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Health, medicinal and nutritional benefits of Radish and Radish leaves

Updated on December 6, 2012
white radish
white radish

Radish cooking in India

Radish is a popular vegetable in India. It is more available in North India. In South India people use radish as an ingredient of the popular South Indian dish sambar and poriyal (Indian vegetable dry dish) (poriyal in tamil, thoran or upperi in malayalam). Radish is a vegetable with a wonderful cooling property. Radish cools body and has several health benefits. Both radish roots and its leaves have excellent nutritional benefits. Radish is known as mooli in hindi. In India there are several varieties of radish with colors white, pink, red etc.

Cancer fighting properties of radish

Being a store of Vitamin C and folic acid, radish is with several therapeutic benefits. The ability of radish to fight cancers and tumors makes it a precious vegetable. Radish cools the digestive system and the whole body. Its medicinal properties help prevent cancer in mouth, colon and intestine. As it aids digestion and soothers stomach it is good for fighting stomach cancer. Recent studies show that therapeutic benefits of radish include it ability to stop the growth of cancer cells. Radish is therefore found to be preventing breast cancer, stomach cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

Radish red variety
Radish red variety

Radish for urinary infection and kidney problem

Radish is the best vegetable solution for urinary infection. If you get urinary infection or kidney infection, include radish in your diet. Radish is known for its ability to detoxify kidney and flush off infection. Radish is a water-rich vegetable. Put radish in your vegetable dishes. Make dry radish curry by just adding coconut. Include the leaves of radish also for this dish. Dry dish made of radish is very tasty. Eating radish would clear urine and enable good urination. Eat radish in different forms (as dishes). Pickle can also be made using radish.

Radish for excess body heat

If you are troubled with excess body heat during summer season, radish can save you. Radish would also clean your body by helping to flush out the toxins. It helps body eliminate the toxins through urine. Radish is therefore considered as a vegetable that can do a detoxification work in body.

Radish for weight loss

Include radish dry dish daily in your diet. Radish, with its high fiber content facilitates weight loss for it does not add calories to your diet. Your weight loss vegetable diet would become more nutritional by including mooli (radish) in your diet. Radish is a low calorie food even though it is a root.

Radish for constipation and Hemorrhoids

If you have trouble with motion and is suffering from constipation, I recommend eating more radish and its leaves. Radish soothes excretory system as it is cool and fiber-rich. Consuming more radish would keep constipation and piles at bay. Having one or two ounces of radish juice daily would give numerous health and therapeutic benefits. If you want to keep your digestive and excretory system of good health, include more radish in your diet.

Radish for skin itching, infection and eczema

Being filled with water and roughage radish is good for skin. Dry skin and heat rashes can be cured using radish. Applying radish paste on face helps in summer. It does sooth skin and treats heat pimples and rashes. Paste of radish and radish leaves is found to a good cure for skin itching, irritation and eczema. Paste of radish leaves and radish juice is good for skin. Applying radish juice on face for 2 minutes is found to be preventing wrinkles, cracks and acne. It is also found to be eliminating black spots and heat pimples. Eating radish gives healthy skin. As radish is cool and water-filled it will keep skin moist and hydrated.

Radish for jaundice

Indian home remedies for jaundice include body-cooling vegetables. Radish is considered as the best vegetable remedy for jaundice. Jaundice is the best natural body coolant. Eating radish would purify and cool body. Eat radish daily for 1 month if you are affected by jaundice. Radish has terrible effects of liver. It does keep liver healthy.

Radish for gallbladder infections

If you eat radish regularly, you would never encounter gall bladder problem. Radish does a detoxification job and cleanses gall bladder. For gall bladder infections, you can consider taking a vegetable diet with more radishes. Gall bladder infection and further complications can be prevented to a great extent by eating radish.

Radish enhances immunity power

Having radish in your diet would improve your immunity power as it is a vitamin C rich vegetable. Use of radish would thus make you equipped to fight against cold, fever and other infection. Radish would help you develop immunity against different types of diseases.

Radish for heat rashes and insect bites

For heat rashes on skin and insect bite, a paste of radish leaves can be applied. It would sooth the skin and heals.

Radish for a healthy heart

Radish, being rich in vitamin c, helps us to have our cholesterol declined. It can therefore save you from heart attacks. Moreover, the antioxidants in radish protect heart from diseases.

Radish for hypertension

Radish, the cool vegetable is filled with potassium. Blood pressure patients would thus be highly benefitted by eating radish. Make radish part of your diet your lower your blood pressure

Radish for menstrual pain and problems

Eating radish is found to be reducing menstrual cramps, back pain and stomach pain. It would also stabilize the bleeding during periods.

Radish for sexual health

Consumption of radish is found to have good effects on body that it gives good health sexual health.

Radish for stomach worms

Drinking radish juice empty stomach is found to be a cure for stomach worms.

Radish for overall health

Radish improves digestion and enhance appetite. Eating radish boasts metabolism and prevents overweight, headache and indigestion. Making radish part of the diet is also found to be improving blood circulation.

Leaves of Radish

Leaves of radish is more nutritious than radish. Leaves of radish is the storehouse of calcium and vitamin C. Dry vegetable dish can be prepared using radish leaves. It can also be cooked with dal. It is a popular leafy vegetable in North India.


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    • lrdl3535 profile image

      Richard Lindsay 2 years ago from California

      I eat radishes all the time in salads. The seed pods of the radish are also edible and can be eaten raw. Great post

    • choosetolive profile image

      Ravi and Swastha 2 years ago from London, Canada

      Thanks for such a wonderful tips. Moving forward we will use more of Radish in all our dishes. Voted up & useful page.

    • profile image

      simple 3 years ago

      Thanks for all the information can I eat radish or the leaves raw ?

    • profile image

      taher 4 years ago

      It is first time I came to know the benefits of radish thanks for this

    • dhannyya profile image

      dhannyya 5 years ago

      thank you dinkan53 for liking n sharing my hub

    • dinkan53 profile image

      dinkan53 5 years ago from India

      I knew some of the benefits of radish and this article has added more useful information about it. Thanks for sharing this useful hub dhannyya. Voted and shared.

    • dhannyya profile image

      dhannyya 5 years ago

      thanks nice search for some indian recipes with radish and try

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      Very informative dhannyya - I am the only radish lover in my family and you just provided me many added benefits for encouraging the others to eat more of them.

    • dhannyya profile image

      dhannyya 5 years ago

      thank you always exploring for your comment..try some indian recipe with radish

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Wow, I had no idea that radishes were that beneficial to one's health. Thank you. I will definitely start using them in my salads. Thank you..

    • dhannyya profile image

      dhannyya 5 years ago

      thank you tattuwurn and peachpurple for your comments

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      although radish smells horrible but sure has lots of benefits. I love the soup very much. Great hub

    • profile image

      tattuwurn 5 years ago

      I only eat the rootcrop, but I didn't know that radish leaves can also be eaten. Thanks for all the useful information. :)

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      I had no idea that radishes had so many health benefits. You really covered it all. Great hub and I am voting up, sharing on facebook as well as pinterest.


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