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Healthcare or Health Cure? [F2 457]

Updated on June 24, 2019

Healthcare is simply insurance!

Healthcare is simply insurance!

Healthcare isn't synonymous with quality of care, because it is driven by profit, and not humanity. This is not saying people in the medical field don't care about their patients, but they are not running the care. They have guidelines, rules, regulation and jobs. The profit goal comes from those running the medical industry, and it runs through every facet of the medical industry. It is an industry, with businesses that exist to make profits.

Free to everyone Healthcare

People say they want free healthcare, or at least a single payer system and paid for them by the taxpayers. Free Healthcare doesn't improve the quality of healthcare nor does it prevent the system from being run like a business. A national health service is a socialist program and it follows a model that other countries use unsuccessfully. Putting everyone on the same level actually makes people subservient and lose some of their free will and their choice of healthcare. Obamacare is a great example of a lack of choice as many people lost their existing medical insurance and their doctors associated with that insurance because Obamacare deemed that insurance as substandard..

National Healthcare System

The National Health Service in other countries like Canada, and Great Britain sacrifice healthcare quality by trying to cover everyone. Scheduling non emergency operations like knee surgery can take years. There is a finite medical resource in doctors, and medical staff, as well as medical facilities and beds. This means that unless these resources can increase then there will be less people and facilities to take care of more people. By making this medical insurance free or very cheap prevents these systems from growing because of lack of funds.

Health Cure doesn't rely on Health Insurance

Healthcare is Health Insurance

Healthcare Insurance doesn't create or satisfy the quality of that healthcare. The quality of health care is determined more by curing major disease, and when they are cured there is less emphasis on Health Insurance. There can be no greater healthcare quality than providing a cure.

Finding Cures

There is no pecuniary benefit for the medical industry to find cures. Finding a cure is a one time revenue, but continuing with just finding new treatments, and new meds is a gift and revenue that just keeps on giving.

Imagine the positive and negative aspects of finding only one real cure for a major disease. Since the last cure for a major disease was in the 1950s, and that was before Congress gave the FDA the overlord on the drug industry we have not found any cures for major diseases. Finding one cure for a major disease would ripple through the existing Healthcare Insurance and Healthcare administration freeing up money, medical resources and encouraging the finding of more cures.

History of healthcare

What we have done to health care since then is to go from take two aspirins and call the doctor in the morning was the creation of multiple products to reduce pain which was then the major over the counter pain reliever. We also went from doctors with a handful of medical specialties to hundreds of medical specialists, but they didn't accomplish any cures, just new treatments.

Congress and the FDA

The drug industry then became monitored by the FDA but that just added to the cost of the medical treatments and their new drugs.

This also was the start of the myriad of medical insurance and its use of layers to get medical treatment. This process then increases the cost to the consumer because of all the layering and regulation processes. In doing so the health insurance companies were allowed to dole out medical treatment and drugs without a license. They would also become the gate between the patient and the treatment.

The US government involvement in the process of healthcare would like any of their involvement increase the costs rather than improve the process. Patients would no longer be in control of their life, they would have to follow the rules and regulations provided by the health insurance carrier. Doctors would also not be able to use the best or most successful treatment for their patients because they might not get paid for their services by the insurance companies.

Charitable donations has not been an answer to finding cures.

Charitable donations to cure major diseases since the 1950s have not proven to be the path to find these cures. Muscular Dystrophy has outlives Jerry Lewis in his question to find a cure.

Healthcare versus Health

Do you want Healthcare Insurance or Health Cures

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Health Care versus Health Cure

Do you think that we are making progress in curing major diseases today?

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Healthcare and politics

Which political party is doing more for Health Care

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Doctors and Medical Personnel

Do you think that we have enough Doctors and Medical Personnel

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Curing Disease is not a Goal

Curing Disease is not a Goal for the business interests of the medical industry.

It is now the year 2019 and another year went by without finding a cure for cancer, or heart disease, as well as any other major disease. How in this world of technology, gene splicing and cloning among other medical advances have they failed to find cures for our major diseases?

My conclusion is technology is not the problem in finding cures to major diseases, it is big business, and its partner in politics. It should be clear now since the failure in the government this century that government is more interested in waging wars that are profitable to growing the government and increasing the size of the government to defend the US against the enemies our own government has created to be our foe.

