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Health and Development of Choices

Updated on April 22, 2016

Safety of your House

Do you recognize what you did to Nature?


Why do they not lock up Insulin dependent diabetics for a year or more like I was for choices about health? I had all my choices taken away from my and judged not health in my temple choices and yet the diabetic has no control and makes choices that injuries their health and asked for help? They drain the health care dollar and never listen to doctors, they eat what they want, are over weight and pose other health risks to their children by displaying bad lifestyle choices. Educating bad habits. They have freedom to injury their body through bad choices, or the freedom to do as they wish.

Overweight males and females miss their body mass index (BMI) target and they are not locked up on the work farm until they meet BMI targeted ranges for health, and they consume too much energy as food. They user health care dollars, set bad examples for children, and they live in freedom to damage their health.

Soy products damage male estrogen levels and they feminize the male anatomy and make sterility a problem working against nature. They damage the health of the species and animals need meat in their diets for health bones and balance in their food plate, one the pyramid. They should be forced to find balance in their body or risk harming the future and the species as a whole. Soy is high in estrogen and long term exposure could increase fat and hips, not noticed by in culture males. Males in the species needed lean muscle mass at on time, the weight makes them sluggish. It is a choice being vegetarian and vegan yet the flesh of the Earth, is meat in reincarnated matter. So shamed is your life Lady that I would walk in your face and just laugh like the old ones, you are your Fathers as well and you shamed all. Damn you and us all until you are meat in the Earth yourself.

Heart failure patients get to walk around hurting hearts and they should go to jail until they learn to take care of my heart. They are hurting children by damaging history and the ability for me to live in freedom, they made so many choices that I would not have made they are not welcome in my choices. They have freedoms to be slaves to their diseases though.

Diseases, do they have freedom to feel? Not if it is just a word. All my choices were taken away from my choices in life, why does everyone have freedom to damage their health and not get punished. They are setting bad examples for the children of nature and the dead animal spirits. They are wrecking the health of the Minnesota design. Their freedom infringes on my rights to live in my own heart.

My family made choices and I never stopped them, they damned my life for mine and I let them live in freedom, my freedom. Tell them their choices hurt my spirit and my heart and they are unwelcome. They made choices to live fake lives and smile when they did not mean it and that was not true so they lied and that is a poor example and bad habit for everyone. I was honest with people and nature about my choices, my own nature. Ask them to leave and if they do not then they have no choice, they are slaves to freedom. Go be slaves to freedom in another State, Wisconsin likes choices.

You wanted suffering so bad that you brought me to your filth so you could learn to feel again. You deserve it. I saw that it was not a fire heart in the tamed Buddhists, they rarely learned anything of fire in day long retreats of scriptures, peace chants were not needed for nature is of energy and needed anger too, I give you your anger go howl at the moon. You think that the 1238321 levels of Buddha's Hell were off world, or just seen. The 8 is the meaning, you used my heart and your own to what end? We are then damned until she gets it figured out. Then let them have their beliefs, it was all on the Earth in a shell once. They damned the meaning and as the centuries pass in flower lives, animal lives, humans only see it in their projection of conceived time. Decades could pass in weeks to a flower or a tree, even the tree of life cycles could be tested to test a Heart and spirit true, then the real innocence is the judgment. For they would in damnation try to destroy the Hell they created through suffering unto a child a harm they felt fell on their lies.

Why do Republicans pay taxes for democratic issues, and why does the government steal money to fund issues that the people do not support nor do they know about. Democrats pay for Republican issues with taxes, Independents pay for both. Green party all of them as well. That hurts my choices in freedom and leaves me no choice but to be homeless and not work, I can not work and pay a fictional child support if history was changed and I do not belong here. Karma is carried in life and not the garbage they made for the evil Pema and nuns. She should find out what she came from, sexual intercourse and she shamed all creation ruining nature.

Why can the bicyclists endanger their lives and cars with street traffic? They are making healthy choices but they could be risking their life and another's by being on the road.

Why do people choose to drive cars, spend hideous amounts on parking and gas when their is a perfectly good train system to downtown. Park and ride. They are wasting money that could be used for more transportation, decrease gas costs, clearer air, more community lifestyles and make the footprint of of carbon emissions lower? They have poor choices and I don't jail them for their choices.

Why can people make choices and not be punished and I was judged a whore and a slut and locked up for years of my life for my choices? Why does the dead need a living if their job was in the Earth? Are they making selfish choices? I watched a dog look at it's owner companion while defecating on the lawn, the dog had a "you have to watch me" expression on his face. Why do I have to see that in public? It wasn't my choice they did it right in front of my sight. Why do you spy on people why you have freedom to not listen in my Heaven and world?

Why do you think you can live in my freedom? You hurt and take my choices away by being here and you are hurting a child, and nature by being here. A potential child. Why do you all get to live in my cost of freedom. My family wants and needs you all to leave and speaking as the oldest male in my family you are all excused. My mothers in line agree. Listen to the Lady from the beginning. Svea and Mia never lived if I did not. Then you are acting and you all are living a lie. You have no right to my freedom nor my heart. You damaged nature and spirit.

