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Tips for Healthy Eating

Updated on April 9, 2015

Healthy Eating Tips for All

The maintenance of good health depends on working in moderation and to avoid eating and drinking too much. A little of what is harmful is better than a lot of what is good." Hippocrates

Did you know that if you live to the age of 70, you will probably eat more than 1400 times your own weight in food? This is an enormous figure. Every time you sit down to a meal you make an important decision concerning your future health. What you eat, and how you eat it may determine how long you live, and whether you will be sick or well.

The human body is composed of untold millions of living cells, all very much alive, and all carrying out their particular functions. Each cell must be fed and cared for, otherwise it cannot work properly. To be assured of this, we must choose a sensible diet. This is one of our most important lessons to learn in life. Hippocrates said, "If man had been created with only one constitution, he would never have suffered illness - for then there would have been no opposites to cause disease."

When a man plans to build a house, he first secures the best materials he can afford. He tries to order just the right amount of each so there will be no waste. Then he begins to build. It is interesting to watch experienced men constructing such a house. The same is true of this most wonderful of all houses - the human body. We each are builders, daily selecting materials for building process going on within ourselves.

Doctors refer to body building materials as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. These are the materials we must have, in sufficient quantity and at the right time, if we hope to stay strong and healthy. To be sure of sufficient minerals and vitamins, we must select our foods from a fairly wide variety. A good diet is not so much a question of money as of knowing how to choose and prepare foods properly. We cannot live very long on an unbalanced diet, no matter how much we may spend for food. If we try to get along on a poor diet, we will soon find ourselves in need of medical care.

Even the finest diet may fail if our own attitude is faulty and full of gloom. Many years ago a Hebrew sage gave this cousel: "A merry heart doeth good, like a medicine." In other words, a happy, optimistic person is bound to enjoy better health. His whole body respond to the sheer joy of living. A bright philosophy gives him something worth-while to live for.

The room where the food is served should be clean. The table and the dining utensils should be clean. The father, mother and children should gather about the table and engage in cheerful conversation while they are eating; for if the mind is peaceful and happy, the food tastes better and digests better. Eat slowly, and chew the food thoroughly. Have fixed times for eating, whether tiwce a day or three times a day. The evening meal should be light. and eaten not later than 7 p.m., as a general rule. Food eaten later at night causes trouble in the alimentary canal, for at night the digestive organs are tired and need rest, just as the remainder of the body needs rest. A large amount of dyspepsia and disorders of the digestive organs are due to the common custom of eating heartily late at night and then going to bed immediately after eating.

The digestive organs should have some time to rest. Hence you should take rest for at least 15-20 minutes before starting your mental or physical tasks. Water should be taken before starting the meal. It could be taken between meals but it is harmful to take water after finishing the meal.

Too many kinds of food at one meal is harmful for the digestive organs. There are some foods that are good and easily digested when properly prepared but are made difficult of digestion by improper methods of cooking and by combining them with certain other foods. Never have a meal until the one before it has been digested. To eat with relish is best of all. Having the same food several times in a row and eating hurriedly produces a loss of appetite and cause laziness. Food that is very sour hurries on old age. It is wise to stop eating while you still have an appetite for more, but persistent abstention makes the body grow weak and think.

Hot food is to be avoided. Also avoid eating while lying down. Walking after dinner is beneficial for then the food sits in the pit of the stomach and the digestion is better. Do not go to sleep immediately after eating, for this will make you constipated. Do not take vigorous exercise after eating, for this is harmful. Muslims are of the belief that one should never go without supper, for this makes men grow old.


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