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Health Care Reform: What kind of country is this?

Updated on December 23, 2009

Where's the humanity?

Even though just about everyone has an opinion about Health Care Reform, few will argue it is not a contentious issue.  Ask about the efforts to change the way Health Care is administered in this country, and you will certainly get a passionate response.  Now, while it is good that people are getting so involved in their country’s decision making, one has to wonder, “Where was all that passion and concern when the country was deciding to go to war?”  “Where was the heated debate, the soap boxes, and the editorial comment?”  “War over Health Care?” “What kind of country is this?” 

As the Health Care debate continues, some people say new legislation will increase the budget deficit even further, while others say plans will actually reduce the deficit.  Some people say that people are dying because of a broken health care system, while others believe the system is not so bad.  Some people say that reform is being rushed, and that reform should be better planned, while other people believe the reforms have waited long enough.  With such diverging patterns of thought, and clear division of sides, why didn’t similar divisions surface before deciding on war? 

Whether or not new health care legislation will adversely affect the budget, everyone knew that war would drain the coffers with no chance of return, but that didn’t stop them.  Was it OK to go to war then just because the money to fund it was there, or would a deficit have affected that vote, too?  Health Care Reform may or may not save lives, but few people showed any concern for life when deciding to go to war.  Everyone who voted for and supported efforts to go to war knew that people, including Americans, would die, but few opposed that.  Just how many of us are available for sacrifice at any given time?  And, as for planning better, wasn’t war a bit rushed with no real, set plan as to what to do, or how to get out?  Why was it OK to rush into war to take lives, to destroy property, and to assert our dominance, but now it is not OK to hurry to save lives, to save property, and to assert our humanity?  What does this say about America as a country?

I have raised these questions and these points to people and you would have thought I was trying to explain Calculus.  People are so caught up in their politics they can’t see the simple truths about whose lives matter and whose lives don’t.  If your Congressman or Congresswoman voted for war, but votes against reforming your Health Care, he or she is clearly showing that he or she is willing to sacrifice you, your life, and your future, to preserve his or her own political life and own political future.  Whether you get affordable Health Care or not, your members of Congress will because they voted the same for themselves.  In fact, all of Congress receives “Cadillac” health care at the expense of the tax payers, and they will continue to receive the same no matter how they vote on any Health Care Reform Bill that affects you.  And, even though Congress voted for war at the taxpayer’s expense, not a one of them ever was willing to personally take up arms to show conviction to that cause they voted for even though they all lined up to receive the better health care you will never get. 

Well, this is it; the country we live in.  It is a country that barely notices as it spends itself into debt to propagate war, but balks at providing affordable health care for all.  It is a country that is easily convinced to mortgage its future to attack, maim and kill others, but balks at spending a few cents to heal its own.  It is a country that leaves the decision of health care for all up to a collection of men and women with little at stake in the matter except for their own political lives.  And, most of all, it is our country, it is what we make it, and, ultimately, each and every one of us bears some responsibility for the end product.  No matter who you are or where you live, when you see a country, any country like this one, that supports war, but won’t support health care, you have to ask yourself, “What kind of country is this?”

Life goes on.
Life goes on.


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    • Delsie profile image


      8 years ago

      Right! Maim and Kill, but forget about the ill. What is that all about?


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