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Health Care Insurance must Change

Updated on August 19, 2009

Health Care Provider

Freedom of Choice
Freedom of Choice

Politics & Health Care

I recently sent a letter to each of my Senators about the changes I though we needed in Health Care and requested a reply. I then published the letter as an "open letter to my Senator" on Hubpages under the Title : National Medical Insurance. I promised to republish with their opinions when I heard from them. Either they have no opinion or none they wish to share with me on my forum.

I believe that we must get this change now or risk missing the opportunity for another decade. Both of my Senators are Republicans and I must admit that I did not expect a positive response, although I had Hoped. I would equally have appreciated any response but they apparently did not care for an open forum.

I have therefore decided to develop my ideas with out any political input. I regret that because it is the political process that is necessary for change.

Simple Health Insurance

Elected officials often call themselves "servants of the people".  Then they proceed to vote themselves benefits that have nothing to do with their ability to serve the people.  The implication is that the people are not entitled to the same benefits that the "servants" give themselves.

The plan that I am proposing is one of the options available under the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan. These options are available to every Congressman and ever Senator.  Surely ever American is entitled to the same health benefits as their servants.  Or do these particular servants consider themselves the "elite".

                                   IT IS A SIMPLE PLAN  

1.  Every state in the Union is served  by a Blue Cross/Blue Shield organization.(Some for profit - most as nonprofit.) There is even a Federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield company.  That is one of the options available to the Congressmen & Senators.  It a simple process to design a benefit plan and make it available to every citizen who wants it.  It will be issued and administered in each State by an independent Health Care Insurance Provider in that State. 

2.  In most States, Medicare and Medicaid are already administered by the Blue Cross/Blue Shield system. Since the new Health Insurance plan should be at least equal to Medicare, there would be no reason to maintain a separate Medicare plan as part of the Social Security System.  In fact, with inclusion of lower risk insured the plan should become cheaper to Social Security participants than what they have to pay now.

3.  Medicaid is designed for the poorest of the poor and is available to those eligible at little or no cost.  It is funded by a combination of Federal and State funds. The quality and availability of the coverage is dependant in part on matching funds provided by the States.  Supplemental funds would have to be provided for those that the States determine are qualified for their individual Medicaid Programs.  

4.  Funding of the programs do not have to change from the current source that pays for Medicare.  The tax simply needs to be applied to all income and not just to income limits set for Social Security.  It is time that the highest  income earners stopped receiving a tax benefit at the expense of the working poor and middle class.

5. Freedom of choice of your Insurance Company can be easily achieved.  The cost of the Basic Plan provided by the Blue Cross/Blue Shield organization in each State can be quickly determined on a cost per individual basis.  If a Company wishes to provide a Health Benefit Plan for its employees, that plan can be subsidised by the individual cost of the nonprofit plan. The only condition should be that the plan provide the minimum benefits in the BC/BS Plan. If an individual wishes a direct pay plan he too should receive that supplement with the same condition for the quality of the plan he chooses.  There is no reason why the existing for profit Health Insurance Companies cannot compete if they are as efficient as they claim to be.

This plan is simple. Every part of it already exist. Blue Cross/Blue Shield already administers Medicaid and Medicare for the Government in most States. The current medicare Prescription Benefit is in large part already administered by public companies.The tax system to pay for the plan is already in effect. It only needs to be broaden to cover everyone. If For Profit Companies can truly do better than  non profit companies they will compete effectively because all will be receiving the same funding They would receive the same amount of money for their service as does the nonprofit organizations. And lastly, It is immoral for Congress to deny to the American People what they give themselves at the peoples expense. Now is the time and this is the place to deliver the Worlds Best Health Care to all of its Citizens. Politicians need to stop letting Special Interest buy their cooperation in denying that Service to all of the People.  Capitalism does not need to be measured by Greed.


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    • MikeNV profile image

      MikeNV 8 years ago from Henderson, NV

      Contradictory statements. Blue Cross is not the same in all states. And it is just one company and an anti competitive company at that. I have family that works in management for them.

      Now consider this:

      The top six executives at Blue Cross each made more than $1 million last year, topped by Chief Executive Bob Greczyn at close to $4 million. Greczyn's annual income included a $3 million bonus and was a 23 percent increase over 2007.

      That was just in the State of South Carolina.

      Blue Cross administers the State Health Plan, which provides medical coverage for almost 650,000 state workers, public school teachers and retirees. Lawmakers expect to spend $300 million this spring to cover the plan's ballooning deficit.

      "How can they, in good conscience, pay their CEO almost $2,000 an hour when the majority of state employees earn $16 for that same hour of work?" Cope said in a statement.

      I know you are well intentioned. But there are no simple solutions to the Health Care Problem. What we do know for sure is the more the Government tries to be an Insurer the more messed up things will become. The only place for Government in Health Care is in regulations that allow for free competitive markets.

    • profile image

      James Michael 8 years ago

      Great points. Still say the whole thing is a diversionary tactic to stear eyes away from the 2 unnecessary wars, mountains of debt and incompetence.

    • Last Hand Willie profile image

      William Hodge 8 years ago from CAMDEN, SC

      Unfortunately Politics rarely makes logical Law. But If we can form a foundation with a co-op, which seems most likely now, then we can put this Health Care together one brick at a time. Oddly enough,the unfunded Prescription Drug Law that the Republicans passed to protect the Drug Companies may prove to be a primary part of the process. I just haven't figured how to write about it yet.

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Works for me.