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Health care insurance in the United Kingdom.

Updated on February 3, 2013

Health insurance and Health plans main aim is to provide a reassurance that you’ll get the treatment you need, when you need it by the best medical specialist and at the best medical facilities. By paying a monthly or annual premium into a health plan or policy, you can cover the cost of surgery, accommodation and nursing for treatment and any medical specialists at a private hospital. Criticisms of the UK National Health Service often point out it has an unacceptably long waiting list for medical treatments. When you have health insurance or pay into a health plan it is one less thing to worry about and means you can be confident that you and your loved ones will receive the medical attention as quickly as possible.

Health insurance was traditionally thought of as a luxury item, just for the wealthy or those who worked in large companies. Larger companies saw offering health insurance as an employee benefit as good business sense. The myth of health insurance been the preserve of the rich is no longer the case as much of the health insurance industry can be run online it means costs are reduced and savings are passed on to the consumer in the form of lower premiums.

Health care insurance guarantee's speedy consultation.
Health care insurance guarantee's speedy consultation. | Source

In the UK, private health care has continued to exist and work in tandem with the National Health Service. Although in reality private health insurance is usually used by a small portion of the UK population as primary source of care, and generally as a way to speed up treatment when the NHS cannot get a procedure done in an appropriate time frame.

There are many treatments that the private sector does not provide. For example, there is little health insurance dealing with pregnancy, it is generally not covered or is covered with certain restrictions in place. Some health plans do offer cash back after the birth which can help with covering parental leave costs. According to the World Health Organization, government funding covered 86% of overall health care expenditures in the UK as recently as 2004, with private expenditures covering the remaining 14%. This figure will remain the same due to financial downturn in the economy.

Benefits of health insurance or health plans.

As you are a customer paying for a private service you will find that you have more control of the situation you are in and you are in charge of how quick you want the problem solved. Health plans and health insurance offer you convenience that the National health service cannot afford you. You will no longer have to be given a date for your operation , you will choose time, date and location. You will continue to be provided by quality advice, the consultants will be of the same calibre as NHS professionals or maybe a bit more motivated. This is as they are paid more case by case and get paid more in the private health system. It is in their interest you receive the best possible care. 

The Health plans provide peace of mind knowing that if you fall ill, your hospital expenses will be covered even if you are away from the United Kingdom ( It depends on the details of the plan you are signed up for ).paying for your own health service you do receive a  higher level of quality care. Private medical care is not subjects to the chronic demands of the NHS. There are not the same level of performance targets to be met.

With private cover you get greater choice, you can choose to receive treatments at the best hospitals and choose the style of treatment that will suit you the best after consultation with your doctor. If you wish for an alternative therapy, then they could arrange it. Using a health plan to treat your medical needs means no need to wait for months under the NHS system for a treatment or for a bed.

In most cases the patient is referred to a specialist to receive prompt attention and your procedures will not get cancelled. You are the priority and your health is the most important concern. You will also expect a better standard of convalescence. In most cases you will have your own en-suite with satellite television in your own room with other creature comforts.There are no set visiting times and your friends and family can come and visit by when ever is convenient.


As much as I am proud of and respect the work of the NHS, sometimes it can be frustrating waiting on the wheels to turn into action. By paying sometimes as little as ten pounds a month you are providing with coverage on a whole host of health solutions. There are that many different options available it would take so long to explain and even longer to tailor to an individuals circumstances.

A lot of the health plans provide for the children of the policy holder free! Some of the benefits health plans offer is cash back on chiropody, physiotherapy and dental work. Sometimes these plans pay for themselves sometimes the money is never needed, but its good to know there is always that option.


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