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Healthy Eating Habit

Updated on December 18, 2014

Healthy Eating

We often think that healthy eating means to follow some strictly prescribed diet chart. But healthy eating is not a strictly planned diet. Rather healthy eating is eating wisely so that you can be fit. It doesn’t mean you will always deprive yourself from your favorite foods and live eating almost nothing or having a crush diet like banana diet or something like that. You don’t even need to eat only leaves and carrots or the disgusting boiled foods to be fit. As I have mentioned eating wisely can keep you fit.

Healthy Eating Means Eating Wisely

Now what does it mean by eating wisely? Eating wisely means eating widely varied foods that can ensure you the necessary nutrients that help you remain fit. Many of us have a wrong idea that to lose fats and to be fit we have to eat all most nothing. But that is not a right process because instead of losing fats often we add some more weight on that process. For when we do not take proper food and feel hungry always and then we cannot control overloading after some time otherwise we become weak. So, for become healthy and fit, the very first rule is not to let yourself as hungry as to overload at mealtime.

Frequent Meal Is Better Than Three Major Meal

It is wise to meal frequent instead of the three major meals. It is really effective to avoid overloading. Have some snacks between meals that help to curb your appetite. Try some pieces of fruits or crackers with peanut butters. Eating small frequent meals never makes you feel hungry to over eating and also it is helpful for the digestive system. Drinking a glass of water or having a small bowl of soup also help to keep you away from an overloaded meal. And it also helps you not to become weak.

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it is the first meal after the long night. So, after the total night fasting, it's important to have a healthy breakfast including fruits, grains, high fiber cereal milk bananas etc. choose a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are deeply colorful. They are tasty as well as full of vitamins and minerals. Yeah, you must get vitamins and minerals from natural foods not from pills. Include a variety of whole grains, beans, variety of salads.

Have A Balanced Lunch

Have a balanced diet at lunch combining foods from all groups; carbohydrate, protein, dietary fat, vitamins & minerals and water. For protein do not wholly depend upon animal protein. I don’t say avoid meats but you should try a wide diversity of protein source and different types of protein like beans, nuts, seeds, peas, fishes (specially sea fishes), chickens and meats with less fat. For fat, as we say dietary fat, avoid animal resource oil as use cooking oil and use as less as possible. Try to focus on non animal protein & fat source that will help you to avoid cholesterol. Have some sea foods and dairy products also. Take combine foods, mix grains, vegetables and protein. Keep less carbohydrate and enough protein along with much vegetable and fruits and milk.

Water Is The Most Important Diet

Drink sufficient water. Water is one of the basic needs of human body. It aids in flashing toxins and the waste products of natural cell metabolism of your body and keeps you healthy. People often avoid the dinner to lose weight and keep fit. But I don’t say spare the last meal of the day. I say eat less food at night. Most of all, listen to your body eat when you really feel hungry do not eat as a habit at the time to eat.

In fact, healthy eating is a habit. And when you will grow this habit in your lifestyle and lose your fat specially belly fat you will find it amazing to be fit. You will be happy not only physically but also mentally. So, friends best of luck.


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