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Healthy Food Does Not Have To Be Boring

Updated on December 30, 2010

Delicious and it really possible?

Healthy eating does not have to be corny or tasteless. This can be as exciting and flavorful as eating food packed with preservatives and artificial flavoring. You just need to know what kind of food to eat and the good ways to cook these food items.

Today, there is a strong effort in bringing people back to eating more natural and raw food. There is a push to go back to the basics and cook meals at home, from scratch. This is because obesity continues to be one of the problems in society today, along with serious illnesses like high blood pressure and diabetes, all of which can be brought on by an unhealthy diet.

The food items most recommended now are the ones that go through the least amount of intervention. These are whole grains, healthy oils, fruits and vegetables. Whole grains like wheat bread and brown rice are food that keep the grain intact and therefore preserve the vitamins and fiber content. Fruits and vegetables are likewise full of fiber and vitamins. A glass of fruit juice, preferably made with a home juicer machine so it is totally fresh can help boost the immune system. For protein, it is recommended to stay away from high cholesterol causing red meat and stick to poultry, fish, soy, beans, seeds and nuts instead. The healthier options have more nutrients and less bad fat. Most importantly, these food items are easily digested by the body meaning nothing is left in the intestines to harden and become toxins that lead to tissue damage and serious illnesses.

Once you have these food items, think of how you want to prepare them. For seasoning, choose the good salt and natural sweeteners. For cooking methods, stay away from deep frying as this method burns away all the good stuff in the food. Baking, grilling, and steaming are some recommended alternatives.

Delicious healthy eating need not be a chore. A little research and effort and you can be on your way.


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