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Fighting against Heart attack and Fat

Updated on May 7, 2014

Health fitness Vs. happy life


As everybody knows 'Health is Wealth', but how many of us are following in our day to day life. We are running to create wealth but not able to take care of our health. So whatever we earn, the money are used to take care of our health in later stage.

Better if we take care of our health during our young age will give so many benefits and also we can lead a happy life. For the healthy life, we have to follow some steps in our daily life.

1. Regular Exercise

Everybody willing to do exercise. But our lazyness puts a barrier to do exercise. In the morning, if we make a habbit of doing exercise, we can get so many benefits. It is not only good for our fitness and also we can get pure air since the pollution will not be there during early morning. Thus our respiratory system will work properly so that oxygen to our body flows well.

If we decide to do exercise, we have to stick on that. Initial period, it will be very tough, but practicing daily will lead a good habbit. Thus by doing exercise, it will help to stay fit, avoids lazyness, stay young and avoids heart problems and many more benefits. Exercise makes man or woman to be healthy and also to stay young. Thus it creates a positive mental attitude. Hence to stay body fitness, mind also plays a vital role.

Stay Fit

Exercise regular

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2. Diet in our daily life for healthy and fitness:

Not only exercise but also diet plays a vital role for our healthy life. By taking proper diet, we can avoid so many diseases including heart attack. By taking food items with lot of oily substance, it creates blocks in our heart valve. Thus it avoids the blood flow and gives lot of pressure to blood flows into the heart for purification. So avoid taking oily substance and also junk foods.

Avoid rice items during night time for dinner. Wheat is good for health. So food made up of wheat gives a healthy body.

3. Avoid stress:

As small children are also affected by stress nowadays. It is not good for our society. Stress is everywhere. We have to get practice to control our stress level. We may have stress in our work location or in home or in any places. We cannot change the situation. But we can control our mind. Stress is the main reason for heart attack and diabetes. So avoid stress at maximum level. Thus by avoiding or controlling stress level, we can lead a happy life.

Do not cross the limits

There is a limit for everything. Beyond that, the problem starts. Earning money is important, but not throughout the day, week, month. If you spend too much time to earn money, then you have spend too much money to take care of your health. So balancing money and health is very important.

Be cool in your day to day life. Do not get over excited for anything. A good mind will lead a good health and good life. Spend some time with children. You will feel somewhat different. Spend some days for Vacation every year with your family members. Switch off your office mobiles. Treat your life as a gift and everyday begin with like just born baby.


One who is healthy is the richest person in the world. Because he or she is the person can enjoy their life. So just by creating wealth is not enough to enjoy the life if we do not have good health. We have to do exercise, taking care in our food and diet and also practice to control our stress level will give good result to our health. So start practice today.


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    • venki_indiain profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Chennai

      @Bhavani, Thanks for your comment and for your Very Very very.....

    • venki_indiain profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Chennai

      @ Varalakshmi, Thanks for your comment

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      6 years ago

      Very very and very interesting

    • profile image

      Vara lakshmi 

      6 years ago

      Very useful and interesting


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