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Health benefits of Cucumber

Updated on July 30, 2014

Who knew that cucumber has about 96% of natural distilled water? Cucumbers skin is a great source of vitamin A and has lesser vitamin B and beauticians use it to reduce puffiness from the eyes and reduce water retention uses it. Cucumbers are also good with digestive aid and have a purifying effect on the bowel system.

Health Benefits of Cucumber are:

1. Regular intake of Cucumber juice may help control gout and arthritis.

2. Cucumber is also good in healing tapeworm, stomach and chest problems.

3. Cucumber juice is good at soothing heartburn, ulcers and stomach acid.

4. The high mineral content helps with the splitting of nails.

5. When applied to the skin it can reduce inflammation and heat.

6. Daily intake of cucumber can cure diseases such as kidney, liver and urinary bladder.

7. The potassium in the cucumber helps to keep blood pressure in check.

8. Cucumbers have Silica, which strengthen the joints in your body and promotes health in connective tissues.

9. Gums and Teeth diseases such as Pyorrhea can be treated effectively with the cucumber juice.

10. Cucumbers are also helpful to patients with diabetes.

Nutritional Value of Cucumber:

Vitamin A- cucumbers are loaded with vitamin A and it contains antioxidants, which helps with lowering the risk of cancers and illness caused by damaged cells. Vitamin is good in the development of white blood cells and growth of bones.

Potassium- helps with the development of muscles and aid in the metabolic functions. Regular intake of potassium helps maintain the electrical activity of the heart. Cucumbers also contain other minerals like calcium.

Vitamin K- the main function of vitamin K it helps with the clotting of them blood. The coagulation of the blood is necessary for people who suffers from bleeding disorders and lessens the bleeding during an injury.

Cucumbers are low in calories and it only has about 16 calories per 1 cup and always consume fresh cucumbers instead of pickled cucumbers.


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    • moiponetsoka profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from South Africa

      I am glad you found it useful.

    • penlady profile image


      6 years ago from Sacramento, CA

      I love cucumbers! As a child I hated them. I would avoid eating them at all times. But now as an adult who needs every healthy thing that exists, I love them in my salads.

      I didn't know they had such excellent health benefits. Thanks for this informative hub. Voted up and useful.


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