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Health Care and Smoking

Updated on September 17, 2009


I know. You have already heard all the good reasons for not smoking. I thought I had, too. My mother died of lung cancer due to smoking. I used to smoke and after my mother died, it took me 6 years before I quit. I haven't smoked since 1993.

Every year in the U.S. over 392,000 people die from tobacco-caused disease, making it the leading cause of preventable death; an additional 50,000 people die from exposure to secondhand smoke.  Tragically, each day approximately 1,100 kids become regular, daily smokers and between one third and one half will eventually die as a result of their addiction..... American Lung Association

Secondhand Smoke

According to the American Cancer Society, tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds. More than 60 of these are known or suspected to cause cancer.

Secondhand smoke causes other kinds of diseases and deaths. Heart disease and lung cancer for non-smokers who live with smokers, pneumonia and bronchitis in children younger than 18 month, which end in hospitalization. Up to 1 million children with asthma have Increases in asthma attacks.  Pregnant women exposed to secondhand smoke are also at increased risk of having low birth weight babies.

It is still being debated that secondhand smoke may be linked to breast cancer.

Other Reasons to Quit Smoking

Blood clotting can lead to sudden death from arterial thrombosis.

Women who smoke heavily run the risk of osteoporosis, a bone disease that weakens bones and can even cause the collapse of the spinal column.

One cigarette destroys 25 milligrams of vitamin C.

Cigarettes destroy lecithin in the bloodstream. You need lecithin to break down fats and keep them from being deposited on the walls of the arteries as cholesterol.

Smokers have stained, smelly hair and hands, discolored teeth, poor complexion and premature wrinkles.

Teens and Smoking

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • Kids who use tobacco may
    • Be more likely to use alcohol and other drugs such as cocaine and marijuana.
    • Become addicted to tobacco and find it extremely hard to quit.
  • Spit tobacco and cigars are not safe alternatives to cigarettes; low-tar and additive-free cigarettes are not safe either.
  • Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of death in the United States, causing heart disease, cancers, and strokes.

Smoking on Airplanes (This is a fact I could not believe)

From a study by Dr. I. Herbert Scheinberg, over 30 years ago, smoking as long as six hours before flying could seriously impair a pilot's eyesight, manual dexterity, reflexes and the ability to estimate time intervals.

When the ban on smoking in airplanes took effect, it didn't apply to the cockpit. Federal officials said that since withdrawal symptoms could affect the performance of cigarette-smoking pilots, an exception was made for flight crews. The National Institute of Health found that smoking in the cockpit has ''negligible effects on physiological and psycho-motor functions and therefore on flight safety.''


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    • judydianne profile image

      judydianne 5 years ago from Palm Harbor, FL

      I'm afraid if cigarettes were taken off the market, people would only want them more. It didn't work for alcohol during prohibition. Just went underground. Thanks for your comment, Tracy.

    • profile image

      tracy horner 5 years ago

      my gramma is in bad condishon from smoking .she quite when she was 79.i was getting second hand smoke it was not nice for me or my cat.i say just take them off the marked then people dont have a say then thay got to quite.