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Health Services at Our Door Steps. After Surgery.Enjoy the touch.

Updated on February 14, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Is this a Hospital.?

Beautiful Nurse to Nurse YOU.

To start a Health Services you need not be a doctor but known to many doctors in your city.These doctors must also be good Surgeons in as many hospitals as you are capable of capturing.It is preferable you have few influential and few with lots of money ( but have no knowledge of what you may do but trust you ) to team up with you.

The infrastructure for setting up such a community service oriented project is perhaps a fraction of setting up a good hospital and void of all health safety statutory or mandatory governmental rules and regulations.There will be no problem of hospital garbage a major problem in big city's.No problem of embroidered Logo's on Bed Sheets,Pillow Covers and other clothing's such as uniforms.

All you need is a impressive building which need not be fully owned or rented,you must be able to put up huge hi tech looking board any one of them as shown in the pictures above and keep a few security men well dressed.

In side it can just be a office with few rooms and a waiting room with all built in glass door cupboards containing various items of objects used in hospitals and pictures of few Doctors with their university degrees longer much longer than their names.Pictures of your Ambulance vans ( need not be yours ) but outsourced.Of course with your A/C grills need not be with real A/C if weather is always pleasant and few fans.All looking posh for first impression.A good looking lady with sweetest voice as a receptionist sitting in a corner with a phone.

Then your office with files and 3 or 4 phones but only one working.

Next is your work,you manage to rope in few patients who have undergone surgery but do not want to continue staying in hospitals for various reasons.The Doctors advice the patients that they will be allowed to go home after few days post surgery if they would engage a Health Care Specialist Organization to take care of post operative services or else it would be at the cost of their own risk.Indeed you would be doing just that if the Doctor could call such a organization to take care of you.You have to rope in as many groups as required and as many Hospitals as you need to send their patients to take your services,it is not that Doctors will not do it they can also do but the problem starts with risk as you are a doctor.

Now starts your work.

The Doctor who performed the surgery has his friend another Doctor in another hospital who has his team of nurses to carry out the required care of monitoring of blood pressure,sending samples of urine and reporting over her cell phone your condition so you can hear only the good news.The patient would need 24 X 7 care so 3 nurses would keep working in 8 hours shift and their care taken care of by the USA and NRA daughter or son.The son of course would be looking after the young beautiful Kerala nurse more then his father if he has to see his father well soon so he can go back.

Then it would be all fine and another huge sum paid to you for your work.You have the ratio of cut for you a lion share and your Doctors theirs.You do such services not to a few but many old and waiting to die but do not like to die senior citizens with their children in few lacs of rupees per month salary and their father or mother medical bills paid by the MNC'S they work in the city.

You are not a Doctor but you save lives,you live they live.

You Need a Qualified Doctor & Nurses to Take Post Operative Care.


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