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Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

Updated on February 23, 2017

It is extremely important for the seniors to pay special attention towards their nutritional requirements. Otherwise, they would find it as a difficult task to maintain the overall health and wellbeing. On the other hand, consuming a well-balanced diet can give seniors with the opportunity to stay energized and maintain a healthy body weight. On the other hand, it can minimize the risk associated with chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases.

The nutritional requirements of the body change along with age. Therefore, seniors should think about consuming more nutrient rich food items. The calories required by the body would usually reduce along with age. However, the nutritional requirements would increase. Therefore, seniors must consume a balanced diet, which can help them to get carbohydrates, fats, protein, minerals and vitamins that are required. It would be a good idea for them to stick to nutrient dense food items such as lean protein, low fat dairy, whole grains, nuts and seeds, lentils and beans and vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, they need to be careful enough in order to limit the food items that are rich in calories. It includes junk food as well.

In order to maintain proper health and wellbeing, seniors should consume enough fiber. Fiber plays a major role behind the well-being of the digestive system. Therefore, seniors who consume foods that are rich in fiber would get the opportunity to stay away from constipation and other related problems. It would be a good idea to include fiber rich food items in all your meals. On the other hand, consuming meals that are rich with soluble fiber would give you the opportunity to control the cholesterol levels. Some of the foods that contain a higher concentration of fiber include whole grains, oats, seeds, nuts, lentils and beans.

Most of the seniors out there in the world prefer to select convenience foods. If you do, you need to be careful enough to stick to the healthiest options. That’s why you need to pay more attention towards instant oatmeal, coleslaw mix, bagged salad, low sodium stews, precooked grilled rotisserie chicken or turkey, unsweetened and frozen fruits, frozen canned vegetables and low sugar canned fruits. Before you purchase any prepackaged food, you should take a look at the label and see whether it is healthy for you or not.

In most of the cases, seniors would find it as a difficult task to get all the required nutrients from their diet. That’s because they will have to avoid some food items due to their health conditions. That’s where supplements come into play. However, it would be a good idea to get in touch with a doctor and ask for all the supplements that are required. Last but not least, seniors should pay special attention towards staying hydrated. In order to stay hydrated, at least 8 ounce glasses of water should be consumed per day. It is better to get some water from soups, tea and juices as well.


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