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Healthy Food That Is Making Us Sick

Updated on February 15, 2016

I remember my mother’s reaction when I was telling her either that I am eating out, either that I am picking out something from a fast food to eat at home. She was absolutely always telling me to better choose something homemade rather than a food either full of grease, too salty, too sweet, with too many chemicals, or who knows what other bad stuff that I shouldn’t be putting in my mouth and my body.

I was telling her that I am not eating these things often, it is only to satisfy a craving and tomorrow I’ll have a proper meal, homemade, or at least, if I absolutely necessarily I have to buy it, I will choose something healthy, like a salad, or a dinner which serves slow cooked food.

That, and fried homemade food were the only things we had to worry about a few years back. Now it seems like no matter how much we would try to eat healthy, we can’t. Not because bad food would be more appealing, but because you can’t really find healthy food anymore.

Meat Filled With Hormones Or Sick Animals

All kinds of healthy associations and doctors tell you to don't consume pork due to its “ability” to raise the bad cholesterol, and also because you fear not getting trichinosis, which is really bad, and if it doesn't kill you it will make you hurt terribly.

Don't eat cow meat, due to mad cow disease, sheep meat due to blue-tongue disease, and the list can go on with every single animal. Most of the doctors and nutritionists recommend people to eat chicken and fish when they want meat, or if they can't go vegan. That is good, until you realize that the chicken raised today is nothing like the chicken grown years back.

Poultry is grown in a shorter time, being fed with all kinds of hormones and antibiotics in order to be stronger, not get diseases and grow in a day as others in 7, just like in the bedtime stories. We all know that the hormones injected in poultry make girls reach puberty faster, and boys grow breasts. We also know that the antibiotics fed to chickens make us resistant to medicines when we get sick. So, we are setting poultry aside and go for fish.

Good idea? Maybe ... if we are living back in time when there weren't that many factories to pollute the waters and air. Big fishes like cod fish and tuna are filled with heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium and others, due to its high predisposition of retaining them. All this end up in our bodies, where it settles in our liver, brain, kidneys and brain and lead in time to all types of diseases, and, of course the feared and unmerciful cancer.

Fish farming is even worse than the one caught freely in nature. Just like the chicken, fish are also fed with all kinds of crazy things, from pesticides to dyeing, to make its meat look bright pink. There are doctors who prohibit pregnant women to eat salmon, considering its consumption similar to drinking or smoking through pregnancy. Can you imagine how bad that is? And all that thing about Omega 3 is true only if you fish it yourself and it is not from a highly polluted water.

Are Vegetables A Better Choice?

You might think this would be the most natural action to take right? If the meat is that bad for us, why not try healthy vegetables and greens for a better lifestyle? Well, because these aren’t what they used to be either.

Big farms are using all kinds of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers in order to get bigger, better, long lasting crops that will feast people’s eyes and make them buy them. They are not thinking about healthy farming anymore, for quite a while now, they are not leaving their businesses to the following generations and they only care about making more, growing more, and earning more.

Tomatoes are so filled with chemicals and pesticides that they are developing small tufts. All the nitrites and nitrates get deposited by plants in the leaves, which is exactly what we consume from a large variety of vegetables and greens.

So many grains and vegetables are being genetically modified to obtain more. Do you see a pattern here? Everything needs to bigger, better looking, and in larger quantities.

Food these days has no taste anymore, no aroma, they have low quantities of vitamins and nutrients, and we find ourselves in the impossibility of eating healthy and staying healthy.

Having summer vegetables during the winter only means that those are not natural. If they are being imported, just think about what it needed to put in or on that lettuce, cucumber, carrot and many other, in order to bring them to you looking freshly picked.

Is There Anything Healthy?

Yes, there is, but unfortunately it comes with a bad news. The only way you can be 100% sure that what you are eating is healthy is if you grow your own food. Starting from choosing a soil that was not treated in any way, or, if it has, you need to clean it, to what you fed your animals and vegetables, to how you take care of them and how you harvest them, and of course, how you prepare the food you fought so hard to obtain.

And, as this is almost impossible to do for many people, I’ve stopped believing that healthy food and healthy lifestyle really exists. Unfortunately.


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    • florypaula profile image

      Paula 17 months ago

      Correct Ben ... as fast and as far as we can ;)

    • Ben Coplin profile image

      Grow Healthy Vending 18 months ago from Irvine, California

      Meat filled with hormones! Run from it!