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Home Remedies

Updated on March 17, 2014

For reference pictures are shown

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single bulb Kashmiri garlic for gout , arthritis and high blood pressure.
single bulb Kashmiri garlic for gout , arthritis and high blood pressure.
single bulb Kashmiri garlic for gout , arthritis and high blood pressure.

Collection of my knowledge about home remedies and herbs

There are various problems that could be cured by simple home remedies and herbs that are locally grown in our kitchen garden.Some of the remedies are given below .

  • Have 2 cloves of single bulb Kashmiri garlic ,if taken twice regularly helps to cure gout,joint pain arthritis and high blood pressure ,it even helps to check bad cholesterol.
  • Eating yogurt restrains stomach cancer and helps to lead stress-free life .It even helps to control blood sugar and high blood pressure if mixed with water and had like a whey .This is all because of the pro biotics present in the yogurt.
  • Stomach cancer could be kept at bay by eating 1 or 2 cloves of garlic after 30 minutes of your meals.Having 2 cloves of single bulb garlic every day helps to control your blood pressure.
  • 4 tsp of beetle leaves extract,4 tsp of onion extract 4 tsp of ginger extract and 4 tsp of garlic extract mixed and had every fifteen days for 4 months helps to open all the blocked arteries and prevent from having heart attack .
  • Giving punarnava or hog weed one tsp everyday for fifteen day helps to cure jaundice
  • Have one cup of milk with 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder every night helps to remove body swelling and check thyroid problem .

  • Regular consumption of Indian gooseberry (amala)reduces the possibilities of sudden heart attack and also controls high blood pressure in many people .
  • Having Sweet melon and lemon everyday keeps the arteries cholesterol free.
  • Walking bare feet.on the morning grass helps control high blood pressure
  • drinking 1/2 cup of green grass juice everyday helps to improve blood count and also prevents piles .
  • Boil pomegranate skin in a bowel of water ,when reduces to one cup ,have it for loose motions.
  • Squeeze half lemon in a cold cow's milk ,it helps to stop excessive bleeding during periods or bleeding piles.
  • Adhatoda Vasica or Banafsa leaves if boiled in 2 glass of water ad reduced to one cup and drunk everyday helps to cure chronic cough even pneumonia .
  • Stale pure ghee that have been stored for more than five years ,if massaged on the chest and back helps to cure age old cough,mucus in children and elders .
  • Fever, bile defects, piles, worms in stomach and urinary problems can be avoided if bitter gourd is consumed once a week .
  • Refrain from air borne diseases through body massage or prayanam .
  • Having papaya leaf extract when anyone has dengue helps to improve blood count and helps to cure dengue.
  • Our Eyesight can be improved by messaging the soul of tour feet.Our feet become soft and strong thus Sciatica pain in the veins (varicose) can be cured.its good if you massage your feet when you get up in the morning because that's the time when you really suffer pain in your feel after the night's sleep or may be when you really after a day;s work feel tired and need your feet to relax ,massage helps the blood flow in your feet thus reduce pain.
  • Message the middle portion of your head with warm coconut or mustard oil for 5 minutes before your take a bath bath. It helps to enhances memory and helps in the growth of brain cells ,Apart from this our Hair become soft, bright and black,due to proper nourishment headache is also cured .you have the feeling of relaxation.
  • (Chenopodium)Bathua leaves juice(raw) if consumed every day relives Joint pain as it has anti gastric also helps in sciatica pain.Consume it in empty stomach in the morning or evening.avoid eating 2 hrs before and after if you take this juice and want to reap the benefit have it for 2 months .
  • Sprinkle black or rock salt on a slice of lemon and warm it on a pan ,sucking it improves stomach disorders and enhance also helps if you have a gastric attack it gives instant relief.
  • Disease related to teeth can be taken care of by taking a cup of water 1/2 tbsp of rock salt before going to bed.but do not take if you suffer from high blood pressure .Tooth ache, pyorrhea, pain and bleeding of the gum.could be cured by brushing and cleaning the teeth before retiring to bed even red powder by Dabur can help to relief all these problems if it is regularly used .
  • One tsp of Amla (Indian gooseberry)powder if taken with some water before going to bed, it helps cleaning the stomach every morning and it also retain the glow on the face and stops the growth of gray unclear bowl are main reason of pre mature graying in young people .
  • Cough could be taken care or cured by taking ginger juice ,pipali (grounded)and honey in equal portions.
  • (Basil)tulsi juice could be used to keep away from viral sickness
  • Gastric condition can be looked after by having 125 gms of curd
    with 2 grams of thyme (ajwain)and 1/2 gm of black salt.Have it for couple of weeks to get its benefit.Take it for a week or two after meals.
  • Immediately after food, drink hot water(tea kind).Take small sips . It reduces the fat deposits in the body. Hot water should be taken only for two months at a streach then you may drop the use and may continue again latter after a gap of a month or two
    Beside, reducing fat deposits ,hot water also cures gas, constipation, colitis, amebiosis and other diseases born from germs .
  • Having a glass of whey every day helps to keep your skin soft and supple .
  • If you feel like vomiting you may grate one medium size onion ans squeeze its juice and have it instantly .Even the a cup full of bottle gourd juice helps to stop vomiting.
  • viral infections could be cured as well as kept at bar if you have holy basil leaves every day,Boil a hand full of tulsi leaves in 2 glass of water ,when left half drink it hot with sugar candy it helps to check high fever and prolonged feverishness,have it for at least 7 days

  • having papaya every day at breakfast everyday helps to get rid of chronic constipation .you can even have triphala one tsp every day at bed time to get rid of constipation.


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