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Health & Fitness Exercise's

Updated on May 11, 2011

Weight Fitness

Here I am with an article for my regulars and hopefully some useful information for people outside of Hubpages, I especially went to efforts with this article collecting my own photographs from my surrounding environment and recreational time. I don't regard myself as an expert at personal fitness but I make an effort and have acquired some knowledge over the past year or two as I watch friends strive to become the next Adonis, I feel my article has a personal touch which should inspire a few people who get no exercise at to get out of their computer chair and to the gym!

The first photograph I included is of some supplements which my friends take which helps to gain muscle mass alongside a rigorous fitness program. Most young people want to gain a defined muscular figure in a short period of time, however it can take several months to start seeing a noticeable change in appearance according to my one friend who has been at it nearly a year. This includes attending a gym at least 3 times a week or following your own personal fitness plan at home, this way you are pushing your bodies ability to repair broken muscle tissues and replace them with stronger more ones with the proteins you will feed it during your strict diet.

I will also be mentioning some different exercise fitness which will benefit those of you just looking to tone down the fat or improve your stamina and cardiovascular, the latter meaning improving your bodies ability to operate daily activities and sports without feeling pain and loss of breath. Cardiovascular activities strengthen your heart's process of pumping blood to the muscles and the lungs familiarization with breathing techniques.

Fitness Accessories

Above we have two fitness items you have likely seen before and can be used around the home, they are relatively cheap and don't take up much space. The first one is the Abdominal Crunch and is used for toning the stomach muscles and gaining a six-pack, the back of your head rests on the leather pad and your hands grip onto the top of the bars, keeping your knees bend at a 90 degree angle you pull yourself up parallel with your knees.

The second piece equipment being the 'Step Box', the name says it all really, a pretty simple one which can be used to strengthen the leg muscles and burn calories using a long list of techniques involving bending the legs, twisting the waist and repetition.

Fitness Gym

Here we have a quite charming photograph of me at my local council funded gym, the particular machine I was using tones your chest muscles also known as the 'pecks'. It works by having a handle directly either side of you which is attached to weights at the back of the machine, the handles rotate when you push them forwards until your arms meet in the middle. I usually do 3 repetitions on two machines whilst I'm there, by repetition I mean that I do 15 of the lifts of the weights, rest for 5 minutes and repeat. If you are using the chest muscle machines for example it can be good to use a back muscle fitness machine afterward to work the entire top half of your body in proportion.

My Gym has a membership fee similar to most private gyms and that is around 30 pounds a month, however I use the pay as you go service which meant a one off fee of 7.50 and then 4 pounds a session.

Treadmill Fitness

Remember to take all the correct equipment with you, you only need:

Towel(nobody likes machines covered in others sweat)

Bottle of water,

Comfortable running trainers(I bought mine for 10 pounds at the local Wall-mart)

Tracksuit bottoms(these can also be picked up cheap guessed it..Wall-mart)

The above photograph shows the built in menu on the Treadmills in our gym, what I like is the fact that you have a record of how many calories you have burnt, which you can later check against the GDA on that packet of crisps you eat. It also records you heart rate when you place your hands on the sensors in front of you, this is good if you want to improve your cardiovascular because you can compare it with the correct rate for your age on a chart near by.

Power Plate Machine

2 Power Plate Machines
2 Power Plate Machines
Instructions I photographed
Instructions I photographed
Wheelchair Instructions I photographed
Wheelchair Instructions I photographed

Above we have a fairly new type of fitness machine, they are definitely a modern concept, my friends and other gym members seem to be excited by the arrival of these in our fitness centre. The principle behind the design is that the 'vibrating plate' on the base sends unstable pulses through the human body and the muscles respond with reflex actions, this is achieved with the numerous positions at which you can rest on the plate.  The product makers boast that you can undergo a full body workout within 15 minutes and also it is displayed that even wheelchair bound people can get involved with this one unlike some other heavy fitness machines.

Fitness Workout

I have included the last three photographs of weight training machines because I wanted to give a variety of examples for people who don't attend the gym regularly and are interested in toning their muscles. In the above photograph you can see on the black panel which muscles are exercised by this machine, its not an immensely clear picture but you can also see the red pad which is used to kneel on whilst you pull your body upwards using the black handles in the top left hand corner of the picture.

Fitness Guide

Many people use the machine in the photograph above because it combines a number exercises in one piece of equipment by using an attachable handle, these can simulate a rowing action, bench presses, and pull ups to name a few.

 Another versatile piece of weight lifting equipment which most people have probably heard of are Dumbbells, these can be seen arranged in different weigh categories on the stand to the right of me in the mirror photo earlier in the article, these can be used in a variety of positions including lying down and standing up. 

Lastly we can see one piece of machinery which is fairly easy to use providing you remember one or two simple rules, these are:

  • to keep your legs together and your back straight whilst you sat down
  • Make sure you elbows are in line with kink in handle bars

Begin with pushing the bars forward and this will mean extending your arms until they meet in the middle, then slowly retreat until your arms are at rest in the start position.

Analbolic Steroid Side Effects

Many young people today feel the pressure to appear beautiful and slim, young men particularly find it appealing to have a body like the movie stars in films such as 300 and X-men. Some feel the benefits of working out and training hard while others are tempted by quick alternatives and online miracle workouts.

Anabolic Androgenic Steroids which is the official name for Anabolic Steroids is derived from the hormones which are extracted from the Testes, Testosterone. As the name suggests, there are two sets of effects.

To end my article I have included a list of side effects you could experience if you purchase Anabolic Steroids online, since they are ILLEGAL to sell in the UK & US.


  • increased protein synthesis
  • increased appetite
  • increased bone growth
  • increases the production of red blood cells
  • increased strength


  • growth of the clitoris in females
  • increased growth of pubic, beard, chest, and limb hair
  • accelerate the rate of premature baldness
  • oral anabolic steroid compounds can cause liver damage
  • development of breast tissue in males
  • temporary testicular atrophy
  • severe effects such as stunted growth.
  • enlargement and thickening of the left ventricle of the heart
  • symptoms of dependence
  • aggression and hypomania
  • severe facial, neck and back acne

Having listed the pro's and con's, I will leave you to make your decision, however many people chose to take steroids 'believing' they will not experience any side effects, is it worth the risk?


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    • Sage Williams profile image

      Sage Williams 7 years ago

      Great hub, reading this hub is one more reminder that I really must get back to the gym. Great job!


    • Super Chef profile image

      Super Chef 7 years ago from Around the world

      Well researched topic Richie. Lots of good advice about steriods especially love the photo of you in the gym!!!!!