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The Reason Why You Smoke

Updated on May 5, 2013

Facts About Smoking

Smoking is the major cause of almost all life-threatening diseases and illnesses across the globe. This is highly linked to 70% of all cancer cases, stroke, heart diseases, diabetes mellitus and others. Despite of the aggressive and major campaigns of governments and various organizations worldwide on the cessation of smoking, the population of smokers is still on the rise. It is approximated that there are more than 1 billion smokers around the world today. Research shows that more than half of the smokers die from complications of chronic exposure to cigarette chemicals. Most of them are aware of this, but still, they tend to take these statistics for granted.

Cigarette smoking has been also claimed addictive which makes it difficult to stop while it continues to develop various health problems. If it is difficult to quit from this unhealthy habit, maybe, there is something we need to understand why people smoke. This is something beyond understanding nicotine and its addictive effect to smokers.


Oral Fixation-Oral Gratification Interaction

According to experts, the reason why people smoke is a broad and complex issue which rooted from the early years of life. They view it as something embedded in the subconscious state which comes out with stimulation. Stress is commonly used by smokers as an alibi why they started to smoke and why they continue to smoke. What they do not know is that it only serves as a stimulator to the inner health issue within them.

The inner health problem I am talking here is the word oral fixation. This is a psychological gap that occurs during the infancy period and stays as natural part of the person as he/she grows older. This is further defined as a stress-related issue due to the non-satisfaction of oral activities during the oral stage of life (infancy). If an infant is not satisfied or has not fully completed the oral task, he/she is considered unsatisfied and will have this problem as he/she progresses with the next stages of the developmental ladder. This will be manifested later in life in any form of regression, particularly, oral gratification with the interaction of stress. Common manifestations of oral gratifications from oral fixation are thumb-sucking during childhood years (toddlers and pre-schoolers) and overactive mouth which we commonly see among talkative persons, over-eaters, and smokers. These persons found comfort every time their mouths are unconsciously active.


Basic Analysis

With this flow of idea, we can see that the commonly used alibi to smoking which is stress is just a stimulator and not actually the root-cause of smoking. It is involved in this health topic by simply irritating the subconscious state which brings the person back to their earlier stages of their lives, in this case, to address the gaps or unsatisfied issues during infancy. Also, this idea made the common belief on nicotine addiction a less reliable alibi on the issue of difficulty in quitting. This is supported by statistics on claims why smokers using nicotine patch during the weaning process from smoking still crave for something that will make their mouths busy. If this is the case, nicotine addiction is just superficial and the psychological impact of oral fixation is more potent.

This breakthrough reveals the fact linking why most smokers fail from quitting despite adhering to various ways and disciplines just to stop this unhealthy habit. No matter how they want to avoid lighting up another stick of cigar, they just can't overwhelm the inner drive within them. A simple vision of another man smoking turns them die to have another hit. This is because the mind is still the most powerful part of the human person's totality.

Oral fixation is psychological in nature, this means that smoking can never be stopped unless we fully understand its psychological side. An honest admission of this psychological issue is the ultimate key to success in quitting from smoking. The idea of keeping the mouth busy through chewing and diversional activities is more effective than purchasing e-cigars and nicotine patches. Also, by avoiding denials such as having enough time to quit, that you are still far from developing diseases and illnesses, and you have the power over smoking helps in a more efficient way to stop smoking. Be honest to yourself, you know exactly what is true and not in you.


Though the linking of oral fixation-oral gratification concept to smoking is still under investigation by some unconvinced experts; this is already widely used and accepted by most health-related courses as part of discussion within the four corners of the classroom and laboratories. In fact, this is now one of the most popular causes of smoking pointed out by mentors in the academe.

The principle of knowing the cause to address the effect is the best way to have better results in ceasing smoking. This will guide everyone to include honesty to one's self in the list of basic plans in quitting smoking. This is the best way to endure the discomforts during the smoking withdrawal process.

Be healthy and live healthy, oral fixation can be gratified in many other ways aside from smoking.


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