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Health Care Professionals

Updated on April 13, 2013

The Art of Mastering Business Practices – A Transformation

The Art of Mastering Business Practices – A Transformation

While it’s exciting that people have the pursued education and trades to better their quality of life; I must bring light to the horrors of this new “generation” of professionals.

While maybe some business professional standards have changed, some need to remain the same.

Remember years ago, medical staff employees were courteous and professional?

Remember when everyone could not have access to the hospital by simply walking in without signing in or speaking to someone before just wondering the halls? Remember when people were professional and protected your information from others? Remember when you people in the medical profession took their job seriously and were groomed to understand proper procedures as well as how to operate professionally.

Fast forward to today when somehow there has been an emergence of unprofessional staff, medical assistance that do not practice proper hygiene protocol, or professional standards. While I would like to say this can be experienced in economically challenged neighborhoods, it is happening nationwide.


Dr. Oz and The Doctors are two programs that discuss medical issues to increase knowledge and awareness of your body, disease, and how to be your best health wisdom. How would you feel if Dr.Oz and The Doctor's were discussing weight and they weighed 100+ pounds over their target weight? Yes; you would not have respect nor take seiously the advice given by someone displaying the fact that they do not respect their health nor practice a healthy lifestyle.

How can you be in the medical field and weight 300 pounds? What respect do you have for the field you work in and you are aware of the results of poor eating choices and the importance of exercise? Not to be cruel but I would not hire anyone in the healthcare field who displays no respect for their body. Yes, people can have thyroid problems or medical conditions but let’s be honest; if you ate more steamed vegetables, 6 ounce portions of lean meat or fish, drank plenty of water, ate fruits, and exercised to burn calories while relieving stress = winner! While everyone does not need a six pack, carrying an extra 60+ pounds, over a healthy weight target, does not make me feel confident in your ability to care for my health or assist me in any way; medically.

What medical staff and personnel should not do:

Discussing someone’s personal issues in the hallway of the facility rather than a private room.

Hiring people who resemble criminals and giving them access to people’s social security number, drivers license, and date of birth information.

Practice unsanitary habits around ill patients: i.e. using gloves then touching multiple objects and services then turn to aide your patient.

Maybe someone should add a course to the medical field curriculum which includes how to conduct yourself as a professional in the work environment. This course should be coupled with how to live what you believe: how to project a healthy lifestyle by becoming a person who takes their health seriously.


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