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Health Benefits of Soybean

Updated on March 14, 2013

Health Benefits of Soybean

Soybean also called soya bean in UK is a leguminous bean plant which has numerous uses. It is consumed as food in various parts of the world. It is also called greater bean. Soybean contains carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals like calcium, folic acid and iron. The protein in soybean has all the essential amino acids that are adequate for human health. Soybean has been associated with many health benefits and some of them are discussed below.

  1. 1. Soybean is good for growing children to aid growth and development.

Soybean has a high amount of essential amino acids that are required in the proper growth and the functioning of the body. It has been called complete protein by many agencies including US Food and Drug Administration because it contains significant amount of all the essential amino acids needed by human body. Growing children need these essential amino acids for their growth and consuming soybean is an effective means of ensuring that growing children have what they need for their development. It is advisable for nursing mother to ensure that their children eat soybean in the early parts of their lives, although care must be taken because of some reported cases of allergy to soybean.

  1. 2. Soybean can help bring the blood pressure down.

Soybean is very rich in potassium—a compound that is important in the control of blood pressure. 100g of Soybean contains about 620mg of potassium, this makes soybean a very good supply of potassium. For those having high blood pressure, it is good if they can increase their soybean intake instead of consuming food rich in sodium.

  1. 3. Soybean is a good source of energy.

100g of soybean will supply 615kJ compared to plantain or yam which supply 494kJ and 511kJ respectively. These make soybean good for food when you want to begin a day.

  1. 4. Soybean is good as food after a day of work.

Soybean has high lecithin content and is therefore excellent for mental fatigue that normally set in after a day of hard work. Also phytosterols found in soybean help strengthen the function and vigor of nerve cells.

  1. 5. Soybean reduces the risk of developing some types of cancer.

It has found through research that consumption of soybean can help reduce the chance of developing prostate cancer and breast cancer in men and women respectively.

  1. 6. Soybean lowers the cholesterol level in the body.

It has been found out that soybean has the ability to lower the level of bad cholesterol in human body. US Food and Drug Administration also confirmed this by giving approval for soybean to be an official cholesterol-lowering food. By lowering the amount of bad cholesterol in human body, soybean decreases the risks of developing some types of health diseases.

  1. 7. Soybean improves the health of skin.

Eating soybean can help improve skin look. This plant product contains linoleic and linolenic acids which help improve the health condition of skin.

Nutritive Value of Soybean : Per 100 gm.

 Vitamin A : 110 I.U.

 Vitamin B : Thiamine 1.07 mg.;

 Niacin : 2.3 mg.

 Vitamin C : Trace

 Calcium : Trace

 Iron : 8.0 mg.

 Phosphorus : 586 mg.

 Potassium : 540 mg.

 Fat : 18.1 gm.

 Carbohydrates : 34.8 gm.

 Protein : 34.0 gm.

 Calories : 331

With all these health benefits mentioned above, if you have not been eating soybean before then the best time is now unless you are allergic to it.


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    • Adept2012 profile image

      Adebayo Adeolu Ibrahim 4 years ago

      Thank you for that comment. It is true that soy bean has high level of estrogens which have been shown to have negative effect eon humans. But eating fermented soy bean is safer.

    • profile image

      D-Man 4 years ago

      What about negative health effects regarding estrogen levels? Especially in men?