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Health is Wealth-----Wealth is Health

Updated on May 27, 2015

Be your own doctor


As I have stated before I worked in the fitness industry for many years.

I met people with all sorts of expectations regarding fitness and health.

You do know that quite often people only join a gym when its about too late;meaning

when their health condition is really bad. Of course some know well enough to take gym

membership as early as possible. Good for them because the sooner your start the better for you. This first article is about encouraging you to take your health seriously.Starting very early helps your body to prevent disease-notice I said prevent as opposed to cure.

On the other hand it is a daunting challenge to fight a disease that is already in your body than it is to prevent it. When you start to take good care of your health,it gives you ample time to enjoy the finer things that life has to offer.

You are not disturbed by disease at any time of your life. This also gives you the energy you need to work on your goals. You are able to focus and give one hundred percent of your time and effort to your dream.Whatever it is you want to achieve.

I trained people with high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and many more. These poor souls needed a magic when they got to the gym;a quick fix.

It doesn't work like that in life. One gentleman asked me if I could help him lose his big belly in three months.What!!!!!!!?

It is possible to do that, but you must look at the size of the stomach before you make any promises.When I told him that his was too big to flatten in such a short space of time he was discouraged. He never came back. I bumped on him the other day and I told him we can work his belly down but he must prepare himself mentally that it will take some time.

So, we worked and in good 12 months he was in better shape and thanked me for it.You might not be dealing with a huge tummy or stroke etc.But it is vital that you start working on your health right now while you still have it. Do some research about how you must it and how to exercise for your body type.

I will write in detail on the form of exercises you must do and the ones you must not do.This is another area where most people go wrong. Most think that they can do any exercise.No, big fat wrong.Each body has its own exercises, some exercises may not work for you even if they are effective on most people.

I will also give you guidance on the right times of the day to hit the gym.Morning exercise is not good for someone who wants to bulk.If you want to bulk you must train in the evening. What you must do during the day is eat every 3 to 4 hours depending on how fast your digestive system is.

The calories you eat the whole day will help you to lift heavy weights in the evening.Therefore you will build bigger muscles. An important note is that right after your training session, have a protein shake, hit the shower and head home to your last meal.

When you sleep is when your muscles start to grow. An advantage for you is the exercise you did, the food you ate before you train and the food you eat after training. This system worked for me and many bodybuilders I trained.

As I said.I'll delve more in that area later. For now though, the focus is on encouraging you to start now to look after yourself.Did you know that some of the foods we eat are not created by God? They were created by man. Yes you read right, man created food and it doesn't give the complete nutrition we need. I will tell you about all these foods that you must avoid or eat little of them.And I am not talking about by products foods, I am talking about foods like your carrots,tomatoes,beans, beetroot and many more.

I hope that you will be in the same page as me when it comes to good health. For me it is the most important thing and it comes first. Here is to your good health.



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    • Charlesmalefe profile image

      Charles 2 years ago from Evaton west

      The subject of health is broad and vast and therefore it is easy for one to make mistakes. I stand to be corrected where I am wrong.