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Health Tips to Live Longer

Updated on September 19, 2009

40 Ways to Improve Your Health and Live Longer


There are many ways to stay healthy.  Not everyone is going to have the same regimen, but all should make one thing priority—yourself.  To stay healthy, you have to put yourself first. Here are a few suggestions that will improve quality of life that can easily be implemented into daily routines.


1)      Eat a healthy diet that centers on whole foods. Whole foods include frozen, canned, and fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products. Stay away from processed goods.

2)      Shop the perimeters of the grocery store. This is where the most nutritious food is set.

3)      Drink less soda and other sugary beverages. Sodas and other high- fructose drinks provide few nutrients and contain a large amount of empty calories.

4)      Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Water will fill you up so you eat less. It also improves the way the body functions.

5)      Eat smaller portions. Do not skip meals just eat less. This will allow the body to use calories without storing food which turns into fat.

6)       Eat foods with spices. Many spices benefit the body in numerous ways such as cinnamon and turmeric. Also, spices will allow you to use fewer condiments that are high in fat and sugar like ketchup and marinades. They will also replace enable you to use less salt.

7)      Start every meal with a salad. A salad will provide the required serving of vegetables and is a good start to feeling your stomach.

8)      Eat soup. Soups digest quickly while satisfying hunger.

9)      Drink tea. Tea is full of cancer fighting anti-oxidants.

10)  Drink coffee. Research has proven that coffee is a good stimulate as long as it is consumed in moderation.

11)  Take multi-vitamins. Multi-vitamins will ensure that the body is getting all of its needed nutrients.

12)  Exercise daily. The body to needs exercise to stay young. Exercise will improve your weight and how you feel.

13)  Walk whenever possible. Walking is a form of exercise that promotes cardiovascular health and bone health. So walk whenever possible.

14)  Dance for fun. Even if it’s in your home turn on some music and dance. Dancing will exercise many parts of the body and put you into a better mood.

15)  Sing. Sing in the shower, in the car, or wherever you have a chance. Singing increases oxygen intake which improves how the body functions. It also enhances mood.

16)  Laugh. It’s been said often “Laughter is the best medicine.” Laughter decreases stress, lowers blood pressure, and improves brain function.

17)  Socialize with others. Research has proven that people who have close relationships with others lead a higher quality of life for longer than those who don’t.

18)  Do something you love. Loving what you are doing is outlet for stress, improves your outlook, and improves your creativity.

19)  Find a hobby. This goes along with doing something you love. When you can do something that you are passionate about regularly you will feel better.

20)  Get a pet. Unless you’re allergic to animals, pets will improve your life. They calm people and provide support through their presence. Even pets are part of a social circle.

21)  Take aspirin. Aspirin reduces inflammation in the body so take this whenever needed. Some doctors even suggest taking it daily.

22)  Stay vaccinated. From childhood throughout adulthood, vaccinations should be kept up. Many of these shots will prevent major diseases from ravaging your body.

23)  Get moderate sun. The body receives vitamin D from the sun. So go outside daily and enjoy the sun.

24)  Use sunscreen. Even if you won’t be outside long, use sunscreen. This will keep harmful UV rays from damaging your skin.

25)  Use lotion daily. Skin needs to be cared for just like any other body part. Lotion provides moistures which helps skin from aging.

26)  Bathe regularly. The body needs to be cleansed of harmful bacteria and it also needs to be exfoliated so that skin can replenish.

27)  Trim nails. It is important to keep both finger and toe nails trimmed. This will prevent hangnails and keep nail beds from becoming infected.

28)  Brush teeth regularly. Brushing your teeth will reduce infectious bacteria in your mouth, keeping both your teeth and body healthy.

29)  Floss. Flossing gets rid of bacteria that your brush can’t. You should floss daily.

30)  Wash hands frequently. Your hands come into contact with more bacteria than any other part of your body so they need to be washed often.

31)  Carry hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is a good substitute for hand washing when you are in a crunch.

32)  Cover your mouth. Whenever you cough or sneeze cover your mouth with your elbow. This will keep germs off your hands and keep them from spreading.

33)  Use good posture. Posture is healthy for your body and helps to release stress.

34)  Sleep. Sleep 8 to 10 hours. Proper sleeps allows the body necessary time to rejuvenate.

35)  Nap during the day. Short naps will improve brain function and overall well-being.

36)  Listen to classical music. Classical music has been proven to aid in thinking and to release tension.

37)  Do NOT smoke. Smoking only damages the body.

38)  If you drink, do so moderately. Drinking has mixed research in how it relates to one’s health. However, one thing is known—excessive drinking is harmful.

39)  Get screenings. Take proper precautions to determine if you have a disease or illness.  The earlier you are aware there is a problem, the sooner it can be treated.

40)  See your doctor regularly.  



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