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The Health Benefits of Green Tea: Holistic Approaches to Healing Your Body

Updated on November 24, 2020
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I am a stay-at-home mom to two wonderful children who keep me very busy. I love technology, gardening, cooking, and personal finance.

Green Tea

Originally from China, Green Tea has been delivering its health benefits for over 4,000 years.

It has recently become popular in the United States and we are still learning about the health benefits.

Green tea can be used to help prevent multiple diseases and is great for losing weight!

Let's take a look at some of green tea's healing powers.

Green Tea Diet

Green tea is a natural fat burner.

It is a natural and more gentle way of losing weight.

Green tea is a great supplement to weight loss diet since it helps to speed up metabolism.

One study shows that people who drink green tea regulary lose twice as much weight as someone who does not drink green tea.

Green tea is a diuretic. Diuretics cause the body to flush excess water from the system which in turn causes a decrease in weight.

Green Tea Can Lower Risk Of Cancer!

Green Tea's Cancer Healing Powers

Green Tea has been shown to prevent lung, breast, esophagus, prostate and skin cancer by cutting off the blood supply to the cancer cells.

Although research has shown that drinking green tea does not treat cancer that has already developed, it is a good preventative measure to ward of certain types of cancers.

New research is being done in England that shows some positive news.

When a compound in green tea was given intravenously directly into a tumor, a large majority of them either vanished completely or shrank and stabilized.

This is great news!


Research has proven that green tea calms inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

As an interesting note, people in Asian countries have a lower rate of rheumatoid arthritis than people from other countries who do not drink green tea.

Anatomy of a heart.
Anatomy of a heart. | Source

Heart Disease

Green tea lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body which reduces the risk of getting heart disease, which includes high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

It also helps improve blood flow to all the organs.


Green tea has been proven to enhance tolerance to blood sugar by slowing the rate that the blood sugar is metabolized.

The small amount of caffeine in green tea also helps to speed up the rate of fat metabolism.

Since obesity and diabetes are a dangerous combination, a faster rate of fat metabolism can help by helping diabetics to lose some of the extra weight.



Mental Alertness and Thinking

The caffeine in green tea helps to wake up the brain and keep it alert.

Green tea promotes memory, mental alertness and learning ability.

It can hinder the progress of Alzheimer's disease and counter mental fatigue.

Lowers Risk Of Infections

Green tea contains antimicrobials and virus inhibiters. It lowers the risk of infection.

It also cleans the teeth and mouth which helps increase dental health and get rid of bad breath.

Cold Green Tea


How Much Green Tea Should You Drink?

You should drink around 2-3 glasses of green tea a day to receive the health benefits from the tea.

Green tea contains caffeine, but each cup contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee or a can of soda pop.

Adding milk to your green tea could lower the antioxidant levels, so leave the milk out.

If it is too bitter, add a little bit of honey to sweeten the tea.

I have seen green tea as an interesting ingredient in foods like frappuccinos, cheesecake and Popsicles.

If you prefer not to drink so much tea, you could still get the health benefits from a green tea pill, which is sold in the natural health sections of some grocery stores.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Melanie Casey


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