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Noni Extract - Health Benefits of Noni Juice

Updated on December 3, 2011

Ingredients of Noni juice

As a consumer of Noni products for quite some time now, I have heard of many different opinions regarding the health benefits of Noni juice, as well as of many different, sometimes contradictory, facts about it. In general, people either have extremely positive, or sometimes, quite negative experiences with Noni juice. With this article I would like to give my own contribution to the ongoing discussion about Noni and its products. These products are often considered the next super food, or even the miracle cure capable of dealing with the most severe of illnesses, including cancer. Despite the aggressive marketing campaigns by some Noni juice suppliers wherein they often make unsupported claims about the healing features of this dietary supplement, it is only fair to say right at the beginning that Noni is no miracle cure. With greater certainty we can say that Noni is very potent nutritional supplement, containing a number of important vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other ingredients needed in our organisms on celular level. One of those ingredients abundant in Noni juice is proxeronine, which is a precursor for xeronine - alkaloid of extreme importance for proper cell function and boosting the immunity and general wellbeing of our organisms.

Noni plant

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The properties of Morinda Citrifolia

For those who have never heard of it, Noni juice is a nutrition product extracted from the fruit of the Noni tree, with Latin name "Morinda Citrifolia". The plant itself possesses some extraordinary features, such as the fact that it is capable of producing fruits all around the year. Noni can indeed be harvested as much as 12 to 14 times per year. Also, pretty extraordinary is the fact that one and the same branch of Noni tree contains ripe fruits, green fruits and flowers at the same time. For centuries, almost all parts of this plant have been used by the natural healers and tribal doctors of French Polynesia and Hawaii, especially for conditions such as constipation, inflammation, skin infection, and diarrhea.

The Noni juice suppliers

Today we have great many producers and suppliers of Noni related nutritional supplements on the market. The two most important sources are the Tahitian Noni and the Hawaiian Noni. What is the difference between the Tahitian and the Hawaiian noni juice? Well, the Hawaiian seems to be somewhat older, but despite its early start the Tahitian noni juice is now by far the most dominant on the markets. There seems to be a  difference in the way they process the Morinda citrifolia fruits. While the original Tahitian juice is obtained from the pulp of ripe Citrifolia fruits, the Hawaiian is generally obtained in an old fashioned way, by fermentation, much like wine is obtained from grapes. Today we see also producers from India, Thailand and other parts of the world offering their Noni products, including juice, powder, chewing gums, syrup, and even cosmetics. 

Noni health benefits

Unprocessed, the ripe fruits of Noni are practically impossible to be consumed, as their taste and odor are unpleasant. Certainly, fresh-squeezed noni juice is as potent as the fermented one, but the problem is what to do with the taste which some people find unbearable. Some decades ago, this fact was first emphasized by Dr Heinicke from the University of Hawaii, one of the first explorers of the biochemistry of this plant. After extracting a number of active ingredients in the Noni juice, Dr Heinicke soon discovered that none of his associates was willing to drink the juice extracted from this plant. Today, the extract has to be processed and/or mixed with other types of juice prior to entering the markets. From all this and from what I have heard from my friends who have had the chance to approach fresh Noni extract during processing, I doubt that anyone would drink pure fresh squeezed Noni. Due to the above argumentation, I think that there is practically no 100% Pure or unprocessed Noni out there, either Tahitian or Hawaiian.

The Noni ingredients benefits are believed to be numerous. Noni juice is thought to help boost the immune system and improve digestion. There can be found a sea of testimonials on the internet from people claiming that Noni juice has helped them improve on a number of serious conditions, including pain relief, cancer, diabetes, skin related illnesses, high blood pressure, arthritis, high levels of cholesterol, etc. I cannot confirm nor deny these testimonials since I started using Noni only as a dietary supplement to strengthen my immune system, but my general impressions about the health benefits of Noni are quite positive, and indeed the raw etheric power of the Citrifolia plant can be felt even after the heavy processing of its fruits. The reason for the negative experiences, I suspect, is probably related to certain unrealistic expectations when it comes to healing different serious illnesses. Have in mind that It is no miracle healing juice or elixir of youth of some kind, but it can help in improving the general health condition.

Xeronine functioning on cellular level

Concluding remarks about Noni juice

What Noni currently lacks is an independent research on noni juice to support the Noni health benefitsclaims. Sure, there is some research, but mostly funded by the producers of Noni juice. If you are looking to buy Noni Juice, my advice would be to pay attention to two important parameters. First, the noni content should not be lower than, say, 70 percent. Second, in order to maximize the health benefits of noni juice and due to several other reasons I would recommend purchasing Noni in glass bottles. Some producers ship their product in plastic containers, which is not so beneficial when it comes to consuming this juice.

Noni juice is a webmaster and author of his (non English) Noni sok blog at


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    • Noni juice profile image

      Noni juice 6 years ago

      Hi Blond Logic,

      Thanks for the comment. I have no idea whether you can grow them in Brazil. I guess you could, why not. As for the raw noni fruits, they are very healthy, but be careful, as they don't taste so good. That is why you need to mix them with some other juices to improve the flavor.

    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 6 years ago from Brazil

      I saw Noni fruits here in the market in Brazil. I had never seen them before. My friend said how marvelous they were for health so I have bought some. She said to mix it with some pineapple juice.

      I am looking forward to trying it and possibly growing it here as well.

      Interesting article, thank you.

    • Noni juice profile image

      Noni juice 6 years ago

      Hi Deborah,

      Thanks for your comment, and yes, you are right. At least from what I can say from my personal experience. I cannot tell about the Noni pills, but I have had periods of intense use of Tahitian Noni Juice, and also periods of abstinence from using it. My feeling is that it certainly helps in improving the general mood, even though the health benefits might not be immediately visible.

    • profile image

      deborah bolden 6 years ago

      I have been using Noni pills for quite some time now I think it also has properties in just making you feel better

    • Noni juice profile image

      Noni juice 6 years ago

      Hi tavo,

      Thanks for the comment. There is nothing wrong in serving the noni juice in plastic or bio-degradable containers . However, if I could choose I would always use the glass bottles. They are slightly better for preserving the flavor and quality. That's all. I even prefer using mineral water in glass bottles whenever I can.

    • profile image

      tavo 6 years ago

      i´m planning to serve the noni juice mixed with other fuits/vegetables juices in a bio-degradable 12oz containers, any problem with this.. i mean, you refere before about plastic containers when purchasing..???

    • Noni juice profile image

      Noni juice 7 years ago

      Hi Apple,

      indeed it is of crucial importance what kind of food is entering our body. Juices, virtually of any kind, and especially Noni Juice as a special drink obtained from a very potent fruit, are just one step away from absorbing pure energy, that is, energy of the Sun. And not to forget also that along with it, there is an abundance of minerals and nutrients present in the soil where Noni is traditionally being cultivated.

    • profile image

      Apple Juice Recipes 8 years ago

      Just looking around for information on specific juice recipes; I think it’s important that people take a stand by taking additional time out of their busy schedule to really monitor the kinds of foods and juices they’re allowing to infiltrate their body; excellent hub by the way.