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Health Reform Nears?

Updated on October 11, 2009

Senate Finance Committee to Vote

Members of the Senate Finance Committee are currently examining the Congressional Budget Office's pricing of Baucus' healthcare before voting.  Wow!  By the way, this is the same committee that voted down an amendment that would have allowed the American people three days to review the Bill before Congress votes.  I find that quite interesting, but that is not what this piece is about.

It is now October and neither Congress nor the Obama Administration is certain what kind of plan and at what price will be signed into law.  The fact is that there are too many kinks to work out.  After the Senate Finance Committee votes, the Senate leadership will have two bills to merge into one before the rest of the Senate debates the Bill.

At this point, it is very clear that no one is certain what will remain after the Senate debates.  Will President Obama get the reforms he's seeking?  Will the Senate deliver more affordable healthcare to more people?  The bottom line is that healthcare reform takes time.

We can all agree that something must be done.  Too many people go bankrupt when an illness occurs.  Too many people cannot afford healthcare.  Too many people have no healthcare coverage.  Our private and public sectors must devise a plan that will create lasting healthcare reform.

Here's the clincher.

Do you recall President Obama's push for a healthcare bill before Congress' summer recess?  Can you believe that the President was pushing Congress to create something resembling healthcare reform in such a short time?  Now, just think for a minute -  If all the parties involved are taking so much time to find common ground and produce something that really works, what kind of Bill would Congress have produced before the summer recess?

This leads to me wonder about our President.  What was he thinking?  Is he willing to get what he wants regardless of the costs and even more so, without knowing what the public really wants?

You decide.


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