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Health and Beauty FREE Holistic Therapies in Cardiff

Updated on April 11, 2011

Real Life Customer Experiences-Customer-Review: By Dale Ovenstone April 2011

How’s this for temptation? Why not try out some ‘hands on holistic’ taster ‘massage & consultation’ sessions, absolutely FREE of charge, Zilch, Nada, Gratis. Right here in Cardiff, deep in the heart of the City Center!

Hand & Arm Massage

Mini Facial

Bowen Taster Session

Indian Head Massage

Skin & Herbalist Consultations

Relax and Slow Down

Adhere to this motto, relax & slow down, take your time & don’t rush through life! & especially if you have some spare time to ease away the day every so often!

In this fast paced world of stress & mayhem don’t you think you should allow a little ‘YOU’ time every now & then? Even just recharging & replenishing your drained energy, calming your very soul & especially spicing up your well being to spiritually, emotionally & physically enhance your life to utter enjoyment & total fulfillment, so that you can much better create your own natural built in abilities & human resources to enable you to deal & cope with today’s demands that life presents to us all?

If this sounds like you, why not take your opportunity? Take time out from routine & stress & swap these for a slow leisurely stroll along the high streets & by ways of Cardiff Town City Centre! Just because you deserve it! Hear the seagulls squawking overhead whilst checking out all the hidden treasure troves of this delightfully leisurely, beautiful holiday attraction & popular tourist resort; head off away from the background hustle & bustle of the high street & eventually, you will surely come across Therapies, at Neal’s Yard Remedies, just off St Mary’s Street, buried deep within Morgan Arcade.

Here’s what happened:-

The old wood & glass door squeals lightly as I step into this peaceful haven once again. Her friendly smile uplifts me warmly whilst the strangely mystical wafts of organic sweet natural perfumes & woody essential oils mixed, linger faintly, permeating my nostrils & blowing my mind, always, captivating forgotten memories of a past era.

This shop on the corner is chock full of ‘organic’ potted & bottled delights of natural aftercare products & essential oils for health, well being, vitality & beauty, aiding the remedy for many predicaments one can think of, but the meat of the action is upstairs, within the plush quiet therapy studios on site. The chair in front of the large window downstairs is comfortable. The therapist relaxed me instantly with her soft calming tone of wisdom & knowledge. I felt safe & secure. I sank down even further as she began to gently massage the cool lotion softly over my face & forehead. My emotions lifted & any negative thoughts drifted away! Deep within my body I can feel the effects. My muscle core began to dissolve, releasing any tension within my neck & shoulders every step of the way when her fingers moved smoothly over my face.

Total relaxation & pampering, this is what it’s all about! This experience of sheer bliss & total relaxation lasted for less than fifteen minutes but boy, was I rejuvenated. As I certainly was when I experienced the Indian Head Massage I received on another day! I was glowing. I would have gladly paid for the service but, it was FREE!

Neal’s Yard Remedies’ policy is dedicated to customer care & education, whereas their therapies inspire, as do their therapists, I can assure you. & most importantly, they help you in your quest for health & well being, & because of this, the company employs professional therapists who are highly talented & fully qualified within their chosen service. Handpicked with care & attention! Full of knowledge & wisdom in their art, thus enabling them to offer the very best therapies, consultations, services & advice for their customers both new & the not so! Take it from me, pay them a visit yourself & you will definitely feel rejuvenated & uplifted!

Try before you buy! It’s not very often nowadays that you get something for nothing. For free! But Neal’s Yard Remedies has gone one step better, & broken this golden rule, by offering certain hands on therapies & educational workshops for any interested guy of doll that would care to book an appointment with them & feel the full benefits of ‘true’ health & well being.

Interested? You won’t be disappointed let me tell you. Give them a ring on: - 020 2023 5721 or send them an email: -


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    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 6 years ago from Wales UK

      Well worth it WriteAngled. Thanks for your comment

    • WriteAngled profile image

      WriteAngled 6 years ago from Abertawe, Cymru

      Ahh, didn't know that. Might be worth a trip from Treorci to investigate!