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Healthy food for a healthier life

Updated on March 6, 2016
Healthy food
Healthy food

Eat Well

Your best defence for a healthier life is a healthy diet. This includes food high in fibre, lean protein and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Below are some interesting facts about various foods and what they can do to help maintain a healthy body.

Unusual Facts About Eggs

  • Chicken eggs come in a variety of colours not just white and brown, but also speckled, blue and blue-green.
  • Water can determine the freshness of an egg. If it sinks, its fresh, if it floats its not.
  • Eggs can cure a hangover.
  • Fresh raw eggs can be used in recipes such as mayonnaise, lemon curd and Caesar salad dressing.
  • Other edible eggs include ostrich, goose, emu, quail and duck.

Eggs and Oats


100g of oats will give you 379 quality calories, these are made up of 69g of carbs and 10g of filling fibre. Abundant in beta-glucans, which keep energy levels even. Which will help you curb those cravings.


Eggs may not be as energy proficient as oats, but eating them for breakfast as part of a reduced calorie plan has proven in recent research, to help 65% of men to lose weight. Which is more than those who ate baked goods.


Oats contain arginine and manganese. Arginine is changed into nitric oxide, this forces more blood into your muscles. Manganese helps you metabolize amino acids which help your muscles to soak up more protein.

Eggs let you take in almost 100% of the protein that they contain, compared to oats which only allow you to absorb half as much. Eating three eggs a day will help you gain twice as much muscle as eating two eggs a day.


Oats are excellent for filling you up, which in turn will help you to resist those things you really desire, such as cakes and pastries. They are also very good for eating after a session in the gym. They contain cytokines, this is an anti-inflammatory which protects your arteries against blockages. They may take longer to cook, but will help you live a little longer.

Eggs by far are the winners when it comes to eating after a workout. The yolk in eggs contains fat, which is good for maintaining testosterone levels. This particular hormone increases energy and muscle power.

Venison and Beef

If you're looking for the perfect meat to build muscle then look no further, two different kinds of meat from very different animals.


The roe deer's calorie content is a lean 382 per 200g portion, compared to the cow's 426 calories. Venison is 15% richer in iron, which helps endurance.


If you're looking to bulk up beef is your meat. Sadly beef loses out to venison on energy producing vitamins. A single serving of venison will give you your RDA of vitamin B12, giving you energy, whether your pushing pencils or pumping weights. The same portion of beef will give you 20% less vitamin B12.


Biceps are won over by a nose from our wild friends. Venison gives you 72g compared to beef's 66g.


Both animals present equal amounts of zinc, the valuable recovery mineral. People deficient in zinc had 5% slower metabolisms than those with average levels of the mineral.

Beef leads in recovery. A 250g steak will give you your recommended RDA of selenium. This antioxidant guards your muscles against cellular damage caused by exercise. Red meat is not easily digested, so finishing with a protein shake will do the job just as well.

The Winner

The overall winner is definitely venison, helping to build those rippling muscles you've always dreamed of. The leaner and meaner of the two animals. Giving you more protein and less calories per portion.

A study has shown that men who eat the most fat had higher testosterone levels. A lower fat diets means lower testosterone levels. The hormone, most important in building muscle.

Nutritional Facts

The percentage allocated for your intake of RDA and Vitamin K when you eat kale. These nutrients manage blood clotting, and have also been found to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

The calories in a slice of pepperoni pizza high in carbohydrates. Unfortunately it will take 28 minutes of shovelling snow to burn those calories off.


Is the percentage your risk of having a heart attack is reduced by, if you take a multivitamin daily.

Research has found drinking cherry juice improves sleep in adults. Including total sleep time, onset sleep efficiency. Cherries are high in melatonin, this causes the best sleep time. Drinking juice is more beneficial than glace, the affect won't be the same if they're eaten.

Confront Disease with Fungi (Mushrooms)


Eating mushrooms periodically will reduce your risk of Alzheimer's by as much as 70%.


Mushrooms are abundant in dietary fibres which help maintain a healthy heart. Add some to your steak, or have them in a stir fry.


Button mushroom are a great immune system booster. They also help regulate the liver damaging free radicals.


Mushrooms also contain anti-cancer proteins called interferon alpha, these proteins reduce the growth of bladder and prostate cancer cells by up to 75%.

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Healthy Snacks

Chocolate or Crisps?

Crisps are a healthier choice to chocolate, because they contain less saturated fat, but none of these options provide any nutrients. Potatoes contain vitamin C, but most of this is destroyed through the process of making crisps. Dark chocolate has an abundance of antioxidants, as well as saturated fats. These increase cholesterol levels and are high in calories.

Peanut or Almonds?

Both of these nuts are high in protein low in sugar. Peanuts have fewer calories, almonds, on the other hand are lower vin saturated fat.

Generally speaking nuts are higher in fat but do actually contain nutrients, such as vitamin B, that are goods sources of energy and help your heart. You should only buy unsalted nuts and only only eat 1 tsp of salt a day.

Natural Yoghurt or Fruit Sorbet?

Fresh fruit with low fat yoghurt is the best option, this is a protein rich snack, charged with healthy bacteria. Stay with natural yoghurt because fruit versions are full of sugar. This can also be said for fruit versions of sorbets. Stay away from sugar or sugar substitutes (words ending in - ose or - ol).

Apples or Bananas

Both of these are brilliant fruits. Apples contain no fat or salt but are rich in vitamin A, B1, B2 and C (essential for a strong immune system), plus magnesium and iron for healthy bones and blood. Bananas high in potassium, important for the balance of water in the body. Apples fill you up just like bananas, but with fewer calories.

Low-Fat Houmous or Cheddar Cheese

Homous is lower in calories, fat and sugar. Cheese contains more protein, which is needed for bone density and growth. Important not to rule out cheese in your diet for this reason. Combine houmous with carrot and cucumber stick or cherry tomatoes for a healthier kick.

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Thinking more before you buy can go a long way. Keep a food diary so you can see what your eating everyday.

© 2013 Helen Bolam


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