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Health Template

Updated on September 9, 2016

Start off With the Essentials

Hubs addressing issues related to health need to go above and beyond to prove that they are providing safe, trustworthy information. Some ideas for a strong, polished start include:

  • A thought-provoking or interesting reference to a relevant study conducted by a trusted institution (be sure to link back to the source)
  • A reference to a relevant statistic related to the subject at hand (again, be sure to link back to the source)
  • An explanation as to why you are particularly well-suited to address this subject (e.g. you are a doctor or credentialed practitioner, you have experienced a certain condition or gone through a particular treatment yourself, etc.)
  • A summary of the important subjects you will cover in the Hub

Stick to the Facts

Hubs on health-related subjects can do very well (both regard to traffic and earnings), but the competition is stiff. Health Hubs that tend to stand apart from the crowd are known for:

  • Referencing concrete, trusted information
  • Providing helpful links to trusted and well-known institutions
  • Sticking to objective facts
  • Leveraging personal experiences and extensive research

By being both genuine and open about your personal experience and the subject, you can make it clear to readers exactly what sort of value you have to offer and why your advice or insights are worth reading.

First Images Are the Most Important!

The first image you include in a Hub is usually the one that is displayed as a thumbnail on site listings and when your Hub is shared on social media sites. Make sure it is alluring and of high quality.
The first image you include in a Hub is usually the one that is displayed as a thumbnail on site listings and when your Hub is shared on social media sites. Make sure it is alluring and of high quality. | Source

Utilize Polls to Engage Readers

Polls that are prominently displayed near the top of a Hub can help readers become more engaged with your Hub and may reduce the likelihood that they immediately click away.

Common questions used in health-related polls include:

  • Questions about readers' choices of treatments
  • Questions about readers' experience with the subject at hand
  • Questions about readers' preferred method of treatment or approach to a particular health-related subject

Depending on the questions you ask in your polls, you might gain interesting insights that can be used to inspire and guide the creation of another Hub!

What Do you Think?

Have you suffered from X? What was your approach?

See results

Don't Skimp on Those Images!

Should you be writing about a more abstract subject, such as vitamins, look for alluring photos of related subjects- like vitamin-rich foods.
Should you be writing about a more abstract subject, such as vitamins, look for alluring photos of related subjects- like vitamin-rich foods. | Source

The More In-Depth you Get, the Better!

Because subjects addressing health can be so competitive, it is of great importance that you provide insights and information that cannot be found elsewhere online. We hate to break it to you, but sharing conventional wisdom isn't going to cut it.

Before starting your Hub, be sure to run thorough competitive research on the keyword(s) and subject addressed in your title. What do the existing articles on the subject lack? What original information can you add to the existing body of available online content?

Do everything you can to ensure that your Hub contributes information that is new, unique, and useful.

Why Videos are Great for Health Hubs

Very few of us are doctors, nurses, psychologists, and neuroscientists. Because we do not necessarily have the grounds to make our own declarations on health issues, it is important that we refer to trusted experts.

The Video Capsule offers a very convenient means by which you can share advice from a vetted expert with your readers. Be sure to watch all of a video you consider incorporating into your work, avoid videos with watermarks (those go against our publishing standards), and hunt for videos that share advice from those who have trustworthy credentials.

Be Sure to Include Tips From Experts

Summarize Top Facts

  • To make your Hub extra reader-friendly...
  • We recommend summarizing your top tips, insights, and facts
  • In a bulleted list
  • Much like this one!

Tables Are GREAT for Health Hubs

Tai Chi
General stretching
Running / Walking
Lifting weights
You can use them to summarize exercises, approaches, medications, solutions, instructions, upsides and downsides, and much, much more.

Photos are Like Vitamins for Your Hub

... They keep it healthy!
... They keep it healthy! | Source

Don't Forget to Sum it all up!

Given that you have (hopefully) shared a lot of information in your Hub, your readers might be feeling pretty overwhelmed.

Utilize the final Text Capsule in your Hub to sum up the major points of your article and provide some recommended next steps based on this information. You might also recommend some additional reading materials, however long laundry lists of your own Hubs might do more to clutter your Hub than help it, so only ad that which is highly related and relevant.

Finally, consider inviting your audience to ask additional questions in the comments. They may give you a better idea of how to improve your Hub- or even offer inspiration for an entirely new article.


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