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Keep Your Kids Healthy with These Tricks

Updated on November 15, 2014

Healthy kids

Healthy Kids; Happy You

Remember those old days when our mom used to ran after us with meal on one hand. Earlier, moms used to force feed their kids healthy food. It used keep baby healthy and plump. Earlier, kids are tend to play outside more and that used to make them more hungry. So mom can force feed them and kids used to eat it without any problem. Thus, kids used to have a good neutrinos food and they used to have good exercise too. Overall this combination gave them good healthy routine.

Nowadays, smartness is as important as health for kids. It is hard for parent and especially for moms nowadays to make their kids eat good healthy food. It has been proven that good nutrition and good exercise can combine give very good health to kids. Science proved that healthy food, exercise and overall healthy life style can greatly improve academic success.

So here are some nice and easy health tips for kids. It will help you raise healthy kids and also increase health consciousness in your kids. This tips will help you manage healthy life style for you and for your kids.

Healthy Lifestyle For Healthy Kids

Healthy lifestyle For Healthy Kids

Kids usually follows elders.They are very good observers and can remember things you are doing. They tend to do things those we all re doing in out day to day life. So, if you want your kids to have healthy habits then you have to do it yourself first.

Healthy life style for parents is very important to grow healthy kids. Healthy life style includes healthy diet and good regular exercise. Kids will see this in your life style and they will follow you. It is important that your kids start living healthy life style from the very early stage of their life.

Healthy lifestyle also includes good discipline and good time management. If you can teach your kids to be in disciplined routine so they can have their meals and food on time it will greatly help them improve their metabolism. This will help them both physically as well mentally.

Food for Healthy Kids

Healthy Food for Healthy Kids

Healthy food is very important step for having healthy Kids and giving them healthy life style. Healthy food is a first necessity for kids to have good growth, height, eye sight and immune power. Healthy food improves overall body structure, strengthen bones and teeth, improve natural immune power to protect body against deceases. Kids should have healthy diet with good balance of Protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and fibers. It will provide them energy for outdoor activities.

Make sure your kids have lots of fruits. Many fruits contains antioxidants which is important for body. Fruits are light food and full of energy and other nutrients. Foods are something, kids do not mind eating while they are playing.

If your kids need some quick snacks, make sure it is not some unhealthy food. Kids love unhealthy food, mostly because of it's taste. You can always make some home made snacks available to give your kids when they want something quick and tasty.

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Sports Skills for Healthy Kids

Sports and outdoor activities should be an important part for growing kids. Parent need to initiate these kids. Many times, kids likes some sports but they may not have the right skill or equipment or simply correct environment. So it is good to explore various different kind of sports to kids. Sports will increase overall body strength, improve height, body mass and will improve bone strength. Sports activity is a good cardio exercise as well.Sports will also teach your kids sportsmanship and how to work in team. Sports will teach kids to focus, concentration and team spirit.

If your kids are not more enthusiastic about sports then try to involve them with some fun sports activities. For example, you can use a field trip or trip for water sports to get your kids interest in outdoor activities. Try involving your kids in some family oriented sports first such as softball, trekking, picnic games, animal walking etc. Theses are some nice games to introduce your kids to sports.

Eat as a Family

Eat as a Family

As I mentioned earlier, kids do follow elders. Good healthy habits are for entire family. If you have unhealthy life style or not have a specific time for having food or to do exercise then it is the time to fix it. Have a specific time for food and exercise in your daily activities.

You and your kids should have full of nutrients meals as well some healthy snacks. Healthy snacks involves yogurt, fruits, Smoothies and whole grain breads. This will keep your kids active as these foods are not too heavy. You can also teach your kids about different nutrients and which food are good for them.

Try to have at least one meal as a family together. Your kids will learn family values and you will have some time with you kids too. You can explain them about different healthy foods and why it is important for our body to have all those full healthy food.

Do Not Use Food as Reward For Your Kids

Never ever ever use food as a reward for your kids. Kids are smart. They notice every single thing and tend to apply them in their own way. If you ever use food as a reward, your kids will get is and then will use it as a tool for their sacks. For example they can use it just to do their homework and will tell you "Mom, will I get the ice cream if I finish my homework?" This sounds working at first but believe me it is not a good practice.

Rewards for kids should be something like field trip or getting them some sports equipment they demanding for. It will encourage them and they can use the reward in a positive way.

Any Other Idea?

Hope all these things I point out will help increasing health consciousness in your kids and help you raise healthy kids.Let us know if you guys have any other ideas or suggestions to keep kids healthy.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Healthy Kids : Health tips for kids has great tips definitely a useful hub to all parents eating and living a healthy lifestyle is very important.