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Top Ten Health Tips For Your Funny Bone

Updated on April 12, 2012

10 Health tips for your funny bone

A Chuckle a day keeps the doctor away and laughter is the Best Medicine. You have heard these a million times, but have you really listened to the message behind these quotes?

I try to find humor in almost everything I see. Many of my friends accuse me of not taking life seriously enough, that I am too much of a child at heart. I suppose I'm one of those whom Jimi Hendrix sang about when he said " there are those who think that life is “but a joke".

I find it funny that people will pay good money to have a comedian make them laugh, or pay to go see a funny movie, when there are so many daily things around us which are hilarious. Because of the high stress levels of daily life, laughter is becoming almost extinct. Try having a good belly laugh next time you go out to dinner, and notice the strange looks you get. People will instantly assume that you are drunk or insane.

Humor has many benefits for the body. Laughter strengthens your immune system. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, and protects the heart. Humor is an emotion which will make your body more alkaline and will even enhance your quality of life. Laughing will help you flow with your health. It helps you to reflect and express not only the joy in your heart but also in your body, mind and soul.

A sense of humor is one of the 24 main strengths that one can possess! A lighthearted spirit will always see you through tough times. If you’re feeling low, lonely or depressed, laughter will banish those feelings. Even if you fake it, humor will boost your energy, diminish pain, and protect you from the damaging effects of stress. A good laugh will help you deal with feelings of anger and fear but best of all, laughing is fun, free, and easy to use.

More humor= less stress, so Laugh often!

Below are some of my favorite humor health tips to get you started!

1. Cross your legs at your ankles. Your thighs and calves will look slimmer.

2. 100 laughs a day is equal to 10 minutes of exercise!

3. Cardiovascular exercise will not prolong life. Your heart is only good for so many beats, don't waste them on exercise! Speeding up your heart will not make you live longer, just like it won't extend the life of your car by driving it faster. Want to live longer? Take a nap.

4. Calculating your body to fat ratio is simple. If you have a body, and you have body fat, your ratio is one to one. If you have two bodies, your ratio is two to one, etc.

5. Sit-ups will not prevent you from getting soft around the middle. When you exercise a muscle, it gets bigger. You should only be doing sit-ups if you want your stomach to get bigger.

6. Cocoa beans are good for you. It's the best feel good vegetable around! I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions about food and diets. Have a cookie... flour is a veggie!

7. Viagra Works wonders for male sunburn. Take 1 pill every four hours. It won't do anything for your condition, but it'll keep the sheets off your legs.

8. For a sensitive toothache cure, alternate hot coffee and ice cream.

9. If God wanted you to touch your toes, he would have made them chocolate!

10. The best way to avoid headaches, and future cat scans is by not being one of those kids who screams in the back seat of the car while Your parents are trying to drive.

When you're born onto this planet,You get front row tickets to the Great Freak show....Enjoy it! -George Carlin-


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