The hundred's of billions of dollars spent on national defense each year has done nothing to stop war, or protect our country. We have lost the war on drugs that has gone on for decades. We haven't protected our borders, allowing the drugs, weapons, child trafficking, and illegal aliens to siphon more money that sees no end to these problems.

Focus on medical cures rather than wars

The point is that much of these hundreds of billions could be diverted to protect all lives from major diseases like cancer and heart disease, and limit the illegal drugs from coming across our unprotected border.

The billions of dollars that have been used each year to do that task have been wrapped in political gauntletsrestricting the goal from finding cures, as well as the drug companies that don't want their golden goose to be killed by a cure. They make their big profits from selling long term expensive treatments. The healthcare insurance companies also benefit by having these diseases that encourage if not force people to pay whatever the insurance companies demand to get coverage.

To find cures for major diseases the money needs to have no ties and the only goal is to find cures.

Healthcare versus Healthcure?

This article discusses Healthcare versus Healthcure?

Look at the medical cures for major diseases. between the healthcare of the 1950s and the healthcare 2019?

There were no health cures for major diseases since Polio in the 1950s. This was before congress gave the FDA the responsibility of monitoring DRUGS, but since the FDA took over there has been no new cures. Is there a correlation to having the FDA monitor and qualify prescription drugs and the lack of cures?

There certainly is a correlation to NO cures. The FDA is filled with ex executives from the Drug industry. Yes, drugs are an industry instead of trying to develop drugs to cure diseases. That accounts for why drug companies have not created cures.

The drug industry is a business, and the goal of any business is to make a profit for the shareholders. In that goal, there is more profit in developing treatments rather than cures. A cure is a one time payout, while treatments can be long term and very profitable. Sadly, many of these long term expensive treatments only work to reduce the symptoms of the disease rather than their root.

Medical Patents

Another problem in finding cures are the medical patents. Patents are very profitable for any business, but for the medical companies they also inhibit other companies from using the knowledge from the patents to build on them in search of finding cures.

Charitable Donations For Diseases

We know from the long history of charitable donations to the medical field that it didn't find cures, it found more ways to profit. This has been proven by the failure to find medical cures for major diseases as not the path to success.

The path to success has to transcend the need for pecuniary rewards, it needs to be based on the goal of finding cures. Possibly the methods used to land a man on the moon, or winning a war can be a path to cures. Yes, in those examples, a lot of profit was made, but at least they attained their goal.


The political goal for healthcare has been Medical Insurance, but that has only rewarded the insurance companies. It does little to nothing in providing Healthcare Quality.

Healthcare Insurance

Health care under this article means basically Health care insurance. You know something that Obamacare claims to be and it replaced other health care. More precisely Healthcare is really the medical insurance that would pay for your healthcare should you get sick and require either doctors or a hospital stay or both.

In that category, we have different ways to insure ourselves for such events. We have private plans, we have public plans and we have employee plans.

This article is not really going to discuss these different kinds of health care plans. What Obamacare did was to put second intrusion by the government to handle or direct your health care insurance. The first and biggest one is Medicare, and Medicaid that has forced upon wage earners since 1965 as an extension the 1937 Social Security plan.

While some of these plans are better than others none of them really give health care. What they do give us is a way to help pay our medical expenses should we require medical assistance.

The point is not how we pay for our medical expenses, but what kind of care is actually available to us when we get sick.

Health Cure should be the goal, not healthcare!

In CA we are spending $100 billion on a high speed train that has no track. Why can't we spend this kind of money to find a cure for diseases.
In CA we are spending $100 billion on a high speed train that has no track. Why can't we spend this kind of money to find a cure for diseases.

The better approach is not Healthcare it is Health cure or at least Healthcare Quality.

The reason for this article is really to shift the focus from Healthcare which is basically insurance to Health Cure which is much better.

  • In the 1950s Jonas Salk cured Polio with a vaccine. Now over 60 years later how many other diseases have been cured. I can't find any, maybe you can.
  • What he we done as a country or a world with all of the technological discoveries found during those 60 years? What we haven't done is cure diseases. We have created the names and distinctions for thousands of diseases without curing them.

Today, we have a multitude of medical specialists, and among these specialists we have more specialists. What that means is that you have to thread an insurance nightmare playing the medical version of tag team. You go to the first doctor, then you get handed off to a specialist based on the diagnosis of the first doctor, and so on and so on. This bad for the patients because specialists don't remember, or aren't up on the latest.

