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Healthy Benefits of Salt Lamps

Updated on October 2, 2015

Natural Relaxation

Salt lamps are a natural relaxation tool made from salt thousands of years old. People have been using them for many years as healthaids. The lamps are generally simple in design consisting of a large, hollowed-out salt crystal and a light source. Traditionally, Pakistan, Iran and Poland are major exporters of these lamps because of numerous salt mines located in those countries.

Salt lamps are becoming increasingly popular around the world, both for their beautiful colorful light and natural benefits to indoor air quality as well. Genuine Persian salt lamps are made from very rare purple crystal salt mined only in Iran.

Salt lamps are available in many appealing designs, but they have also been proven to provide health benefits. Studies have shown use of salt lamps calms nerves promoting a more peaceful state of mind. Therefore, they could be considered a practical replacement for expensive air purifiers.

Rare Purple Persian Lamp
Rare Purple Persian Lamp

Negative Ions

Many claim salt crystals from the Himalayas are preferable to salt deposits found elsewhere. It is believed this is because that part of the world has remained largely unpolluted. And care is taken when mining it such as avoiding use of dynamite which can cause contamination.

Salt releases negative ions into the air thus counteracting any positive ones such as those emitted by electronic devices. These ions are produced when heat from the lamp interacts with the salt crystals. This negative ionization makes us healthier overall. Cleaner, ionized air has also been linked to having a positive effect on people with allergies or asthma.

So, there is nothing mystical or magical about salt lamps. Studies have shown ions in the air have a positive effect on our emotional state. Salt increases negative ions in the air. A day at the beach would be a good example.

A contrasting example would be the notorious Santa Ana winds affecting southern California. Studies reveal these winds are concentrated with positive ions which could explain the rise in irritability and crime, etc. These negative ions are found in heavier concentrations in mountain and sea air. In contrast, negative ions are found to be lacking in offices having recycled air.

In addition a salt lamp creates a beautiful glow against the salt crystal, which can also have a soothing and calming effect. They are made from a variety of colored salt rock crystals such as red, pink, violet, orange and white with variations of stripes, colors and textures. Therefore they make great night lights. Negative ions help purify the air, improving focus and promoting healing.

Salt rocks come from a variety of regions such as the Himalayas, Iran, Russia and Poland. They are made by hollowing them out and cutting and polishing the salt. Once this has been done it is fitted with a candle or light bulb. When the lamp is lit, it produces a warm, relaxing glow. The lamps are usually fashioned into different designs such as spheres, eggs shapes, bowls and pyramids.

These lamps are also great in the workplace as they improve concentration and diminish fatigue and stress. Salt lamps help neutralize the effects of artificial lights and reduce allergies in the home as well.

Hospitals and clinics often use salt lamps in their waiting rooms to create an atmosphere of relaxation. They tend to produce a calming and comforting effect in whatever room they are placed in.

Many business owners use them in bars, clubs, coffee shops and places where smoking patrons congregate as salt lamps helps reduce lingering smoke. They absorb a great deal of the negative ions from the room created by the smoke. Salt lamps are also used in color therapy. The soothing effect helps people with neurotic or insomnia disorders.

Salt lamps can be found in health food stores and New Age-type shops. If you suffer from stress and anxiety or just need a relaxed atmosphere, salt lamps could be helpful.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I started using a salt lamp just a few weeks ago & I'm all ready seeing some great things happening.I have had trouble with water building up in my ears for as long as I can remember. Nothing the doctor has done for me has helped more than a few weeks at a time. My ears are totally dry in side now & I feel so much better.It's so hard to beleave that the doctors couldn't help me but the salt lamp has.

    • profile image

      Fluffy 1 

      6 years ago

      Our son has schizophrenia and I had the idea to put a big salt lamp I have in his room. It is helpful to him but if it is turned off by mistake at night it will melt onto the wooden base. I found a site that tells me it will help with posession, (one of the earlier treatments we tried was fresh bowls of salt each night around the bed and under the middle at head and foot). In the mornings the salt would be sticky and we put it down a drain in the road outside. This was replaced nightly for 2 months and by the end it was almost dry but he'd had enough of that so I had to stop. He's getting better slowly with lots of alternatives but the salt is a strange one that works.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      No question, salt lamps are not only healthy but a very beautyful eye candy. But there is a big problem, when weather changes and the air moisture increases, they tend to leak out.

      Do you know that phenomene and can provide an advice?


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