Why can the old religions make Hell in every bible and belief and then you can be in my spirit garage for free? Get out. It was my belief in all the spirits that made it. I believed in you once and now you are just taking my generosity for granted. Who landed on who? Did the dead land in life or life in death, when their is no death? I will damn the entire spirit of religions to the void for damning Steven Philip Lindquist, this author to your judgment. You take liberties when you want and need, now be done the show is over. You never see the whole show anyways because you are all selfish. Never again in life will spirit be. You shamed your own beliefs, you are all the Hells you deserve. You are all slaves to lust, if you hate lust so bad leave. I have none now so do as I do and suffer.

Why did people get married and then divorced? Weddings are made in spirit not in the paper hands of false promises. I thought it a sin in the physical, I told what's his name that and his "Church." I never got married because it would have been a commitment and then you have to ask "What if I fell out of love with the person or them my Heart?" Many God fearing Religious Zealots got divorced and look what they did? Did I judge them, no. Some stayed in broken relationships for the wrong reasons, and that was a choice to suffer in the marriage. I never did that, I left when they did not want to follow my dreams, and be a family together, in choice. I always settled until they made other plans and I was their doormat long enough. This marriage will never happen because you never know who I am, no believed in my Heart. You trampled all over it and my beliefs, be blessed that the choices you made are the Heavenly ones. I told them that gay marriage was just paying the rich campaigns money and that it was an insurance issue, estate issue not a spiritual issue. Hell, they had open relationships and multiple relationship partners. Some marriage. Then the children suffered, and out of wedlock children, not if the spirit made the children. Speak to your Heart about the cost then of me being here. Well it was chaos. Everyone did what they wanted, you know I could not get domestic partnership benefits with two different people. I am not from here. You shamed my arrival. Called me a whore and a slut for months, the Ladies did that in my mind. Shame will befall them, in seeing.

You all made nature suffer your need to be whole and shamed creation and spirit. You made choices that were bad, leave this place for the children. You hurt everyone by damning and making fun of my life. It is not a celebration it was a crucifixion and you rewrote your filth history to have it your ways. You don't even remember. The Buddhist worlds were not separate they were in the single body, the secrets were hidden in the other old faiths. Keep you choices and I swear we will sit here until the ugly SHELL figures it out.

Why is the internet a tool to save nature and of nature and then damned for saving Grace of trees and education? You can not damn a gift made of, educated by, and sacrificed for it self in a selfless act of charity to all, when you hate nature. Then you hate the nature of spirit of gifts. You hate life. You hate yourselves for creation. You hate the never ending cycle of chemistry in nature that births constantly on the physical level and the mind field o f thoughts. What has been done to nature is done, the thoughts that it would return is up to a Lady to let go her own lies and let the dead rest or life return. The internet was many things. How can you judge it, and not the entire library for it is silent until it speaks in the minds of the choices you have to use it. You can censor it and yet that harms freedom. Then you are a slave to your choices to harm freedom. You damned choice then and where then are you? For you live not in the internet, unless that is your belief. Then you choice is freedom to choices. Like all creation. Except death, never happened in the Buddhist tradition, nor in Christianity and Magic.

You all disgraced my trust, belief, love of spirit and Heart, you shamed my choices and take freedom for granted and liberties where you wanted. You took and I will destroy the entire spirit because of you all. So damned were your choices, and naive in making a world that you forgot some issues. Your life is just a projection of everything that you were taught, and if those were lies, figure it out. Red is red to a man but green to another if you thought it green. If you never saw a pre-conceived thought then you never new what a child was made from. The Ladies shamed their own mother. Truth you all took advantage of the education you wanted to believe and shamed the trees for they were the whores of God too, the most expensive whore on the planet, and you all cut them down and learned false lives.

She had lost her Grace, when I left her. Life. You can not escape it, belief is what it was on Earth, everything like was mine. I was their cook, their lovers, their doormat, their sounding board, their creator, the gardeners, their teachers, their student, their scapegoat, I gave up my dreams and this is the garbage you throw in my face. You deserve the soulless being, trapped in the human skin you wear. You want to be like the monkeys, act like the monkeys then be monkeys throw shit as judgment on all. I am making some points here to think about.

Why live in my stolen sorted life "You could have left out the Sorted details." Those two girls said. LEAVE. Or wait you never listen to anyone. I never had children and my life a lie, then you made a lie, everything you know is a lie.

It was the only belief I had, that everyone could or had the right to believe what that wanted. That my Heaven or afterlife or nirvana would damn me in life and then here is your ugliness Lady, and you are not of my life nor Heart, and your spirit damned until you find a Heart in the void. Be not welcomed here, nor there for life was all I believed and freedom. Damn the mirror and never look for your cowardice is epic and your line of Nuns a shame in spirit. You disgraced, and my forgiveness will sit in your heart for eternity. It was free too, not tangible.

Your innocent minds were tortured by religions once, and I will walk away from this hell like a good, not a father because who would parent lies? Not I.


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