Today, there is a shortage of doctors, and an even shorter supply of good doctors. Many of today's new doctors come from outside of the US, and some are good, and some are bad. And with the way the medical insurance plans divide doctors that makes your selection difficult.

Moving on because I am sure I don't have to tell you about the quality of medical care and how bad it has become over the years.

Health Cure

Instead of spending all the $880 plus billions on health insurance we need to put that kind of money into developing cures for medical problems. What medical improvements that have been made in the last sixty years have been in surgery. But surgery is no a cure it is a drastic measure to get rid of the bad part or repair it. Don't get me wrong that is something, especially in the advancement of micro surgeries.

But a real medical cure would domino into the entire medical insurance industry cutting insurance claims, and medical expenses themselves.

We spend billions going to Mars and exploring outer space, we spend billions trying to win the lottery, and we spend money in all the wrong places. What is it going to take to spend money to find cures.

We can't rely on the current system to find cures. The current system is a for profit industry. Finding a cure just ruins that profit and loss for all these companies. They would rather find a long term expensive treatment with a new drug. A many of the new drugs are more dangerous that the condition they are treating.

Medical patents need to be removed as they are an impediment to building on someones success, Profit can be a motive for finding a cure. It has to be done with independence from all the current ties to power and money.

Many things that have been discovered of developed over the last hundred years have been accomplished by accident. Someone trying to develop A accidentally develops B. And A and B may not even be in the same industry, but B is still useful.

This brings me to the point that cures for diseases like cancer might be found by accident. That means that find a cure may come from a different avenue of research.

It is apparent, that our current method of research has made only minor finds, so extending the research out of the box should be tried. Again, this would take the kind of project that got us to the moon in less than a decade.

We have been working on these diseases forever, now we should focus on cures, and not be distracted by insurance.

One thing that we can do with our data mining and super computers with all of its massive storage is to use them for find a cure rather than in annoying people with ads, or using the confidential information as a weapon.

Today these systems give us a tool that never existed, encryption are being created and broken, so why not try to use them to find something in all that information that may give someone a new way of looking at disease.

Healthcure is better than Healthcare!


Do you think that Medicare is free health insurance?

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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      11 months ago

      In the meanwhile, lets talk about the democrats running for congress.

      Warren the apparent winner of last nights ten little Indians pun intended, was really mad in her tone, but she palefaced in contrast to Bernie who looks insane.


      Your health is not in the hands of equal quality of care, whether you buy into the socialist a government run system, or the classic private system. The reason is that all doctors have the same licenses but they don't have the same experience, competence, track record or knowledge. The point is that finding a doctor is different than getting a doctor from a pool of doctors.

      When you find a good dentist, a good mechanic, a good repair person, a good any kind of person, you want to keep them. When ACA came into being president Obama agreed with my opinion here, but as the ACA became law, the truth came out, but it was too late then. You lost that doctor, you lost that plan. You know who didn't lose and kept everything, the federal government workers because their plan was to de facto gold standard plan.

      The democrats don't want to spend a dime on the Wall to protect us from many threats like the gangs, the drug cartel, child sex trafficking and even the terrorists. Remember what only 19 terrorists did to our country.

      But the threat for healthcare is very real. For every illegal alien that gets into the country, the democrats want them to be covered by the same government run healthcare system.

      This is not a free healthcare system by any means. It is not an effective healthcare system when the government runs it. Look at all the fraud that came with the Medicare system. That fraud didn't help the sick, it help the criminals letting them use Medicare as if it was a bank robbery, but without guns, just a stroke of the pen or keyboard.

      The cost is in several Trillions of dollars each year. Yet, the democrats couldn't spend even a Billion for the Wall. A Wall that when it prevents more illegals coming into the country actually saves money because we don't have to pay for free education. And we prevent illegal drugs coming into the country, a country that lost the war against both gangs, and drugs several decades ago. These illegal drugs cause many kinds of sickness, mental illness, and even leading to suicides. It also supports a network of gangs to distribute and protect their illegal drugs. The shock wave from that ripples to every part of the country, and it then becomes a local and state issue, not just federal. Our prisons and jails have filled up to the point that judges are releasing prisoners across the country. This is not the second chance that helps us, it is the second chance that they get to do their criminal activities another time.

