digestive enzyme papain. Also pawpaw fruit contains fibre and this also contributes to proper digestion of food in the body.

3. Pawpaw boosts male potency.

Pawpaw contains a protein called arginine, a substance that has been shown to increase the blood flow to man-hood and thus increasing the virility of the penis.

4. Pawpaw consumption prevents development of heart diseases

Pawpaw is able prevent cholesterol from building up in the body. When cholesterol builds up in the body, it may form plaque in the blood vessel walls and this can eventually leads to stroke or heart attack

5. Pawpaw contains important vitamins like vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Pawpaw fruit is a good source of vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E and someone can get these vitamins by making sure that he/she consumes pawpaw fruit daily. Vitamin A plays many important roles in the body and these include maintenance of proper vision and scavenging free radicals in the body. Vitamin C provides some functions like management of cold and boosting the body immunity while vitamin E has a good antioxidant property.

6. Pawpaw contains some mineral like calcium and iron.

Calcium is necessary for building a strong bone while iron is necessary for the synthesis of blood cells. This means that consuming pawpaw can help one build a strong bone and prevents anaemia.

Pawpaw also has many other health functions including:

· Juice of pawpaw aids in relieving infections of the colon.

· Pawpaw fruit has anti-inflammatory effect.

· Pawpaw helps with nausea and constipation

The nutritional values of papaya per 100 grams are:

Energy- 163 kJ
Calories-39 kcal
Sugars-5.90 gram
Carbohydrates- 9.81 gram
Dietary fiber- 1.8 gram
Fat- 0.14 gram
Protein- 0.61 gram
Vitamin A- 328 micrograms (41%)
Vitamin B1- 0.04 milligram (3%)
Vitamin B2- 0.05 milligram (4%)
Vitamin B3- 0.338 milligram (2%)
Vitamin B6- 0.1 milligram (8%)
Vitamin B9- 38 milligram (10%)
Vitamin C- 61.8 milligram (74%)
Calcium- 24 milligram (2%)
Iron- 0.10 milligram (1%)
Magnesium- 10 milligram (3%)
Phosphorus- 5 milligram (1%)
Potassium- 257 milligram (5%)
Sodium- 3 milligram (0%)

Also pawpaw leaf and pawpaw seed are of medicinal value and you may consider taking time to read about them. If you are not a type that eats pawpaw fruit before then you may consider starting now. Pawpaw fruit has been processed into many types of fruit juice and a number of these fruit juices have medicinal values; you may take this processed one if you cannot find the natural fruit.


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