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Health and Fitness-Healthy Fast Foods

Updated on September 9, 2009

Fast food is very popular among Americans. However, contrary to popular belief, not all fast food is bad for you. In fact, if you order the right foods then you may actually lose some weight. Below are some of the low calorie foods you can order at different fast food places:



Hamburger: Many people think that McDonald's hamburgers are incredibly unhealthy. That isn't completely true. In fact, a regular hamburger from McDonald's has only 280 calories. However, McDonald's fries are very unhealthy.

Chicken McGrill: Without mayonaise, the chicken mcgrill has only 340 calories. Plus, chicken is a good source of protein.

English Muffin: Now, you wouldn't have an english muffin as a meal substitute, but with only 140 calories, english muffins are perfect snacks. Who knew there was such thing as healthy fast food?

Most of the food at McDonald's, however, is far from healthy fast food. Be careful what you order!

Burger King


Burger King, surprisingly, offers a significant amount of healthy fast food.

Frozen Yogurt: Ice cream has a lot of calories (usually 400+). A much healthier alternative is the 120-130 calorie chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt from Burger King. It will ease your sweet tooth and won't show up on the scale the next day!

Chunky Chicken Salad: Many fast food salads are loaded with calories from dressing, cheese, etc. However, Burger King's chuncky chiken salad has only 142 calories. You can also get a side salad with only 25 calories. These salads are much healthier than anything else on the BK menu.

BK Broiler Chicken Sandwich: Salads not doing it for you? Then try a BK broiler chicken sandwich. With only 267 calories, this sandwich is a very healthy big mac alternative.

The healthy fast food offered by Burger King will surely satisfy your fast food craving.

Dairy Queen


As you probably know, Dairy Queen offered a wide variety of unhealthy foods. However, it also provides some healthy alternatives. Well, it only really offers one healthy alternative.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich: This 310 calorie sandwich is the healthiest item on the DQ menu. Unfortunately, you can't order ice cream if you want to stay in shape.

Dunkin' Donuts


If you live on the east coast, you probably see Dunkin' Donuts everywhere. Fortunately, they do offer some healthy fast food.

Bagels: The bagels at Dunkin' Donuts contain about 350 calories each. Additionally, each bagel has about 12 grams of protein. Bagels, though, are the only healthy items on Dunkin' Donuts' menu. They are really tasty, though!



KFC actually has a lot of healthy fast food. The problem is, people often order more than one thing when they go to KFC. My suggestion to you is that if you normally order macoroni, mashed potatoes, and chicken, choose just one of those the next time you go. Most of the menu items are under 400 calories and many are under 300 calories when consumed alone.

Taco Bell


Bean Burrito: Bean burritos, with 13 grams of protein and 380 calories, are healthier than most fast food foods. Plus, they taste great!

Grilled Chicken Burrito: Talk about a healthy meal! This burrito is actually healthier than most of what I consume. It has about 410 calories and an astonishing 50 grams of protein. Body builders should start looking into eating at Taco Bell!

These two menu items represent all of the healthy fast food that Taco Bell ahs to offer.


While I did not touch on every fast food place, I do think I mentioned most of the popular ones. I left out Wendy's because their commercial claims "It's waaaay better than fast food. It's Wendy's!" If you say so, Wendy's. Anyways, healthy fast foods are very real, and now you know how to make healthy choices when ordering fast food!


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      Health Store 7 years ago

      Hi Marshall thank you for this in-lighting information's I really thought these type of foods are all unhealthy and have not even given it a second though to check the calories of the foods they serve this is a great article Marshall again thank you for sharing