      The only worthwhile thing about the ACA was the preexisting condition, and I submit that could and should have been handled with a single bill in congress. It would have been implemented quicker and more effectively.

      The democrats now want you to believe that President Trump and the republicans want to kill that preexisting condition win. But, that isn't true, anymore than anyone will get rid of Medicare or SS.

      Canada is not the utopia for free healthcare, and remember the old saying you get what you pay for. To which, I always add, if you are very lucky. But there is no chance and the history of Canadian healthcare bears out that this is an effective healthcare system. There are just so many doctors in any country, and you do the math and see how many people outnumber the doctors. There are also so many hospital beds and see how fast you can get one when you need it, and how fast they will get you out of it, dead, alive, or still sick.

      A good friend of mine married a Canadian and she moved to Canada. Her husband was an electrician and over the years he messed up his knees to the point the he had trouble walking and he was in pain all the time. It took him two years to go up the queue to get the operation. And because she was still an American citizen she went across the border to the US to get her healthcare treatment.

      Remember before the ACA became law, congress was asked what is in the ACA legislation, and the reply was we will have to pass the legislation before we will know the details. Is that what people want from a government run healthcare system?

      The government is not a business and it has no real acumen in running a business. Healthcare is a business and look at the bang up job they do with Medicare and SS. Do you want to spread their business expertise farther with taking over all the healthcare?

      Look at how they run the National Highway System, the National Infrastructure, the Railroads, and the ACA. Look at how they brought NASA to a stop, and our astronauts had to bum a ride off the Russian rockets to get to the International Space Station because we no longer had a space shuttle. Much of what NASA was doing is now in the hands of private companies.

      And does that make you feel confident about the Feds running anything else, especially something that your life depends on?

      This Sander, Warren dream is a nightmare for the rest of us. You are going to be taxed to where even if you were deep into the middle class you would need this socialist program. The rich are never affected by the federal government. The rich will be using concierge healthcare that they have been using for a long time.

      And as long as the Internal Revenue Code allows them to bypass Income Tax at any marginal tax rate, they will continue to get richer. But, your chances of surviving death or debilitation go way down'

      The quality of healthcare today is dismal, and it won't get any better with government taking over healthcare.

      If we were going to spend Trillions of dollars a year, it would be better spent to cure disease. And if the money was outside of the for profit companies, we might be able to find some cures. The current healthcare system doesn't want to find a cure because that is a major loss of their huge profits. Right now while the healthcare is private, these insurance companies practice medicine without a license by telling the doctors what you are and aren't going to be able to do for their patients.

      We have a doctor shortage in this country, and in the world. Adding more people, well if you can't do the math, you shouldn't be voting.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      17 months ago

      I don't know what I did in all my redrafts but finally Hp has deemed this hub featured.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      18 months ago

      As long as you earn a wage in the US, you will pay for FICA. Your social security and medicare tax. Yes, they are taxes with a carrot that you may receive social security and medicare when you retire.

      The Medicare Tax doesn't give you free Medicare. What is gives you is to pay a Medicare monthly payment which is deducted from your social security benefit. Isn't that Peter paying Paul and you are both Peter and Paul without Mary:)

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      18 months ago

      I just don't know how to improve the score of this hub. Hp is no help in giving feedback. Can anyone tell me what this hub is missing?

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago

      Thanks Pop

      The point that I am making is that profit has always been in the way of finding a cure. In sixty years, we went from aspirins, to Tylenol, to Advil. That is the medical improvement?

      Profit and market share are like quicksand between the sick and the cure. We can do all the thrashing we want but that just makes us sink faster.

      just a thought!

    • breakfastpop profile image


      20 months ago

      You are right of course. When I think of the money wasted on drug ads, I tremble. The practice of TV ads for drugs should be banned. Most countries don't allow it. Yes, our focus should be a cure and I do believe we do that, but I also believe we could go much further. Drugs and procedures bring in money, and that is the name of the game.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago

      How much is One Cure a major disease really worth?

      Today, the lottery is at $1.6 billion and because there was no winner, it will probably reach over $2 billion.

      This is greed of the carrot, and the big winner in any of these lotteries is the government. They tax it at the federal level and they can tax it at the state level. The government will withhold 24% of the winnings if the winner decides to take a one time payout!


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