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Health Benefits of homemade orange juice

Updated on January 21, 2011

If you want to lose weight quickly, become healthy, as starve off hunger during the day there are some basic things that you can do. The most important of these –eat well – doesn’t have to be as boring as some people make out. Instead of counting each calorie, you can substitute healthy delicious food for unhealthy food.

Orange juice is one of the nicest ways to become healthy that you can imagine.

And yet, if you buy it in the shops it can have all kinds of unhealthy ingredients including:

  • Processed sugar
  • Artificial colors
  • Artificial preservatives

Which is not what you want!

The solution is to make your own.

If you want to become healthy substituting delicious food for unhealthy, middling food is a good choice. Orange juice has the following health benefits:

  • Vitamin C staves off colds, flu, and aches and pains
  • Contains antioxidants that help to keep you looking younger and reduce wear and tear on muscles, making you fitter
  • Contains natural sugars that break down over a longer period, making you have energy throughout the day

These benefits are enhanced if you make your own juice since you don't have to worry about unhealthy ingredients companies add to their juice to prolong the shelf life. Also, making your own juice means you don't have to wonder if you have chosen orange juice that has been lying around the store for hours.

So, it is certainly the case that orange juice made in your home is healthier than bought from the shop.

Ah... but there are problems.

If you buy orange juice from the shop it comes with a carten, and no mess.

Many juicers have traditionally taken a lot of work. They can mess up your kitchen, make the entire thing much less tidy, and also take a long time to clean. Now, things have been improving over the last few years. The new generation of slow juicers is much faster than it used to be. They are also designed to be cleaner. I remember in the past where a juicer could cover the entire kitchen with mess.

For example, one juicer I reviewed the Hurom slow juicer, is very quick. It is much cleaner than other orange juicers, and it is quiet too.

So many of the problems associated with slow juicers have been reduced.

They also don’t need to cost a fortune. You can have a juicer that is capable of juicing all kinds of things, from orange juice to carrots, for a few hundred pounds. You no longer have to go to a trendy new age shop to buy the juice.

I find that the taste of juice in the morning is defiantly a highlight, so unlike many faddish diets, you can easily keep up drinking orange juice – it is just easy to do. Of course, it is only part of what is necessary for a healthy day.

But it is a fun part which doesn’t require too much trouble.

you might also want to know how to make a st clement drink or look at the Hamilton Beach Revolution Ice Shaver Blender to make a delicious orange slushy.


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  • Woman Of Courage profile image

    Woman Of Courage 7 years ago

    Hi Thomas, Preparing homemade drinks or foods are always better for us and very delicious. It's more time consuming, but it's well worth it. Thanks for sharing an informative article! I have contacted you.