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Health Issues Which are Caused Due to the Increased Use of Computers

Updated on March 17, 2017

Mankind and the Technology

The involvement of technology in the day to day life of people has drastically increased over the past few years. The computer is a device which keeps revolutionizing and people have been depending on computers to a great extent. Certain jobs force the employee to be seated in front of a computer for long hours. It isn’t actually good for the health.

There is a limit for everything, so is for the use of computers. It should be noted that the number of health issues caused by the use of computers has increased gradually. Mentioned below are some of the health issues which are caused due to the increased use of computers.

Musculoskeletal Issues

This seems to be the most common issue among most of the people who are addicted to computers. They tend to develop muscle soreness and muscle fatigue as a result. It should be noted that people could be suffering with back pains, chest pain, arm pain and feet pain in the long run as a result of being seated in front of a computer. The main cause for these Musculoskeletal Issues is not following a healthy posture when sitting in front of a computer.

Regular Headaches

There are many ways through which a person could develop a headache. One major health issue involved with the increased use of computers is regular headaches. The main reason for developing is a headache is the increased muscle tension and the severe pain at base of the skill. You shouldn’t ignore these headaches. It would be ideal if you could consult a doctor during the initial stage itself.

High Chances of Obesity

This has turned out to become a common issue among both children and adults. The logic is simple. You tend to gain weight when your body doesn’t get any exercise for long hours. It has been proven that people who are seated in front of computers for long hours have chances of gaining weight compared to the people who don’t consume too much time in front of computers. It is best to regular breaks and don’t make it a habit to consume junk food and other beverages when seated in front of the computer.

Mental Disorder

It should be noted that the technology makes a huge impact on our behavior patterns and the way we express our emotions. An average person has a certain way of expressing their emotions and behaving during different occasions. This will be subjected to changes if that particular person is being engaged in activities related to the computer.

This has turned out be a major issue where big multinational companies have implemented different strategies and activities to establish regular behavior patterns within their employees. It is very important to make sure that you don’t get too attached to the computer. You got to maintain a limit all the time and make sure that you follow the basics. Consider the computer a normal device which helps you in fulfilling your objectives.


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