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Healthy Life Through A Healthy Weight

Updated on June 11, 2021
One armed push ups take time to work up the strength to do, but standard push ups can help bring a figure like this within your reach.
One armed push ups take time to work up the strength to do, but standard push ups can help bring a figure like this within your reach. | Source

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If you are similar to millions of other people around the world, you have probably have made at least one or two promises to yourself to lose weight and lead a healthier life. With that same similarity to your peers in mind, you probably also have all sorts of reasons to shorten or avoid your workouts and slowly abandon your promise to yourself. It's vital to your short and long term health to make the continued and consistent effort.

For instance, in some families and cultures, making the effort to lead a healthier lifestyle is met with opposition from family, friends, and acquaintances. Further, it can sometimes be hard to stop that negative and sabotaging way of thinking or allowing it to infiltrate your own. Nevertheless, it's up to you to decide what is more important and take action for your own health's sake. While there are real and perceived obstacles to leading a healthy lifestyle, not even making the effort is not a good thing.

Having a healthy life is closely tied to having a healthy weight. This does not mean that you have to be a stick figure, an overly buffed gym rat, or never have breads, desserts, or pastas ever again. A healthy weight simply means that your BMI/body mass index is not within the underweight, overweight, or obese categories and sets you up for a lessened chance of the many diseases associated with being overweight, obese, and underweight.

Michelle Wie playing golf.
Michelle Wie playing golf. | Source

It's common knowledge that increasing your fitness through working out will help with maintaining a healthy weight or accelerate weight loss, but the true key to fitness is consistency. Those who consistently exercise will have an easier time of maintaining or improving their weight. Those who take a break of even two weeks will have completely lost all gains that typically take six to eight weeks to acquire. So if you're already standing on the precipice of abandoning your health and fitness goals, I beg you to stick with it!

Increasing your level of fitness is more dependent on consistent effort than anything else. Even when you cannot go all out with your exercise routine, keep in mind that something is better than nothing. Just incorporating 30 minutes or more of daily exercise will help increase your fitness levels, lose or stabilize your weight and boost your confidence. Adults who can spend between an hour or two exercising four to six days of the week will see the greatest changes in a shorter amount of time provided they are eating fairly clean and getting plenty of rest. Adding in healthier food choices will boost the results that you see not only on the outside but within your body as well.

Swimming is a great exercise for those seeking a low impact workout. Swimming can be done at any age, indoors or out.
Swimming is a great exercise for those seeking a low impact workout. Swimming can be done at any age, indoors or out. | Source

Activities such as figure skating, walking, running, swimming, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, basketball, tennis, golfing, and soccer are some fun ways to get more fit whether you are alone or with friends. Common exercises that can be done at home to improve your fitness levels are push ups, using free weights, performing resistance training, squats, lunges, planks, yoga, stretching, jumping rope, marching in place, using exercise DVD's, and using a mini trampoline. When you are inactive or sedentary you increase your chances of ill health, weight gain, and other unsavory effects.

Inactivity is a prime reason for a decline in health so try to not spend more than 3 or 4 hours total sitting on your duff on any given day whenever possible. This does not mean you have to be exercising for most of the day, just moving around more whether standing, walking, etc. For those who may be more limited in what they are able to do whether physically or because they are at work or school, there are still many options, sitting in a chair while lifting water bottles as if they are weights is one of my older neighbor's favorite tricks. Clenching your muscles and releasing them is another way to burn some calories and is also a good stress release. Many people of various ages and abilities enjoy T'ai chi, yoga, walking, gardening, dancing (fast or slow), and water aerobics at local gyms or YMCA's.

People understand the physical health benefits that are gained from increasing their fitness levels through exercise, but many are less aware of the increase in mental health that can also be achieved. The increase in mental health is often a result of a combination of things such as acquiring a better self-image, receiving compliments or better treatment from others, and having more interaction with others through their fitness efforts or their fitness community. In addition, neurons within your brain create more connections with exercise, staving off cognitive decline and improving brainpower.

Dumbells are a great low cost way to improve your figure at any age. Even mini workouts of 15 minutes can help you meet your weight and shape goals.
Dumbells are a great low cost way to improve your figure at any age. Even mini workouts of 15 minutes can help you meet your weight and shape goals. | Source

Stress increases the production of hormones that pack on weight around many people's waistlines (weight around the abdomen is a bad omen for your health!) and even teens are not immune from the negative effects of stress. Exercise reduces the effects of stress both physically and mentally. Further, vigorous exercise can really make you feel much better even when you are experiencing stressful situations and choices. In fact, many doctors that recommend exercise for patients who suffer from things such as stress and depression. With all of the different health benefits from increased fitness there's no excuse not to get up and move more often to reap the rewards.

Before starting a new exercise regimen, be sure to be checked out by your physician and make sure that you learn and always use proper form and safety measures when working out. If weight loss and better health are not enough for you to take fitness more seriously, what about the overall increase in your quality of life? The benefits cannot be understated. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes a day and you can turn your mental and physical self around. With a better quality of life you will be able to enjoy life better, work smarter, play harder and accomplish more if you wish. If you have or can make the time to spare, working out at least an hour, hour and a half, or even two hours in total several days a week will give you faster results.

The increase in health and maintenance of your weight through increasing your fitness levels will no doubt lead to a better quality of life and better health. There is really not much else to say except that you should continue your efforts to increase your fitness levels. Don't let your health be a passing New Year's resolution. Start small if need be, but stay consistent with your efforts so that you can see results.


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