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Healthiest Ice Cream Choices (Low Calorie Options)

Updated on August 1, 2012

Eating Ice Cream While Dieting

The first thing I need to say is that it is not a good idea to eat ice cream while you are on a diet. However, if you can't help it and you simply must have ice cream then here are your best options. The ice creams that I selected below were all chosen based on the number of calories that were in them. I also tried to select ice cream brands that are relatively easy to find and are sold nationally.

Choosing an Ice Cream While Dieting

The next time you are on a diet and find yourself walking through the ice cream aisle you should keep these few quick tips in your mind before your give in to your craving:

  • Avoid brands that say "gourmet" or "specialty". In general the higher end types of ice creams are worst for you than the lesser brands.
  • Look for buzz words like "fat-free" and "no sugar added". Don't stop there though, be sure to look at the nutritional information before dropping it in your cart. It should have at most 150 calories per serving, but try to find something with less than 125 calories.
  • If you don't mind you can always skip the ice cream and try to find a frozen yogurt, Italian ice or sorbet that you enjoy. These options can often times satisfy your craving, yet have fewer calories and saturated fats.

Serving Ice Cream the Healthy Way

This is probably the trickiest thing when trying to eat ice cream while on a diet. When scooping out the ice cream you need to have self-control that most people don't have. Remember that a portion is only half a cup. That really isn't a lot of ice cream. That is why it is probably best to avoid ice cream while trying to diet, but if your going to do it you'll need some self-control.

Another thing you should avoid is toppings. Toppings should only come out if it's a child's birthday party or some other special event. If it isn't a party keep the chocolate topping, caramel, nuts and sprinkles in the cupboard. These topping can really rack up the calories quickly if you are not careful.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1/2 Cup

Calories: 110

Fat: 3 grams

Cholesterol: 15 grams

Sugar: 12 grams

Protein: 3 grams

3. Hood Vanilla (Light)

Hood Vanilla (Light) is a decent ice cream with a nice vanilla flavor. When eating Hood Vanilla (Light) you can tell that it is not a full-fat ice cream, but I found it to be good enough to calm my ice cream craving. This light version of Hood's original vanilla ice cream has 1/2 the fat as the original and has about half the goodness. Hood is an innovative company and claims to be the first company to produce frozen yogurt. I would suggest that you try their frozen yogurt which is in general is healthier choice than ice cream.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1/2 Cup

Calories: 120

Fat: 4.5 grams

Cholesterol: 10 grams

Sugar: 3 grams

Protein: 3 grams

2. Dreyer's/Edys Mint Chocolate Chip (No Sugar/Slow Churned)

Dreyer's/Edys Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is packed full of minty flavor and chocolate chips without the extra fat and sugar. I love that Dreyer's/Edys makes unique flavors with healthier options. Other companies have a tendency to stick with chocolate and vanilla. This mint and chocolate chip ice cream taste just as good as the full-fat version and is worth checking out. However, if you have issues with artificial sweeteners like Splenda you may want to skip this one.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1/2 Cup

Calories: 70

Fat: 0 grams

Cholesterol: 0 grams

Sugar: 6 grams

Protein: 3 grams

1. Turkey Hill's Vanilla Bean (Fat Free, No Sugar)

Turkey Hill's Vanilla Bean is probably the healthiest ice cream out there at the moment. Turkey Hill states on the container that it has no sugar added, yet their nutritional information states that there are 3 grams of sugar per serving. I was confused by that, but I still feel that this is the lowest calorie option available in the world of ice cream. When eating Turkey Hill's Vanilla Bean ice cream that has no sugar added you can tell it's not a full-fat ice cream. It does have a slight artificial taste to it, but I felt it was still good enough for any ice cream lover to enjoy. Plus, it definitively helps to know that each serving only has 70 calories. If you enjoy the vanilla don't forget to try their other fat-free, no sugar added flavors like Moose Tracks and Cherry Fudge Ripple.


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    • claudi1176 profile image

      claudi1176 5 years ago from Greenville, SC

      Thank you for this hub - and WOW can't believe Turkey Hill's only has 70 calories :) that is great news! I like skinny cows too, they have great little ice cream treats!!