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Health Easter Alternatives 2016

Updated on February 26, 2016

Health Easter Alternatives 2016

Health Easter Alternatives 2016, Tips from Tariq Drabu
Health Easter Alternatives 2016, Tips from Tariq Drabu

Health Easter Alternatives

Tariq Drabu wanted to touch on healthy Easter alternatives as the Easter season rapidly approaches. Easter is the time of the Easter bunny and copious amounts of chocolate eggs, of course which is very dangerous to oral health.

Children in the United Kingdom are being hospitalised for tooth decay and to have teeth extracted. This is costing the NHS millions each year and forcing operating theatres to stay open for extended hours. It is putting a strain on the NHS, the hospitals and the dentists. This can all be prevented, according to Tariq Drabu.

With Easter literally around the corner, we have come up with some fun and exciting Easter alternatives.

Fruit Snacks

Consider filling a basket with some great and healthy fruit snacks for the family this easter rather than the traditional easter eggs. Tariq Drabu recommends crunchy fruits that are not too acidic. Crunchy fruits gets the saliva flowing which is good for oral health. Apples are a great option and they are tasty and filling.

Trail mix

Tariq Drabu recommends parents make their own trail mix based on what the family enjoys. This can be put in small bags or containers and enjoyed as and when needed. The family can snack on this all day and it is a welcome change from sugar filled edibles which will only cause long term damage to teeth moving forward.

Hard boiled eggs

While these are not chocolate eggs, they are eggs and the entire family can get involved and have some fun with them. Painting Easter eggs is an age old tradition in a number of countries. You can either remove the centre out of the egg by pricking a hole in the egg or you can boil the egg until it is hard boiled.

Give everyone some edible paint and let them get decorating. Put the eggs on display for Easter to make it fun. These can be added to salads and sandwiches on the day to ensure the entire family gets a healthy dose of non-chocolate eggs for easter this year.


Tariq Drabu mentioned that children are going to relate to the fact that the Easter Bunny has healthy teeth and he enjoys raw carrots. This is an opportunity for parents to encourage their children to eat raw carrots this holiday period and enjoy the benefits of a crunchy and non-acidic snack which will promote good oral health this season.


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