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Best Ways To Improve Your Health, Look Beyond Supermarket Offers

Updated on March 22, 2013

Supermarkets Would Like Us To Believe They Want To Improve Our Health!

Looking for best ways to improve your health? Well, the first thing to do is look beyond the supermarket offers. These are invarably cheap, high fat, high carbohydrate and highly processed items. This will not improve your health! In fact most of the products on sale in Supermarkets are of the similar ilke and it is worth attempting to rewire your brain to see these products for what they are.

There are many different contributions to improving health. There is exercise and food.

This article concentrates on food and supermarkets. So, what does a supermarket have to do with health? How can we improve health when we are constantly bombarded with advertising and special offers as a way of selling us bad, but highly profitable food?

We all know that the supermarket sells food, we need this to sustain life, but what can we do to help ourselves avoid bargain junk food from these establishments?

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This article, therefore, attempts to change your mindset on supermarkets by proposing that most food contained within them is evil and bad for you and why. I want to also try and convince you that when it comes to health, the only way to improve this is by attending these buildings with caution.

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The Supermarket Doesn't Care About Your Health!

They do it on purpose, you know? Do what, I hear you ask? They create an environment with music and displays to appeal to your base instinctual desires. Freud called this the ID - the 'I want, I need, satisfy me' aspect to our animalistic desires. When we are hungry, we eat. Our brains set off a set of chemical reactions in order to make us behave in a way to help with our survival. We don't want to starve to death, now, do we? Well, our bodies still think that we are in the middle of the African Savannah, not knowing where the last mouthful is coming from.

The supermarket knows this and wants you to come in and be tempted with high profit foods and goods. They aren't concerned with how to improve health. They just want your money or sell you an idea so as they can extract more money from you. It is all about production, productivity and profit! If you were to drop down dead tomorrow, as a product of eating their high salt, high fat and high carbohydrate offers, do you think they will care? You would be kidding yourself if you do! You are ultimately responsible for ways of how to improve health - your health - not them! So proceed the supermarket with caution.

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The Supermarket Is Evil

You may feel that it is a bit extremist to label the supermarket as evil, but let me explain. What do you think the opposite of EVIL is? Is it GOOD? No. E-V-I-L is L-I-V-E backwards. When something is evil, it stops you from living a life. It is about stagnation - it stops you from living a life. So when you are bombarded with tempting bad food at bargain prices, it can, eventually kill you and stop you from living a life. It can make you fat and unhealthy... it, therefore, stops you from living a life. It can make you unhappy and .. stop you from living a life. Have I made my point? So, the supermarket is not around to help you or improve your health it is to help themselves by selling you high profit margined foods to satisfy the investors.

Many years ago it was rumoured that Mr Cohen, the founder of Tesco's (named from his wife, Tessa - Tes - and Co as in Cohen), used to say that you never made a profit until the lavatory chain was pulled. Do you think he was concerned with ways to improve health for his customers? The only person responsible for what you eat is you. Don't be taken in by the supermarket.

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Look For Healthy Choices, Read and Research Products

Courtesy of Octopushat
Courtesy of Octopushat

Improve Your Health by Making Your Own Food

Big supermarkets abuse their positions of power. They hold a monopoly in consumerism and price fix producers. The power is so great with them that if small businesses like, our farmers, try to negotiate prices for their produce, the supermarket simply dictates them the price. If they don't go with it, they simply drop the producer, leaving them starved of an outlet for their goods. Ultimately, if they don't do as they are told, they are sent out of business. The supermarket arent, concerned with morality and doing the right thing, they are concerned with their profit. As I said, evil intent.

So how can producers survive? They are forced into a situation that makes them cut costs. This ultimately effects your health as they use more cheap ingredients like fat, sugar and carbohydrates. They have to skimp because the supermarket is dictating price. Is this the way to improve health? No.

What I propose is take unprocessed ingredients and make your own food - you then know what you are eating! Don't allow yourself be dragged into the whirly world of 'buy one get one free', this is just a con. It will have an impact on your health as processed foods are robbed on nutrients. Next time you go into the supermarket, take a look at what foods are on special offer. Most of them, I guarantee, will be processed food like pizza, chips, ready meals and similar.

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Courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik's photostream @ Flickr
Courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik's photostream @ Flickr

Improve Health by Training Your Mind To Filter Out Bad Food.

The supermarket is designed by highly qualified psychologists to take down your guard and squeeze as much out of your wallet as possible. They have music that targets 35 - 45 year old women - as they are the group more likely to be in the supermarket - to put them at ease. They know that this group of people are likely to spend the most. They have families to feed and budgets to adhere to. Much of the style has been set up for their benefit, whilst targetting certain items in certain places for younger conveniences.

