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Healthrider r60 softstrider

Updated on March 26, 2013

Healthrider r60 softstrider is a treadmill that will help you get back in shape. Individuals who love to walk will definitely like this machine as it will help in losing weight and toning up easily. Healthrider softstrider is made of steel that is heavy duty and this ensures durability and excellent quality. The maximum user capacity is 300lbs.

A very unique feature of this machine is the iFit technology that will help in controlling the speed and intensity of the workout program. The exercise programs can be sent directly to the machine from There is also the option of buying and inserting separate workout disks directly into the machine.

The iFit programs include the voice of a personal trainer which will help you stay motivated and complete the workout program. There is also motivational music added to the iFit programs. The LED display has a list of ten exercises that can be performed as per your individual preference. Most people tend to get bored doing the same exercise routine and the unique feature of programmed workouts will help in bringing a lot of variety to the workout program.

Depending on the program that is selected in the Healthrider softstrider, it will automatically adjust the speed and incline of the machine. If you do not want to use the iFit programs, you have the option of choosing manual. You will be able to select the desired speed, incline, resistance and time as per your preference.

There are pulse sensors that are built in the grip bar and this will help in regulating the workout. The treadmill can go up to 12 mph and this will ideal for walking and jogging at a moderate speed. The 10% incline will help in burning more calories even when you do a workout for a short period of time.

The Healthrider softstrider is ideal for people who like to jog lightly and walk and it is not designed for heavy running. The treadmill runs on a 2.0 hp motor and this guarantees a consistent performance every time you use it. The motor has extra large belts and if used lightly, it will last longer. The cushioning that is available in the treadmill will help in cushioning the joints and muscles and this will help in preventing damage to them.

The four window exercise LED console will help in keeping track of the workout programs through valuable feedbacks. There is also an in built fan that will help you stay cool even after a high intensity workout. Most treadmills have one single fan to keep the individual cool but the healthrider softstrider has two fans that will help you do the workout for a longer period of time.

The healthrider softstrider can be easily folded when not in use and it will not occupy much of space. This will be an ideal choice if you have little space in your house. There is a limited warranty of 90 days that is available with the purchase of this machine.


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