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Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

Updated on December 6, 2010

In the United States, one of the biggest health concerns of the 21st century is obesity, both among children and adults. Today’s kids are much more comfortable in front of a computer, TV or video game screen than they are outside in nature. They are growing into adults who have spent little time in nature and who are losing their connection to the natural world.

A recent study found that Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. Some may not go outside in a entire week or more, while for others the only time spent outdoors is a daily walk to and from their cars.  The truth is, being outdoors in fresh air and experiencing the “green” of the outside world can improve your health physically, mentally and spiritually.

What is a SansBug tent?

A simple idea like the SansBug tent can make a big difference when it comes to taking advantage of the benefits of spending time outdoors. One of the things which prevents many people from enjoying themselves outside are biting insects or even snakes and rodents. Especially today with fears of West Nile Virus and other insect-borne diseases, the outdoor environment has become a frightening place for some.

A SansBug pop-up tent is a secure and safe enclosure which can help you to experience nature without running the risk of acquiring a disease. The tent is lightweight, spacious, and its netting is efficient at keeping out mosquitoes, flies, spiders, bees, and other crawling and flying insects. A SansBug tent can give you peace and quiet -- a secure space in which to rejuvenate in the outside air.

With a SansBug tent, you can sit in the park and read a book without getting a single insect bite. Or, you can take your baby or tot outdoors for playtime safely enclosed from harmful bugs. In fact, if your child grows up with lots of “fun” outdoor experiences, he or she is more apt to be comfortable in the natural world and continue to take part in all types of outdoor activities as an adult.

Just look at a few of the health benefits of the outdoors:

Listen to your circadian rhythms

Connecting to the outdoors can help you to reset your internal circadian rhythms which are affected by the amount of light and temperature, as well as other physical environmental conditions. These rhythms can help you have healthy sleep and even prevent depression.

Get plenty of vitamin D

Sunlight itself can be good for your body as most people in the U.S. are deficient in vitamin D. This vitamin can also prevent depression as well as cancers and other illnesses. Many people add vitamin D supplements to their diet but getting outside in the sun is an even better way to take in this necessary vitamin. A SansBug tent can help you get plenty of vitamin D from the sun while its covered top protects you from sunburn.

Overcome fatigue and stress

Being outside in the green grass, trees, and fresh air can prevent or help you overcome the stress and fatigue each of us experiences in our daily lives. While such outdoor activities as walking, hiking, or bicycling can have a profound effect on your physical, emotion, and spiritual health, just being in the natural environment also promotes healing.

Lower your blood pressure

Just looking at nature scenes can lower your blood pressure which can aid in the prevention of heart attack and stroke. So, think about how much healthier you would be actually experiencing nature on your own! Whether you enjoy camping or simply want to spend some quiet time in the backyard, getting a SansBug tent can be one of the steps you take to make your life healthier. The SansBug tent can provide a safe space for outdoor activity no matter where you are in the world.


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    • Adam Sherman profile image

      Adam Sherman 7 years ago

      Hi Gary. The BYU campus looks beautiful... and those trees are huge! It's nice to escape from our concrete jungles once in a while and spend some time close to nature. When the human body comes in contact with the earth, we actually "ground ourselves" (discharging the excess charges that we have accumulated) and relieve the stress.

    • profile image

      Gary Sorenson 7 years ago

      Great article! It's amazing to see all of the benefits of nature. I've recently started a blog for local outdoor areas for people to visit in my area. As I've taken pictures, it's been really relaxing. I like articles like this.

    • Adam Sherman profile image

      Adam Sherman 7 years ago


    • brethodge profile image

      brethodge 7 years ago from USA

      Great information!