Notice how the older stock is placed at the end of the isles. This is a prime spot with special offer and promotional items. It draws the eye with attractively coloured posters and labels. They know that women's minds are more geared up to colours and design than their male counterparts!

What I am saying is enter the supermarket with caution. Be aware that their objective is to squeeze as much profit out of you for as little amount of effort. If you want to improve health, train your mind to filter out bad food - whether it is a bargain, designed to attract your attention or to set you up for to trick you into impulsive purchases.

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Can I Help You?

Courtesy of Quasic
Courtesy of Quasic

Supermarkets seduce customers by caring, sharing attitudes.

Well, if I am right, why does the supermarket promote good food like '5-a-day' fruit and vegetables or provide disabled facilities for the frail? Well, this one is easy. They do this because the government have put pressure on them through recommendations and legislation. You don't actually think that they would do this on their own merit, do you? Also bad press and customer boycotting on some items have some influence. They don't want to bite the hand that feeds them, do they?

However, don't think that these privileges and 'caring attitude' comes without its costs. They use enforced governmental and customer recommendations to promote their 'caring sharing' ways. They are trying to seduce you and tell you that they are community hubbers. What poppy cock! They want your money! Nothing more, nothing less.

When government initiatives, like '5-a-day' campaigns are highlighted, this is a good excuse to increase prices as demand expands. Yes, this is the sort of advice we should be taking on board to improve health, but it becomes an excuse to charge over the odds for it. Much of the healthy produce, like fruit and vegetables, has become more expensive than the most expensive meats.

This is even when in season. 'In season' is just an excuse to charge more. I worked out that a punnet of strawberries, in season, worked out at 10p a strawberry the other day. Is this a fair price when considering a pack of 5 chocolate bars can work out at 20p a bar? 1 portion of this fruit would equal to £1.20 and if you have a family of four, this would be £4.80 per day for 1 portion per person. That would be £33.60 alone for 1 daily portion of fruit for a family of four a week!

To improve health then is a difficult task when shoppers are under this type of pressure. What I suggest is don't let the supermarket dictate to you. Boycott their expensive food and go and pick your own directly from produce source. Get your meat from a proper butchers. They hang their meet whereas the supermarket keeps fluids in to help keep the weight heavier. They also inject their meat with water.

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Improve Health by Filtering Good Food From Bad and Buy Locally!

When you enter a supermarket, do so with caution. If you want to improve health, you will not be able to achieve this by falling for the special offers and the seduction of the environment. A healthier you will need to be a one that has learned to ignore and change your attitude to the supermarket. If you think in terms that all things within the store is evil and it is only the natural produce that is good, it helps your mind to filter the junk from the good. Try to buy local produce in season and only buy what you need to in the supermarket. They have got too powerful and it is at the cost of your health!

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License


Use this article at your own risk. This article does not give health or dietary advice, neither does it give legal opinions.  Any action or outcome that may result from this article is the sole responsibility of the reader.  This and all my articles assumes no responsibility or legal claim against them.


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    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Great Britain

      MPG... we need to start with changing attitutes and instead of looking at the supermarket as a friend, but as somewhere you must proceed with caution. Thanks for visiting my friend :)

    • MPG Narratives profile image

      Marie Giunta 

      7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Ah yes Shaz, the marketing tricks of the big supermarkets. Also of the big food companies that make their 'food' look healthy, all tricks of the trade to make you spend your money.

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Pamela - Experience and expertise can swing these things in your favour - you just need to wise to the supermarket. This seems to be what you do, rather than falling for their tricks! Thanks, my friend:)

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Green Lotus - we fall for it everytime! You have to be wise and really work out the true cost of food to our health and our purse.

      Thank you for reading - I always love your input! :)

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Jai - Thanks for reading. Our food has been tampered with, process and modified.

      The trouble is that food has been made uniformed. With pesticides, in order to increase yeld, we are losing the fungus thats grown, for example, on pears. Scientists recon that this is effecting our immunity. We need to eat very small amounts of nature's 'badness' - it isnt bad at all!

      A little bit of dirt helps us to keep healthy - we have sterilised ourselves into allergy hell. The pressure from the supermarkets have increased this.

      Thanks for reading:)

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      8 years ago from United States

      Shaz, A very interesting hub loaded with food advice. I always end up buying more things that aren't on my list but not necessarily bad items. Great hub.

    • Green Lotus profile image


      8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      What a clever Hub Shaz and so so true! We are seduced by the marketing "tricks". Most of us head in with a modest shopping list, only to come out with a big bag of stuff !!

    • Jai Warren profile image

      Jai Warren 

      8 years ago from Dallas, Deep Ellum, Texas

      Very good advice, Shaz. Shopping at the supermarket can be very unhealthy and expensive. For me, when it comes to meat or vegetables, if I can't touch or smell it, I don't buy it. I refuse to buy anything wrapped in plastic. Well done!


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